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Presented Here Is Written And Recorded Guitar Accompaniment To The Entire Volume CD This Long Awaited Book Includes Easy To Read Music, Chord Symbols, And Guitar Frames Above Each Example For The Non Reading Guitarist Also Included Is A CD Of Mike Playing The Voicings With The Maiden Voyage Play A Long Special CD Stereo Separation Allows You To Eliminate The Guitarist And Sit In With Just The Bass And Drums These Voicings Are Real World Authentic Chord Voicings, Not Simplified Sterile Examples It S A Great Opportunity To Not Only Learn Great Jazz Voicings, But To See How These Voicings Can Be Used To Navigate Blues, Rhythm, And Great Standards Band Directors Will Love This One Because Now ALL Members Of The Rhythm Section Can Practice Their Comping With This World Famous Play A Long

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    There are a lot of books about jazz guitar voicing There also are a lot of books about single line improvisation with real life examples What we do not find a lot is a book about a real life comping technique This book is it This teaches me that simple drop 2 voicing can make very sophisticated and excellent comping You do not need to use too many esoteric, difficult to grab voicings in order to sound modern Just by going through those tunes in the book, and play together with the accompanying CD, I am learning a lot about comping than many textbooks I used before put together.My recommendation is first you learn basics of drop 2 voicings by Randy Vincent s book, and then move on to this one Another recommendation is to purchase the original Maiden Voyage by Jamey Abbersold s piano trio and compare the sound, and play your single line solo with it as well.

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    I teach guitar lessons and this book is a good book for getting students into comping chords on standards if they have music reading skills It has chord grids with fingerings but there is no tablature as there often isn t tablature in many of the classic jazz guitar methods like the ones by Joe Pass, Barry Galbraith, George Van Eps, and Jimmy Raney, so be prepared with this knowledge before using the book or it may be a bit of a chore to get through.I have put this in rotation with the Galbraith comping book, Mickey Baker volume 1, Steve Khan s Chord Khancepts, and Chords Galore by Jack Petersen as quality books for learning comping and chord voice leading skills that I use with students and to brush up or maintain those skills myself When I first saw this book I thought it was a bit of overkill with too many chords per page, but as it says in the intro, learn the example songs in phrases with the recording as individual tidbits instead of trying to memorize full choruses This way you can put them to use like you would melodic phrases or licks in chord groups like ii V Is or I VI ii V groups The purpose of the book is to learn by doing along with the recording to match swing feel rhythms up with a pro player There are no explanations of theory at all, so this is not a how to do it book, but it contains useful examples to get in your vocabulary, and it is great for helping rock and other non jazz influenced players to quickly dive into jazz sounds and expected rhythmic feels found in various situations common to chord players in jazz.

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    this book and c.d is just Great everything about it the Voicing are perfect.so much fun to play with and learn his insightful approach and techniques to chords and comping this book is essential for all Jazz Guitarists learn to put effortlessly the cool grove in your playing.To Much Fun

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    This is probably a good book, but I have to complain about the listing I would give the listing lower than three stars but I don t want to ding the book itself The listing picture of the book says Maiden Voyage, Guitar Voicings That s it When you get the book, there s text including companion to the Aebersold Volume 54 Play a Long This book augments but doesn t replace that other title so you need both.