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Chelsea’s hottie Blake Morgan III has reemerged from a nasty breakup His marriage was a frigid disaster beyond repair and he vows to be single—forever Bruised but still hot in Prada he creates his Seven Desires wish list his sexiest imaginings Blake soon realizes there’s only one man he may trust to make these uninhibited intentions come to fruition his best friend Miguel Santana Lower East Side multimedia artist extraordinaire Miguel Santana may be known as the cocky Latin stud in the city but all he’s wanted since college was Blake’s hand in marriage He was livid when Blake walked down the aisle with the wrong guy Miguel has his own list titled the Seven Needs which are uite contrary to Blake’s dirty boy deeds They involve serious commitments which may leave his new to the singles scene buddy sprinting for the door destroying any hopes Miguel has for happiness Can these two hunks conuer their intimate fears and love one another as only best friends can? Join the star studded cast in The Manhattanites series and see for yourselfReading the previous books in this series is suggested Reader might have difficulty following the story if approached as a standalone

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    Nearly two years ago I added a book to my shelf of WANT TO READ RIGHT NOW This book was Unsaid by Avery Aster This was the story of Blake Morgan The lovable gay bestie of Vive Taddy and Lex We had gotten bits and pieces of Blake in the first two books and delve a little deeper during the Undergrad years but now that we’ve all fallen in love with him we finally get his storyNewly divorced Blake is given a list of desires he must carry out New exciting sexual acts that had evaded him during his marriage to Diego intimacies that he has never known all risks to his heart after five years of being neglectedMiguel has been in love with his best friend for ten years He had to stand by and watch as he married a man he knew was all wrong for him stand by as he watched him go through an unhappy marriage and now with the man who owns his heart newly single Miguel has his own list of needs he wants only one man to fulfillWhat I loved about Blake and Miguel is that although they both had opposite sexual experiences they both were craving the same thing An intimate loving relationship For Blake he wanted it so bad that he ran down the aisle with the wrong man in the hopes to have it and for Miguel he kept his heart closed off and experienced nothing but meaningless sex for a decade But now everything is about to change Miguel is ready to make his claim and get the boy he’s always wanted When it comes to opening up an Avery Aster book you have to be prepared for a few things First shit is going to get crazy Out of control is an understatement The characters are hilarious and their antics are over the top but it all just works Unsaid was slightly varied from this typical experience I found that there was a lot emotional depth lurking in these two characters than what I had originally expected So yes there was still humor and the gang did not let me down but I loved that the story of these two existed beyond the punchlines and shenanigans that I anticipatedIf you want your romance doused in humor I recommend picking up Avery’s books I think of all the books in this series Unsaid is my favorite just because of the extra feeling it gave me as I read For some reason this just screams Blake to me Can't wait to get my naughty little fingers on this boyI think he might fit the perfect look for Miguel Latin hot as fuck

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    I'm sorry I'm going to straight out apologize I never would have picked this up if it weren't for the fact that I thought Avery was super nice and funny when she asked for a review Andthis is not going to be very nice So I'm sorry AveryI do not like soap operas I don't watch reality TV either This was a combination of a bad soap opera with a reality twist If you happen to like a good dose of daily drama you might fare differently than I didI am not a fan of vulgar I don't like vag monologues I have no problems with girly bits in my books but I don't like pussy talk There was icky twat cunt and pussy talk I didn't like itTo put it mildly I didn't like the sex Considering close to 500 out of this 528 page novel was sex ridden this was a problem I am very cautious with the BDSM I read It's not my most comfortable theme and I tread carefully I hated the BDSM elements here Just because Blake wishes to be tied up and 'submit' does not make him Mig's Bitch or house slave This straddled the line of abusive and I had issues with it Lots of issuesA few scenes bothered mea lot Like when Blake goes to the spa to get his 'cookie sugared' Ummmm yeah So his cookie is his ass and sugared is a form of waxing He is prepping for his 'Seven Sexual Desires' list and allow his friends to get him ready After his ass crack is waxed he receives a bonus of ass play Yep fingering and rimming follow his stick and rip I have never had the agonizing pleasure of having my ass waxed but I have had my front waxed If anyone came near me with anything immediately following I am certain I would stab any protruding parts with a sharp pair of TweezermansI definitely have limits when it comes to kinks I never thought I would have read a golden shower scene and frankly I wish I could take it back Mouth? In his mouth? gags I can't go there Other BDSM elements made me very uncomfortable as well It came across as non consensual and it never felt 'safe'This is book 3 in the Manhattanites series and I believe I missed important details of the relationship dynamics That being said I have absolutely no desire to go back and fill in the missing pieces I can't think of any of the secondary cast that I liked Serious topics were brushed off lightly a HIV pos friend encouraging Raw Topping? and I felt a heavy Jerry Springer vibe who's your daddy?I was so distracted with all of these 'things' that I could hardly focus on the plot Besides pushing my limits I just didn't care for the main story line The mystery with Blake's ex husband was upsetting and I didn't like the final showdown scene at all The blurb sounded very promising to me I was sorely disappointedI wish I had something nice to say truly I do But as hard as I try I can't pass on anything positive that I found here I see some other strong and positive reviews so it seems some people have love for the Manhattanties than I did If you dare I wish you all the luck2 pissy icky stars

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    5 'pushing my kinky limit' starsLove Friendship Scandal and Drama to the HiltI thought I have seen it all apparently I didn't Unsaid definitely pushing all my hard limits and stretching my boundaries I believe those who plan to read this need to go in with a fare warningFresh out of divorce with his ex husband Blake Morgan III is ready to let loose his inner manwhore by the probing of his friends He was coercedmanipulated to list out his Seven Desire to carry out statBlake's Seven Desires#1 Face Fucked Load Swallowed No problem#2 Pissed On Really?#3 Rimmed I'm aroused#4 Fisted No way#5 Tied up Whipped Dominated Panting for it#6 Menage a Trois Contemplating#7 Topped Raw Yes pleaseMiguel Santana has been in love with Blake since they met in college When Blake ended up marrying Diego instead of him Miguel was heartbroken Now that Blake is single again Miguel is going to win back his man no matter what it takes including fulfilling his Seven Desires I was totally overwhelmed by the thoughts of Blake going through his Seven Desires because let's be frank fisting? OMG I'm terrified by the idea and I'm getting ready to cringe when the scene comes Add in some BDSM element with Mig going all Dom on Blake it was an intense read There is a time that I'm feeling a little freaked out and uncomfortable But once it was all said and done I was feeling rather good about it As long as is consensual and both parties get off on it I'm okay with whatever the hell they want to do to each other You treat me as a gift Make me feel special Blake anal virginThere are some great supporting casts especially Thor and Vive These two love sex talk it reminds me of watching Sex and the City except it actually makes me even hornier Topping is like Zumba only worse all that thrusting I'd rather rest on my back not on my laurels and take it like a good bottom should Thor self proclaimed power bottomTwo guy in one bed is too much work for me You have to ride one while sucking the other I don't have the rhythm especially with all those cocks flying around at me Vive professional gossiper and alcoholicI feel as if I'm being introduce to Gay Scene in Manhattan 101 Avery Aster had me googling for what the hell is Madonna whore complex enema and electro conductive water based lube She also cue me on the dark side such as bug chaser and breeding parties Is that for real?As an individual working in the healthcare industry myself I appreciate the fact that Avery stressed on safe sex and the touch on the HIV issue From the 20 MM books I read this is definitely a first Keeping myself updated with HIV and its medical development is a big part of my job so I'm very sensitive towards this issue I'm even tempted to point out to Mig and Blake that mouth swab is not an accurate test please go for blood test using real time PCRFact is you can be positive and lead a healthy life and also have a familyOkay aside from all the arousing kinky stuff that's been going on this story is than just erotic romance It actually do have a very strong and emotional engaging plot beneath it all Both Blake and Miguel have their own inner demons and secrets that they rather keep to themselves Blake's ex husband is one deranged asshole that stir up some suspense and danger Blake had been dealing with it alone for so long I'm glad Miguel is there to pick up the pieces and put him back together again Together their story really touch my heart Whether or not this can actually works as a standalone is debatable I shall confessed that I skimmed Lex's chapters because I didn't read her book Undressed I just couldn't find myself to be absorb in her wedding drama and her family issue I feel as if her chapters serve as a distraction from Miguel and Blake's story Especially when Mig and Blake is getting it on suddenly pop in Lex's chapter I felt as if I'm interrupted by a commercial Anyway when I decided to skim Lex's part of the story I'm able to fully enjoy Mig and Blake I'm sure those who follow this series will enjoy Lex than I did

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    THIS IS NOT A STAND ALONEI'm sorry to say that I will not be able to review this book This is the third book in a series and the blurb says Avery Aster's new full length standalone contemporary MM romance novel I have not read the first two books While Ms Avery does include a character glossary at the beginning of the book it did not help me in understanding the extensive cast of characters in this book I stopped at 30% when I realized I was absolutely lost I don't believe anyone will be able to read this as a stand alone and not be very confused I will not rate since I did not finish

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    Full long NSFW slightly spoilerish review can be found at When I was asked to read this book it was stressed that it could be read as a standalone even though it's #3 in a series Maybe so to some but I had a difficult time keeping up with all the characters from previous books that were all over this one This was not just Blake and Miguel's story This was pretty much everyone's storyWith that being said Blake has just gotten divorced from his husband of five years Diego The marriage went sour uick and Blake was forced to endure things that come out as the story plays out Then there's Miguel Miguel has been Blake's best friend for a decade Mutual friends decide that because Blake is still relatively inexperienced sexually you'd have to read the book to see why that he must live out his sexual fantasies now that he's free to do so This is where Miguel who has secretly been in love with Blake for years comes inThe book was good though I got frustrated often by the drama of secondary characters I also didn't particularly like Miguel that much which also took away from my reading experience If I don't like a main character it's usually a good bet the story won't work for me I wavered for awhile on my rating I finally decided to go with 4 stars because I'm a sucker for friends to lovers books and I did enjoy most of it Had I not been so confused about the other characters it might have gotten a higher rating This book was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review

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    I have mixed feelings about this one But it is a bad idea to jump into this book without reading the prior books I'm normally OCD about reading in order but I was advised said it could be read as a standalone no it cannot Big mistake if you want to really get the whole picture I found the book entertaining and I chuckled at times It's a bit sex in the city ish It was written like a soap opera so there were other minor story lines continued from prior books The main focus in third installment was Miguel and BlakeMiguel has had a crush on his best friend Blake for over 9 years When Blake gets a divorce Miguel sees an opportunity Blake's last years of marriage wasn't sexually fulfilling so Newly single Blake makes a list of Seven Sexual Desires fantasies he would like to see fulfilled so their meddling friends set it up so that Miguel can help Blake experience his fantasies Will this week of getting their freak on finally open Blake's eyes and heart?I didn't like Blake much because he was just shallow at first I refuse to believe he didn't know how Miguel felt Everyone else knew and their little crew couldn't keep a secret if their lives depended on it Blake was just about the outward apperance that's why he ended up with a bad marriage Miguel well he didn't fight for what he wanted so he didn't get it But I like the fact that Miguel used the 7 desires to address his seven needsThere was a bit too much of sex in this book but there was enough of a plot for me to like it Special thanks to the Book Enthusiast Promotions via netgalley for the e book given in exchange for an honest review

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    I can say without a doubt that I truly enjoyed this book This is only my second book by Avery Aster and I was pleasantly surprised Unsaid is the third book in the Manhattanites Series but can also be read as a standalone I didn't read the first two and was able to jump right in because of the character descriptions at the beginning of the book I knew exactly who the characters were and how they related to one another it was perfect The two MC's Blake and Miguel were fantastic both together and individually I loved the back story of their friendship and how they have both been pining over one another for years but never did anything about it Well now that Blake's divorce is finalized he agrees to let his friends come up with a bucket list of sexual experiences he needs to achieve This list gave the book humor and a whole lot of sexiness Miguel is an animal and uite the alpha male while Blake is the kinder and gentler man Together they form an amazingly realistic couple with hopes fears and ultimately love This MM book is being added to my favorites list immediately I can only hope that we get Blake and Migueland soonI received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    Blake Morgan III has just gotten out of a really bad marriage He has no interest in finding another lover or god forbid husband anytime soon His marriage was a disaster of epic proportions It's the single life for him He creates a Seven Desires wish list as a joke while out with his besties one night Blake never expected the hotter than hot best friend Miguel Santana to get his hands on it Now this Latin hottie who has loved Blake from afar since college seizes the opportunity to get Blake in his life and his bed once and for allMiguel knows Blake is hurting from his failed marriage But he also knows that Blake married the wrong guy He should have been his years ago but Miguel stepped aside and put himself in the friend zone Now finally Miguel decides it's time Blake knows what it's like to be loved cherished and desired by the right guyCan Miguel convince Blake that a serious lifetime commitment with him won't break his heart? I have read the other books in this series and was unsure if I would get into Blake's story In the other books Blake was kinda blah for me as a character so I didn't think his story would be all that excitingI liked Blake in Undressed and Unscrupulous but I had never read a story where the main characters were two men I have no problem with that kind of a relationship but wondered if I would be interested since I can't relate to the attractionI have to say that Avery made me love this story Blake and Miguel are just adorable Their love for each other is terrifically portrayed The drama that unfolds keeping them apart is riveting I really like this story and as only Avery Aster can do she made me love these guys and their journey to happily ever afterThe sex scenes have some light BDSM to them and they also were pretty dirty but so well written that they flowed perfectly with the storyline The friendship of Taddy Lex Vive and Blake is fun and I love reading about itThis group should be a cable series I would definitely watch itReceived an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    Received from NetGalley for reviewFive out of five stars Unsaid was such a beautiful story there was everything from tears to laughter and very hot sex Not just of the male on male persuasion but a scene of Lex and Massimo Blake a thirty year old homosexual divorcee trying to heal a shattered emotionally abused heart The marriage this man had was one from hell I'm so glad that we got to actually see what kind of man Diego was from a scene with Blake Miguel was one of Blake's best friends from school he was also a best friend of Diego Miguel was considered a playboy who always topped his conuests and they were lined up He lived by himself along with his dog Brutus in a sparsely decorated apartment Their was a reason for this and it took a while for Miguel to crack his exterior walls and those fears of Blake's Their relationship comes about from to list of seven's Blake and Miguel each have one and it was such a funny bar scene with Vive and Thor how this came about Miguel has always wanted Blake and now he had his chance with a little help from Thor Vive and Thor were two of the best secondary characters along with Lex and Taddy We also get to see how the relationship with Lex and Taddy become stronger I enjoyed this book and started with Taddy and Warner but I didn't get to read Lex and Massimo's story just yet This is considered a stand alone but you will have a better understanding for the characters if you read each book Although there is a brief snippet at the beginning of the book about each major player

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    Favorite uotesBefore cocktails the three of them had shot off their steam at the Lipstick Lead Rifle Range Some people did Yoga or smoked pot to relax but the Manhattanites preferred to shoot gunsThor had lied Sugaring hurt as if a colony of fire ants were attacking a wounded grasshopperIf you’re paving the road for traffic does your spa service signify happy trails ahead?It’s been too long since happiness decorated your gorgeous faceHe felt as if he’d sucked on a habanero pepper marinated in TabascoHe closed his eyes for a second allowing himself to experience something new – love My ReviewI have been on an Avery Aster binge recently and I must say it has been uite enjoyable although it has caused an uptick in my wine bill and laundry Holy hawtness I am rather inexperienced at MM romances but love is love; and comes in all shapes colors sizes and flavors as far as I am concerned But there is so much going on in this story than an MM romance the plot was intriguing active heart felt and full of secrets as well as personal and family issues for all the Manhattanites to deal with and work through As always Mr Aster’s writing was engaging absorbing sensual and insightful I adore his clever and snarky humor that not only bites but brings an emotional impact along with it And I am happy to report a new vocabulary word has also been gleaned from this volume “trouple”