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With Love, The Argentina Family Memories Of Tango And Kugel Mate With Knishes Is A Unique Account, Enlightening And Inspirational With Its Autobiographical Genuineness The Story Unfolds In Die Goldene Medina America Sharing The Insecurities And Confusion Of A Young, Immigrant Girl With A Mother That Never Stops Crying About The Argentina Family And A Father Who Procures Employment With An International Airline, Her Life Is Divided In Between Her Adopted Country And Her Native Land Dramas And Simchas Delights, Joys Abound With A Long Distance, Whirlwind Relationship Unfolding In The Aftermath Of Argentina S Dirty War , Including A Frightening Interrogation With The Argentine Police And An Astonishing Encounter At The American Consulate Follow The Sometimes Comical, Sometimes Poignant Trials And Tribulations Of A Girl Coming To Terms With Her Jewish Heritage, Her Argentine Traditions And Her Fierce American Patriotism

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    After reading several Holocaust memoirs, I wanted to know how normal Jews live, Jews whose ancestors had emigrated from Europe before Hitler had a chance to murder them in gas chambers, Jews who had not lost any immediate family in the Holocaust.Mirta Trupp s memoir was the right book for me to read It taught me a lot First of all, it made me realize that while there are normal Jews, there is, obviously and sadly, no normal life for Jews It starts with Mirta s ancestors migrating from Prussia to Lithuania to the Ukraine, without finding a place where they could permanently live in peace It continues with Mirta s great grandparents, some time around 1909, fleeing from pogroms, trekking from the Ukraine through Western Europe to Hamburg in order to board a ship that God willing would take them to the shores of Argentina where the Rothschild family, along with other prominent Jews, had arranged for Jews of Eastern Europe to settle in under populated agricultural areas Yet again, there was no long lasting peace Even though the Jews had done their best to become patriotic Argentinians, they soon met again with anti Semitism, violence, and even cold blooded murder It was in this situation that Mirta s father decided to leave Argentina and immigrate to the United States, the land of freedom and unlimited possibilities He left for Norte America when Mirta was eight months old and had his reluctant wife and baby daughter follow soon after He worked hard and did well and was happy and content to live in America However, Mirta s mother was very family oriented, and her parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins, second cousins, third cousins, and, and, and, and, and lived in Argentina Lucky for her, Mirta s father got a job with Pan America Airlines, which enabled the Trupp family to fly almost for free Mirta s mother made utmost use of this possiblity, and Mirta was dragged back and forth between the U.S and Argentina And this is what this book is mainly about growing up torn between 3 cultures Was Mirta American, or was she Argentinian, or was she first and foremost Jewish She was trying to find out For the Argentina family, she was American, but also Jewish For the American Jews, she was Argentinian For the American gentiles, she was Jewish or, maybe, just odd Go figure Isn t coming of age hard enough without triple identity Luckily, Mirta had a positive outlook on life and found her way It wasn t easy And it should also be mentioned that even here in America, Mirta had some nasty encounters with anti Semites What particularly impressed me about this memoir was the genuine love all these relatives had for one another I have never experienced any such love amongst any kinship, and certainly not among my relatives And while this love for extended family, as depicted in Mirta s book, is the most heartfelt I have ever come across in any society, I found similar in Holocaust memoirs I have found Jewish people to be very special I think they are in average intelligent, good natured, and loving than other nationalities and ethnic groups Call me a fervent pro Semite Why do I rate this memoir only 4 stars About two thirds into the book, my head was swirling with and relatives and friends and social get togethers For a while the book read a bit like a YA book Other than that, I very much enjoyed the book It is well written, and I also learned a lot about the Jewish and the Argentinian culture I even learned some Spanish, which I plan to try out on our Mexican household help, who doesn t speak a word of English All in all, I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes memoirs, likes coming of age stories, likes immigration stories, is interested in Jewish culture and Jewish family life, plans to travel to Argentina at some time or, sadly, doesn t see the slightest chance to travel to Argentina at whatever time And if you don t fit into any of the aforementioned groups, read this book anyway It is heart warming.P.S February 5, 2019 I wonder how the author feels now under our xenophobic administration Mind you, I am sure she has U.S citizenship however, citizenship has rarely protected anyone against racism It certainly didn t during the Holocaust.

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    This is a wonderful, human story about finding a place in the world, understanding where we come from, where our ancestors and customs come from, and why, what and who we are taking a theme from the book I laughed a lot false teeth for cows , crazy Argentine happenings, unique situations and family members There are wonderful serendipitous moments and a great love story Mirta s voice is lovely and she comes across as a sensitive, brave and curious person She paints a detailed picture of her family and the differences between cultures I also learnt a lot about pivotal events in Argentine history from a personal perspective, which makes it all the real A great read.

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    Reading the account of a young American Argentinian Russian Jewish girl finding her family and roots was a delight It took me back to my own young life and the joy I found in singing The author shared a rich family life full of ethnic discipline and love This is the second book I have read by this author and she shows much literary growth in this account of her lofe.

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    A wonderful warm memoire I want to know even now about the Jewish community in Argentina.

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    The point is family IS family, no matter where you are, no matter where you go you go with our love and God s blessingI think it s safe to say that this memoir will stick with me long after I ve finished I received this book back in September, through the author, and didn t pick it up until this point If I was being honest with myself the reason I didn t pick it up sooner was kind of a shallow reason, but when I finally did I was hooked.This memoir is all about Mirta s upbringing being both Argentinian and American AND on top of all that being Jewish It s a memoir about family and identity I felt that I could relate to Mirta a lot and I love how she was passionate about her culture and her religion I wouldn t give this memoir a 5 stars if it didn t deserve it, and it did So sorry i didn t read it and review it sooner

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    This was a fascinating and entertaining autobiography The story of growing up in America with frequent visits to an extended family in Argentina is very different from most readers experience and interesting in the references to Argentine politics The discovery of the Jewish heritage added to the pleasure of watching the author grow

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    What a wonderful story This made me think of my childhood, and my family s immigration to this country Although they weren t from Ar hen teena, their stories are similar I could relate to feeling different growing up as my immigrant mother shared many of the values that the author s parents exemplified The times were different, as well I enjoyed the way the author described her inner growth, her spiritual journey, and her many travels back and forth that made her who she is today You can never know all a person carries with them by just looking at them Luckily you can get some insight into this author s background and memories in this delightful read.

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    This is the auto biography from Mita Ines Trupp, She moved with her family from unsafe Argentina to America Seen with the eyes of a 10 year young Jewish girl until up in her teenage years Leaving all her relatives behind in Argentina and being Jewish, opens many questions, how to approch that They move to California and her parents want their children to mix into life there, but not to forget her heritage Its a going back and forth between America and Argentina, where she also falls in love with a young man How she was dealing with everything, is interesting to read The culture shock, how she decited to learn about her heritage and belief is inspirational

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    If you re interested in less common Jewish stories, you ll really love this An incredible story told well But the writing doesn t flow, for lack of a better word It took me a little while to get into the voice of the book, then it took a while again when I picked it up a few days later I wish there had been pictures and pictures of a better quality It was hard to really see the people because the photos were black and white and grainy because of the printing But overall, a good read.

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    I loved this book A clean read, funny, poignantcharming and educational I was fascinated by the Jewish Argentina one usually thinks of Russian Jews escaping to AmericaEllis Island, Lower East Side etc I was touched by the sweet, first love story line and all the obstacles that needed to be dealt with As an airline brat myself, I loved the Pan Am connection as well Trupp s book touches on history and family, teenage angst and young love, faith and culture and becoming comfortable in your own skin Easy to relate to these issues with or not you are from the Jewish Argentina family.