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4.5 StarsI won this book in a giveaway and then sat on it for months I was never really a huge fan of Wonder Woman and never remembered entering the giveaway in the first place Recently, I started watching the newer DC movies, including Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot Having gone into it with such low expectations I was admittedly taken aback by how good the movie was and how well portrayed the characters were I will give that movie full credit for getting me to finally pick up this book to get a better understanding of WW.This book discusses the creator of the original WW, William Moulton Marston, and his view of women, which was so completely ahead of his time Convinced that the world needed women to be the dominant sex, and that they indeed already were, he created WW to show how he viewed a world with women at the helm Creating WW to be both strong and sensitive, both a warrior and a maternal figure I was blown away by the true depth that Marston gave WW Having played an important role in the creation of forensic psychology, Marston understood human behavior than a lot of people in his time Which really gave him the ability to create a realistic individual, who just happens to be a woman, and show that everyone, both man and woman, are much alike than some want to admit Reading this book definitely solidified my appreciation of WW and I can t thank the authors and contributors enough for that WW is truly an inspirational role model to everyone man woman, young old, rich poor, and her character holds up exceptionally well to the test of time I would highly recommend this read to anyone who holds an interest in psychology and or in the DC character Wonder Woman. A Fascinating Analysis Of The Psychology Behind Wonder Woman For Years, Wonder Woman Has Served As An Inspiration To People Everywhere Wonder Woman Psychology Examines This Powerful Superhero Who Was Created By Famous Psychologist William Moulton Marston Through Essays This Collection Will Analyze Marston S Important Role In The History Of Forensic PsychologyHow Diana S Relationship With Her Mother And Ian Sisters Shapes Her To Become A Leader And The Heroine Called Wonder WomanThe Ways Differences In Culture And Gender Can Contribute To Alienation But Also To Personal Empowerment What Roles Emotion, Strengths, Virtues, And Culture Shock Play In Heroic Behavior In light of the box office smash hit Wonder Woman, we wanted to know exactly why she is the hero we need in 2017 Travis Langley weighs in on why Wonder Woman s pursuit of truth and belief in humanity made her the perfect hero This book is the perfect tool to keep up with popular culture To hear from Langley, check out our radio show Viewpoints Link HERE I absolutely love these books They are so fun to learn about the character and what makes them, them even as fictional characters This book focused so much on Wonder Woman s creation, her creator and his deeply held feminist beliefs You learn he helped create the lie detector test, he believed strongly in a future matriarch and women were perfectly capable of surviving and thriving in charge I loved the look at why Wonder Woman does what she does, her search for truth, her beginnings and continued story She is legendary and will always be legendary She s a role model, first for women, next for everybody I love learning about the inner workings of heroes. IF there were a title to my review, it would be WOW I was so excited by this book I wanted to be back in the classroom, either teaching a woman s study class, or theories of psychology, or diversity I wanted to be able to discuss the essays with others, to get their perspectives and feedback The book covers so many areas in a well structured format from parenting, feminism, empowerment, role models, theories of personality development Freud, Bandura, Rogers, attachment, Piaget, etc as illustrated by Wonder Woman and the characters in the comic book series A GREAT book that I won from GoodReads It was so much fun to go through this journey of human psychology with Wonder Woman as the ultimate travel companion There is a lot about the creation and creator of the Wonder Woman character, which I found fascinating, as well as a look at the various writers and contributors throughout her history If you re at all interested in human behavior and a fan of Wonder Woman, I think you ll enjoy this one This collection of psychology essays focusing on Wonder Woman was a lot of fun to read It gives you a lot of things to think about while reading Wonder Woman comics One essay that I really enjoyed is the one about parasocial relationships, or relationships with fictional characters That essay helped me to look at my comic reading in a new way Overall, if you have an interest in Wonder Woman, this is worth picking up. Every so often an author will come out with a book that explains a subject we would not otherwise pick up because we know the subject will be boring or dull, and makes it easy to learn something This is such a book The author has did a wonderful job at explaining psychological terms and theories thru the use of Wonder Woman as her subject I actually learned something from this book Who knew the creator of Wonder Woman was a psychologist Not me. Very interesting book. This was a very good read Easy to follow, interesting, illuminating in many aspects, and mostly well rendered analysis There were some head scratching assertions a time or two, but for the most part this was well researched and articulated reasoning on numerous topics, from the obvious role of female heroes to the not so readily embraced role emotion, virtue, and truth play in heroism regardless of gender.There is much I agree with here on the defining of heroics and the impact of heroes, but I ll touch on two things that struck me profoundly First, there are some very direct sections pages that directly offer insight and great illumination on two of my own characters, heroes I ve been writing about and exploring for a few years While I was reading this and enjoying it, when I hit these sections that so immediately reflected my guys and my their motivations and aspirations, it was very personally cool I had planned on giving this book to a friend, but I ended up writing all over in the margins Talk about learning about one s self and characters this was very exciting.Second, however, is the very strange history of psychology I learned of It s difficult to articulate clearly without going into giant essay mode and I don t wish to do that here, but suffice to say, even with understanding the history of the fight for women s rights from voting to employment to military service, I was shocked to discover that even in the study of the mind, psychologists did not deem it important interesting whatever to study the female mind WTF It is one thing to disregard the equality or value of another human and I m only putting it this way to be brief , but to acknowledge humanity but have zero interest in the working of the brain simply because it was not male I frankly don t understand, even if we stick strictly to scientific thought, how can a scientist not be interested in determining differences and similarities Again, WTF This concept statement toward the close Research suggests that there is a thin line between being perceived as a hero and being seen as a villain individuals afford heroes little leniency when they exhibit flaws or engage in something perceived as immoral and have little trouble blaming them for it sums my thoughts on the eternal struggle of mankind to clamor for heroes while our search to hold them high or drag them low ebbs and flows with the current societal norms Norms that currently I believe love to despise heroes and to drag them into the dark and grime them with our despondency Heroes should be better, should be beacons, should be bold but we should encourage their betterment, reflect their shine, and praise their boldness The deal works both ways and we get the heroes we deserve.