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Maise O’Malley just turned eighteen but she’s felt like a grown up her entire life The summer before senior year she has plans get into a great film school convince her mom to go into rehab and absolutely do not under any circumstances screw up her own futureBut life has a way of throwing her plans into free fallWhen Maise meets Evan at a carnival one night their chemistry is immediate intense and short lived Which is exactly how she likes it no strings But afterward she can’t get Evan out of her head He’s taught her that a hookup can be something It can be an unexpected connection with someone who truly understands her Someone who sees beyond her bravado to the scared but strong girl insideThat someone turns out to be her new film class teacher Mr Evan WilkeMaise and Evan resolve to keep their hands off each other but the attraction is too much to bear Together they’re real and genuine apart they’re just actors playing their parts for everyone else And their masks are slipping People start to notice Rumors fly When the truth comes to light in a shocking way they may learn they were just playing parts for each other tooSmart sexy and provocative Unteachable is about what happens when a love story goes off script

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