Truth Consequences 2 PDF/EPUB Í Truth Consequences

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Aleatha Romig comes the thrilling sequel in the Consequences series Truth a game of deception intrigue and conspiracy where losing can be deadlyClaire survived the consequences Through strength and compartmentalization Claire Nichols captivated her captor Though Anthony Rawlings thought he taught Claire to behave his domination became desire and his obsession morphed into love Or was it? When her choices pushed Anthony's relentless vendetta too far Claire barely survived the consequences Discover the truthNow armed with new information and questions than answers Claire works to uncover the truth behind the dangerous game at play As she begins anew she must decide whom she can truly trust especially with a new set of players on the moveNew set of rulesWith everything to lose and a manipulative game master controlling the board Claire and Tony duel by a new set of rules When thrust together once again can they learn to trust each other to overcome new dangers? Or will this be Tony's second attempt at domination? Can Claire resist the man she'd never before been able to resist? Hatred and love Deception and truth Old habits and new beginnings As this real life game of chess plays out past sins will come to light and new secrets will be revealed With so much riding on each move the stakes have never been higher All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered The trick is to discover them Galileo

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