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Did You Love Wild Heart It S Now Available In An Extended Edition The Extended Edition Includes Deleted Scenes, Extended Scenes, And An Alternate Ending Get Your Copy Now Ani Forrest Has Spent Most Of Her Life Fumbling Down What She Thinks Is The Right Path For The Last Five Years, She Has Spent Every Moment Trying To See The World But No Matter How Hard She Tries, Nothing Ever Feels Right With Her Father S Health Failing, And An Urge Too Strong To Resist, She Finds Herself Back In The Sleepy Tennessee Town Where She Grew Up However, Fate Has Tempted Ani With A Choice To Make Does She Resume The Life She Once Had Or Does She Take The Opportunity To Follow Something Different Cash Roberts, The Man Who Once Held Her Heart, Is Vowing To Win Ani Back But The Seduction Of Something New Is Too Strong To Resist When A Handsome Stranger Shows Up In Town Knox O Connell Has Brought His MC To Coker Creek In An Attempt To Get Away From The Anarchy And Chaos Of Ireland The Last Thing He Needs Is The Enticement Of A Free Spirited Woman That Is Until She Turns His World Upside Down Will Knox Be Able To Win Ani Over In The Midst Of Rival MC Retaliation, Will She Be Able To Put Her Worries Aside And Follow The Path That Fate Has Given Her Or Will She Stay On The Road That Has Always Been Familiar What Would You Do If Your Past And Present Collided Together, Leaving You Standing At A Crossroad Unsure Of Which Path To Take Explicit Material This Book Is Intended For AudienceYears Of Age Or Older

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    This shit made no Sense At All.The story begins as 27 year old Ani returns to her small town after a stint in New York, in order to take care of her ailing father Upon her return, she touches base with her high school sweetheart, a man she constantly refers to Cash fucking Roberts because he supposedly broke her heart.What was his epic failure as a boyfriend That he had not been overly enthusiastic when Ani sprung the news on him out of the blue that she was going to move to New York in one month and that he did not follow her there like an obedient lapdog What As she tries to figure out whether to fit Cash back into her life like a cozy pair of old socks, she finds herself attracted to the new biker in town, Knox, he of the Irish brogue and sexy Celtics tattoos No matter that his patch reads Brothers of Chaos only to transform a few chapters later to Kings of Karnage What are a few details like that in an MC story Ani, who can t forgive Cash for a natural, reasonable and normal reaction he had as a teenager eight freaking years ago, has no qualms pursuing a guy who she does not even know, who has seemingly fucked his way through all the club bunnies, and who constantly puts her in life and death danger wether in confrontatons with rival gang members or the local police.After he fucks her against the wall of an outhouse on their first date yup, you read that right , she looks up at him with only her eyes thank god it wasn t with her feet and instantly tells him that she won t leave him because she understands why he was so afraid to let someone into his life and she wanted to reassure him that she would never leave him like that When the hell did that conversation take place Does she have ESP Five seconds later, there is already talk of her being an old lady and Knox is constantly defending her against his reluctant, suspicious club members who are loathe to share private club business with this outsider.This was an MC story written by an amateur who tried to ape MC books that have actually been researched first hand, such as the books of Joanna Wylde and Madeline Sheehan Add to that numerous cringe worthy typos such as it s decent instead of its descent The King s instead of The Kings you re first love instead of your first love and you ve got yourself a first class hot mess.DNF at 66%.

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    I was given a copy of this book by the author for an honest review, of which I received no compensation for OMG this book was fantastic I seriously just got out of bed at 3 am no I have not slept yet because I couldn t stop reading to write this review Ani is a Tennessee girl who moved to New York right after high school leaving behind a broken heart thanks to her longtime friend and then boyfriend Cash After many years she moves back home to be with her ailing older father Cash is set on getting Ani back but she doesn t want to fall back into her same old pattern Cash hurt her and she has changed in her years away as has the occupants of the town she grew up in She has some fences to mend because of the way she left all those years ago and an attraction to one very alluring biker that she can t get away from Ani is a strong character Confused in the beginning about where she fits into her old world and what she wants her future to be she jumps head first into taking care of her father and childhood home As the story unfolds and she is placed in various circumstances outside of her control you see her develop and grow I was impressed by her clear head and strength in the face of adversity She is not only strong of mind but most importantly of spirit even in the bleakest moments Cash is a good old country boy devastated by what he lost in Ani and how he never repaired it he is determined to win her back but fate has other plans Given only a brief glimpse into his character he didn t really pull me in until the end when his true colors shined through No matter his hurt or disappointment, he stood up for what he cared for and took care of business in the end I really hope that he will be a involved character in future installments Knox.ohhhh.everyone needs them a Knox What isn t to love about a hot Irish biker with a heart of gold Trustworthy, loyal, loving I abso freaking lutely loved Knox Sorry swooning over here Anyways, I want to know about Knox and his past who and what made him the man that he is As much power as he holds, he also has the respect of his club and the love of its members The softness he shows to Ani, the unconditional soul encompassing love I just don t have the words As much as I loved the main characters the secondary characters were funny and just as engrossing there were some I loved, some I hated, and some who were shrouded in mystery I have questions and I need details I want to know about Rage and KateJameson and Starla Charon Butcher and who he was protecting and what the hell is up with Chloe Oh the possibilities this has as a series doing a little happy dance in my own head now I have read other reviews on this book where people commented on editing honestly, that normally doesn t bother me if the story sucks me in and this did whole heartedly so if there were editing issues I didn t even notice What I can say is that though it started out a hair slow I have read much worse it wasn t for long and once it grabbed me it had me by the balls There were moments where my heart about pounded out of my chest seriously I got irritated, angry, and scared right there along with the characters The emotional trip this book took me on was astounding and my hat is off to Jennifer for producing such a gripping tale I will say 100% that this is not for everyone if you are offended by sex consensual and not so consensual , crude language, and heavy drinking this is not for you I spent many of my teen years around bikers and I can honestly say memories of the friendship and family this story brought back were welcomed I love, love, loved this book and can t wait for another That all being said if you love your bikers go get this book and read it you won t be disappointed

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    4.5 stars for me Jeeze what an ending I was a blubbering mess.started off little slow but then it gets gritty Knox well what can I say loved him Number 1 big bad boy tick number 2 female who s not a moany whimp tick number 3 characters who you can connect with tick and number 4 a gritty storyline tick.i want to say a big thank you to Jennifer for my arc and I want to recommend this book to everyone who loves a bad boy mc book and come on admit it we all do.roll on book two I can t wait.

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    Started off strong but due to the lack of details the last 2 3rd were a disappointment Maybe I have been spoilt with some other MC books which really get gritty and emotional as I may have loved this book had I not read the likes of madeline Sheehan first as the writers style of writing was good An extra 100 or so pages explaining the mc rivalry back story and the development of the relationships between the main characters would have really got me feeling involved with the book I also found the fact cash was ready to become a dirty rogue cop quite unbelievable as the story stands One other gripe I can t picture the hero aside from being long haired bearded and Irish I can t remember what he is supposed to look like I like to lust over the main man in the book which I didn t really with this guy so either he wasn t my type mc eye candy is usually my type or the author could have done to get him to stand out.I really feel this book had potential to be a great read rather than average, I loved the concept and the free sample I got from has me hooked so obviously the writer was doing a lot right I will be tempted by the authors future works especially if they are mc alpha.

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    What a fantastic read.Don t make the mistake of thinking this is about one girl and two men, a love triangle because its not, its much than that.Ani just got on my wick sometimes and I wanted to slap some sense into her.Knox Knox Knox I am shouting his name in my head A sexy hunk of a biker with an inner core of a soft heart, OMG what else does a girl need This author has got better and better at her writing She s definitely an author to keep a very close eye on.Reading her books is always a pleasure and I understand this is book 1 I can t wait for book 2.I was gifted this book by the author for my honest opinion.

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    arc received in exchange for an honest review What if you choose your path but fate decides it wants something different The thing that initially drew me to Wild Heart was the trailer Sexy Bikers, possible love triangle, and steamy scenes Yes please There were some things that I really liked about this book and some things that just didn t work for meWhen Aiyanna Ani Forrester first left for New York City to go to college, she left behind her family, friends, and her boyfriend Cash She was heartbroken when Cash didn t want to leave with her and live out their life in the big city 8 years later, Ani resigns from her job at the Federal Reserve and she returns to Coker Creek, Tennessee to take care of her sick father When she runs into Cash for the first time in 8 years, he admits to making a mistake when he let her go He wants Ani back in his life but Ani isn t sure if she s ready for that yet In the years that Ani has been gone, bikers are now living in town and things in Coker Creek have changed Ani meets Knox and she intrigued by him He is a hot, sexy, Irish biker Despite his rough looking demeanor, Knox is sweet and kind Knox isn t the type of guy she is used to but they share an instant attraction Even though she thinks Cash might be the better choice, she decides to give Knox a chance What I loved about Ani , was that she was smart, sweet, and head strong Sometimes even a little bit innocent but she was never a push over Knox and his MC world are completely new to her but he brings out a different side to her and the two together were, hot Cash was a sweet guy and you could tell he really loved and cared for Ani She had a choice to make does she stay with what she knows or go for something completely different I can t promise you a happy ending, darlin but happy endings are for p es I can promise you our own ending, the one that we get to create together It s not like anyone else s and at times we might have to fight for it, fight for each other.I wanted to love this story but it fell short in some ways, I felt as if something was missing I was expecting a bit relationship angst, but Ani makes her choice of who she wants to be with rather quickly As much as I loved the characters, I wish that a bit detail had gone into explaining the decisions that they made There were a few dramatic moments but the story seemed a bit rushed in the middle of some tense moments All in all, I did enjoy the characters and then ending left me very curious of what is going to happen next 3 3.5 stars review to come

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    sigh I guess I should just accept that I m not into MC romances The few that I ve read so far or tried reading only to end up putting them on my DNF shelve were either too cheesy, too clich or too unrealistic for my taste Still, being a story about an MC wasn t by far the main issue I had with this book.There were quite a few things that put me off.The romance felt rushed and corny, especially in the first, say, 40% of the book For example, on their first date , the main characters, Ani and Knox, hardly knew each other, had barely spoken ten sentences in total, had just had an open air quickie against a cabin wall, and were already talking about future plans and what to expect from each other And it didn t get better from thereThe sex scenes were awkward and seemed kind of forced Nothing hot about them, so I just skipped them, and I NEVER do that What is , they never, not even once, thought or talked about protection of any sorts Just got it on.There were times when the story just dragged on and nothing really happened, except Ani repeating over and over in her mind why she wanted or didn t want to be with Knox or Cash I found myself skimming than once, only to get past those parts.I didn t really like the main characters There wasn t anything wrong with them per se, I think, but I couldn t connect with them Maybe it was just me I m totally Team Cash, btw, although I think he deserves better than Ani Despite not exactly loving the main characters, I did like some of the secondary ones Cash, Rage, Charon, all of them acceptable even though they weren t overly well developed I loved Ani s father, though He was sweet.Also, I enjoyed the suspense parts in this book, a lot than the romance At about 75%, things finally started to get a little exciting, and that s why I m giving it two stars instead of one.I don t like giving bad reviews this is actually my first review of a book I rated lower than 3 stars , but since everyone else seems to love this book, I thought it can t hurt to mention some of the things that weren t so great.Won t be reading the sequel.

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    I was given this book in exchange for an honest review by the author I loved this book When Ani Forrest gets a full scholarship to NYC she runs without looking back at who she s leaving behind After her boyfriend Cash who she s know since they were tots, tells her he s not going with her She leaves him behind along with her best friend Kate Ani only comes back when her dad gets sick Cash thinks they can just pick up were they left off But Ani is still mad at him There s a group of biker s in town and Ani cant stop flirting with the Irish Prez Knox As I said I absolutely loved this From the beginning it had me hooked It was a really late night or very early morning reading this I COULDN T put it down This book keeps you on your toes You just love Ani from the start She s Strong, pretty, and knows what she wants the relationship between her and Knox is hot, hot, hot but part of being with know is being a part of the club good or bad And this has devastating consequences for Ani I ve got to tell you I cried, I felt like Screaming very quietly considering what time I was reading it This book pulls all the emotions from you At the beginning I wanted her to stay with Cash, but then we get to know Knox and yeah He s hot Jennifer Culbreth is extremely talented in her writing The pace and flow of the writing was perfect It enthrals you from the first page At the bits where Ani is kidnapped it is written tastefully Jennifer Culbreth has fast become one of my favourite authors And I can only predict great things for her For anyone who has yet to read a Jennifer Culbreth Novel you really don t know what your missing out on Jennifer, Thank you for letting me read this book It is absolutely Fantastic It is exceptionally written And enthrals you from the first page I can t wait for the next book I would give this 5 5 stars and 5 5 for movie moments.

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    The review below is for the initial release that I read 12 25 13 to 12 26 13 I have also reviewed the extended edition that released 2015.I think I may have a thing for MC bad boys There, I said it out loud I am having a bit of a hard time, because I have to say honestly, this was a great book I was taken in from the start and could not put it down I loved the story of Ani and how she let Knox into her life, even if it was the harder choice Their story, though not traditional, was very sweet in their own way and you just wanted to fight for them and want, no demand they end up together I can t say anything bad about Cash, because he loved her too, but in this love triangle, I was totally team Knox I can t say to much about the plot, because it will give too much away All I can say is this was a great story that pulls you in I could not put the book down , however, and this is where I have to insert I am having a hard time , because, this story is not hearts and flowers There is, and this is not a spoiler as it clearly says this in the description of this book, it is about an MC, so there are some very hard, disturbing topics However, the book was very good and Jennifer Culbreth knows how to tell a story So I would definitely give this 5 star and would recommend, if you are okay with the subject matter Happy reading.

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    This is a great story about growing up, coming home and finding out if you still fit in the same mold as the one you left Ani and her parents have always been close when she looses her mom to cancer she makes sure she is always checking in with her dad Lately he seems like he isn t his old self so Ani decides its time to come home When she gets there she meets up with her old high school boyfriend who knows he screwed up when he let her get away but doesn t know how to get them back to where they once were Also entering the picture is bad boy Knox who knows just what he wants and is willing to do anything to get it As both men try and show Ani how they feel about her Ani has to decide does she want to go with her predictable past or the new man who makes her blood pump This trio has to contend with then both men fighting for her heart outside forces are looking to hurt them This book takes you on a roller coaster of love, lust, family and learning how to be comfortable in your own skin Be forewarned though this does end on a cliffhanger because it is part of a series I would highly recommend it though.