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Archibald Caswell Could Never Please His Domineering Granddaddy Silas Now With Granddaddy Gone, Archie Finds Himself Lost, Confused, And Wondering What Granddaddy Could Possibly Have Meant By His Dying Words Young Man, You Are A Saint Clare Simpson Knows Exactly What Silas Meant She Convinces Archie To Dedicate His Life To God, Give Up His Possessions, Steal His Granddaddy S Truck, And Head North To The Cloisters In New York, Where She And Archie Secretly Live After Museum Hours For Clare, The Journey Is A Return To The Only Place Where She Has Felt Happy And Loved For Archie, The Pilgrimage Leads Him To A Closer Relationship With God And A Burning Desire For Home

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    Very well developed characters In fact reading this book was a homework assignment for my Developing Characters writing class As an adult, I enjoyed the story but it was definitely geared towards a tween or young, young adult with a 14 year old boy and 15 year old girl as the main characters I believe a boy would find this as interesting as a girl as it was narrated by the boy The story revolved around two teens becoming closer to God I found it fascinating and I believe any young adult exploring their spiritual side would be intrigued However, there are some kids where this may be a turnoff as this is not a jam packed action book like many geared for boys.

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    Nolan offers a very interesting story in this novel Although some parts are long and drawn out, the overall story is quite good Many times the readers are left wondering where the author is taking them The mysterious quality throughout the novel is largely due to the mystery surrounding Clare, one of the main characters The readers are pulled into Archie s character, seeing things as he would and experiencing the same things, left asking the same questions The readers are immediately intrigued with the idea of sainthood and who can achieve it in our world today This novel is very descriptive and one can almost imagine oneself in the story or close one s eyes and picture what is happening in front of them The ideas explored in this novel are ones that are most likely thought by many people at some point in their lives Definitely give this book a read if you got the time

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    Is this a book for Christians

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    When We Were Saints is the story of Archibald Lee Caswell, your everyday, average 14 year old boy, who goes on a pilgrimage to become a saint Archie s life drastically changes the day his grandfather Silas, an old prophet, dies and tells Archie he is a saint The day of the funeral, a young girl comes up to Archie and hands him a card that basically says the same thing Clare Simpson, the girl from the funeral is a very religious 15 year old who convinces Archie that he truly is saintly and that the two of them are soul mates From there, Archie goes on a journey to find God and become the saint he believes he is destined to be.This book was a rollercoaster of a ride for me There isn t a lot of action or crazy things happening, but it truly made me think Archie s journey to sainthood is moving and made me think about religion in an entirely different way That being said, this book is filled with the Catholic religion I think that alone may make a lot of readers pass on this I m not particularly religious, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book.Nolan has created an unforgettable character in Archie He is your average boy, but unique in the so many ways His devotion to Clare is startling at times, but almost understandable Clare herself is a startling character Her complete, unwavering devotion to God is incredible and terrifying Archie wants what she has and almost loses himself to find it Their pilgrimage moved me to tears.I couldn t even put the book down towards the end because I was so connected to Archie and I needed to know what was going to happen to him It s impossible not to care for him Archie is so young and na ve and he has so much love pouring out of him that I instantly felt connected with him I never really felt that way with Clare, but I don t think the reader is supposed to Clare is the catalyst for the pilgrimage and Archie s reason for wanting to be closer to God, but she does so much than that for him Their journey isn t just about finding God, it is about finding the goodness in humankind and becoming saintly in ways that aren t even related to religion When We Were Saints isn t a love story and it isn t necessarily a story about finding God either It is a story about a boy finding himself Archie goes on a pilgrimage to be closer to God, but he actually discovers the person he is and the person he wants to be It is a moving, emotional journey that will stay with me for a long time.Opening line Archibald Lee Caswell had named the still he and his best friend, Armory Mitchell, had built in the basement of his grandparents home The Last Hurrah, in honor of Armory, who was moving with his family to Washington, D.C.Favorite line Maybe that s all it really takes to be a saint those simple acts of kindness.

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    This is a good book This book is mostly about this kid named Archibald Archie His grandfather Silas passed away When Silas was dying,his last words to Archie were, Young man,you are a saint Soon after his grandfather pass,Archie was lost,confused,and wondering why his grandfather said those words to him Archie dedicate his life to God Later in the book,Archie relationship with God was closer I recommend this book to anyone It s such a good,heartwarming book.

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    This book frustrated me Claire was slightly annoying because she never worried about actually DOING anything about her faith True, her faith must have been pretty strong, but her works were few Alright, maybe that isn t completely accurate because she DID do a lot of good for others by simply lightening them up a bit and encouraging them to do the things they wished they did or wished that they could return to I guess the part that frustrated me most was that Archie would simply follow her without doing what he felt was right I think that his faith, even if it was less glamorous than Claire s, was probably in the direction of what religion should be I think that God provides so much for us, but it is important for us to accept what He provides, and to try to further provide for ourselves by planning, for example, our next meal True, fasting can make one closer to God however, I think that Claire took many of these ideas too far In the end, I wasn t sure if she was crazy or if she was just caught up, but I do know that it seemed disturbing than enlightening and happy On the other hand though, who ever said that everything about the gospel is supposed to be happy Though I do think that gospel truths and spirits should be uplifting in many cases, which is why I question her mental state of health This was an interesting read, but it was a bit too strange for me.Warnings Violence There is one particular scene of violence, and some the of the thing Claire does to her body that happen to her are somewhat violent.Drugs Alcohol Archie and his friend, both teenagers, brew some alcohol in Archie s grandparents basement Archie s grandfather was also an alcoholic.Language If I remember correctly, there was a bit a language in this book, but I don t think it was too bad.

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    Oh man Get ready to freak and and possible re examine what it means to be a person of faith We follow Archibald and post trauma inducing death of grandfather Archibald blames himself for his grandfathers death With his last breath he calls Archibald a Saint Not knowing what to do with this message and being a very easy to sway, Archibald grabs on to the strange ideas of Clare Clare is a girl from town with severe dedication to her faith She and Archibald will literally pray for hours, saying the same prayer again and again Archibald will follow Clare anywhere Which he literally does when she states they must take a pilgrimage It soon becomes apparrant that Clare might be taking things too far and Archibald has to decide what is right and what could kill them My thoughts This book is insane But I think it s good I don t really know My brain feels like it s going to explode when I try to think about it too hard for too long Which of course makes it an excellent piece of work Nolan looks writes about faith and mental illness But we re never really told what to think So much of the storyline is left up to us to decide It also left me pondering my own faith I m happy to say it only strengthened my faith and resolve of what I believe is right but I like that the book made me examine myself Warningslanguage not that I remember Sexual content nopeViolence yep.drugs the grandpa drinks and they are trying to make a still at the start of the book But it s pretty mild and not a big part of the book.

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    I liked how the book ended Because this book brought about confusing, extreme spiritual circumstances and because it was introducing this to a teen audience I was glad that at the end of the novel it concluded in a non confusing way and left the reader with little phrases of truth to hold on to and feel good about I really think this is an excellent book for blowing teen s minds about religion and God and faith It didn t shake my beliefs too much, maybe because I wasn t fighting with myself on whether Clare was ultimately right or not I understood what she said and did that was right and what was wrong It s true though that some situations made you wonder if she was ultimately in the right the sandwich from the boy and how they were led to the old man , however in the end I decided that perhaps God was still looking out for Archie, and maybe it wasn t because Clare s mission was right Anyway, I thought this book was fascinating and presented an original story with thought provoking messages I enjoyed it a lot and would gladly suggest it to my friends, teen and non teens.Violence 2, two boys shove Clare against a tree, Archie beats them upLanguage 1, very few swear words here and thereSex 1, two boys almost rape ClareAlcohol Drugs 2, In the beginning of the novel Archie and his friend build a still in his grandpa s basement Archie s grandad drinks.

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    I was searching really hard while reading this book for something that would really catch my interest, but I neared the last pages and never found it The whole time I was reading it, I was getting annoyed at the fact that the same thing kept happening over and over again Archie would follow Clare, then he would change his mind and realize that she perhaps didn t know what she was doing and he would change his mind, but then a few lines later he would be following her again This happened so many times throughout the story, it was so repetitious I will say that I did in fact like the ending, only because Archie finally stood up for what he knew was right and called Clare s parents and asked them for help Archie finally realized that what might have been what Clare wanted, wasn t what he wanted and it was okay to have differing views It didn t mean that he didn t have God in his life, it was just that everyone is different and needs different things.Ratings are from 1 10 Violence 4 I would only put it as a 4 because there was a lot of violence done to the body itself, not eating, not sleeping things like that.Sexual Content 1 Since this whole book is about becoming a Saint, there weren t any instances in where this category was present in the book, except one minor time when Archie thought of Clare in a way that he soon became ashamed of and that was the end of it Drugs Alcohol 2 Archie s grandfather, Silas died because he was an alchoholic.Language 0

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    I don t know where to even begin The author pushed the story farther than I thought possible The plot kept taking unexpected turns and of the worst kind Throughout the entire book I wanted to knock sense into Archie Scream at him to think for himself for once, that he was a follower, and needed to wake up and meet reality Worst, by the time he realizes what is happening, it seems too late When We Were Saints is a brilliant piece of writing I d put this novel as a psychological thriller The main character Archie and his soul mate Clare keep you guessing as to what is reality and what is imagined From the moment I began reading, the gotta Stephen King mentions in his novel Misery gripped me It s that need to know You think, Just a few pages then you say, One chapter and before you know it, you ve read the entire book.Recommended Warnings Sex 0 Nothing to worry about in this book, in fact, the main character Archie begins to think its a sin just to think about kissing Drugs and Alcohol 3 Though there are no drugs, Archie and his friend Armory make their own brew of alchohol in the basement Violence 6 When Clare is in a bad situation with a couple guys up to no good, Archie acts in her defense However, his actions lean a little too close to murderous intent