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Solid 3.5 StarsWhat I loved This book has enormous heart in it Filled with all of the good, the bad, the wonderfully unexpected things we call life Full of change of seasons concerning growth of emotions truth.What irked me Besides the lead heroine s name, her best friend, Courtney I couldn t reconcile how this situation was touched on handled The issues emotions involved with what occurred just weren t dealt with realistically, IMO by Bevin once Courtney s true colors were seen numerous times vividly, in plain sight Basically her butt would have been dropped Point Blank Period.What I absolutely did not like While I loved the passionate connection between Tim Bevin,they have this white hot connection of emotional intensity Still, it took forever for them to close the deal And when it finally did happen, in what should have been the most romantic way ever, I felt let down I think it came way too late within the novel There were too many stops starts with them a lot of their stops could have been rectified ALOT sooner But because the beautiful side of their blessings Them moving forward it all comes so late within the novel, everything you ve been waiting on feels rushed Even though you ve gotten a novel full of story, it still feels like it ended abruptly.Overall I do feel that this is a journey worth reading So I would recommend it.Thank you Lady D for my gift Loan of Mr Timothy Capshaw You re definitely gonna have to fight me for him LOL For As Long As There Have Been Trolling Nights, Bevin Moore Has Been The Unofficial Official Gatekeeper For Her Group Of Friends, The Femme Crew She Is Always The Designated Driver And Always Makes Sure The Ladies Do Not Leave The Premises With Someone She Considers A Loser Bevin Takes Her Job Very Seriously, Even If She Doesn T Like Trolling Nights In The First Place Yet On One Particular Trolling Night, She S Completely Unaware Someone Has, Finally, Chosen Her Navy SEAL Timothy Capshaw Has No Problem Going After What He Wants And From The Moment He Sees Bevin Sitting Alone And Sentry Like In A Booth, He Is Intrigued By Her After One Dance, Tim Knows He Wants Her How Will He Convince Bevin He Is The Man She Hasn T Known She S Been Looking For And That The Need For Her Trolling Nights Is Over True Romance a review of my all time favorite romance.I read all kinds of romance Historical, contemporary, interracial, multicultural, heterosexual, homosexual Seriously everything, and I have been reading romance since I was 11 years old Now having said that, if someone were to ask me what my favorite romance novel is my answer would be, without having to think about it, Trolling Nights.I really believe that no matter what kind of romance a reader likes there is something about this book that speaks to everyone Bevin Moore is a black woman who goes out with her friends on what they call Trolling Nights While Bevin s friends find men, Bevin is the Gatekeeper who makes sure that her friends don t end up leaving with idiots or serial killers Bevin, though, never finds a man of her own That is, she never finds a man until the night she crosses paths with white, southern Navy SEAL Tim Capshaw Tim is in town taking a class for his SEAL duties and while in a bar for his first night off in a long time he s approached by one of Bevin s friends but it s Bevin who intrigues Tim with her skin that reminds him of life giving earth, her beautiful eyes and the sexy curves of the plus sized body in her modest clothing And since it s Bevin who intrigues him, it s Bevin that he talks to.Let s talk about Tim Tim is freaking amazing He s deep, he s real, he s strong in mind and body, he s straightforward, he s RESPECTFUL, he has his small flaws, he s honorable, he takes no shit and he s honest There were a lot of things that the author did right when she created Tim It might be strange to say but what I most loved about Tim was the way he respected Bevin He respected her enough to not let her talk down about herself He didn t push her where physical intimacy was concerned but made sure that she knew he wanted her as a man wants a woman He cherished Bevin and felt lucky to be with a woman who others might dismiss as too much work to get to know, too shy, too big Tim loved those things about Bevin He just LOVED her all the way, full stop, balls to the wall lasting love.And then there s Bevin Bevin was great A lot of authors who write interracial romances with black heroines create women that I can t stand That was not the case with Bevin She was the perfect mix of self respecting, vulnerable, unsure, shy, warm hearted,and big hearted She cared about her friends and her family She was self concious about her weight but she didn t let it tak over her life and make her bitter I really felt like Bevin was deserving of Tim s love She deserved to be cherished and Tim was lucky to have her She s the kind of woman who makes a man stronger Trolling Nights is a love story and a romance through and through Tim and Bevin get to know each other before any sex happens Secrets and histories are shared Parents are met Dates are had There was a real feeling that Tim and Bevin are meant for each other and that their love will last because you see them go through ups and downs and stick by each other through everything Also, the trials and tribulations never seem forced or melodramatic They re realistic and make you root for the couple to come through stronger and connected than they ever were before.One thing that s great about this book is that the race issue is neither ignored nor is it overplayed I liked the way the issue is addressed and felt like the situations were realistic Trolling Nights spoke to me and touched me on so many different levels that every time I read it it s like visiting old friends No matter what genre of romance someone reads I would highly recommend this book to them I really think it transcends the issue of whether someone likes gay romance, straight romance, historical, contemporary or any other romance genre you can think of It s the story of two people who love each other falling in love and damn is it engrossing, heart warming, and so good that you ll end up falling in love with the characters yourself. Oh, where to begin with this review This book should be handed out to men as an instruction manual on How to Love Your Woman Properly by Tim Capshaw Tim is the definition of what a real man is He loved Bevin with an intesity and one track mindedness that, as was pointed out in the book, we rarely get to see in life This book is the epitome of what a true love story is It was so extraordinarily sweet, I read most of it with a big huge sappy grin on my face, and lots of tears running down my face I was so not prepared for that reaction either, but wowthis book delivered so much for me I will NEVER forget this book A lot of times, my problem with interracial books is that I don t identify with the characters, particularly the heroine, but Bevin is me and I am Bevin and that made all the difference in the world for me in this book that it nearly killed me with the raw intense emotions it evoked from me Added to that, I have a Tim Capshaw, and let the honest self reflections commence I loved how vulnerable and REAL Bevin was, at times I knew exactly what she was going to say or do because it s what I would have said or done Then there were times I wish she would keep her mouth shut, all the while knowing exactly why she said what she said and realizing I need to stop doing the same things Meanwhile, Tim never once wavered in his devotion to her He forced her to see how beautiful and wonderful she was, through his eyes It was not an easy process by any means, but he did it with joy, and so much love With his background, I wondered how he managed to be so well grounded and how he managed to know how to treat a woman right, and not just any woman, but a complicated Black woman This was my first book by this author but won t be my last, I already have another by her in my TBR mountain and if it s anything like this, I ll buy whatever she writes, I don t care what it is. This book started off with promise I love how Tim was not interested in Courtney but had eyes only for Bevin I ve never read a story before where the heroine was black and a virgin So it was interesting to see the author s take on this Since Bevin thought herself unattractive since she was overweight, I could see her being a virgin at 27.The story started to lose steam as it went along This was a long book I wished there was conflict It would have been nice to see Courtney and Bevin fighting over Tim But there was no conflict Tim had an easy in with Bevin Tim was a tad bit too good to be true He just seemed too perfect with the no pressure thing My WTF moment came after they got married and Tim wants to forgo the condom their first time and Bevin asks him if he s clean Shouldn t she have known the answer to that question before she married him I was glad when this book was over. I cannot see my self relating to these women, trolling for men to sleep with and the heroine acting like their pimp The constant use of the words c k, Pu Y and F k, was a big turn off it was not hot or romantic, for the heroine to think she understood why these women had one night stands, it was because they wanted romance, was a joke, if that s what they call romantic, whoever thinks that have never been romanced.The hero lost points when he did not come to the heroine defense at the restaurant the statement he made while having her backed against something in her kitchen, I know your P sy is wet for me, just as my D ck is weeping for you, was so romantic, well, not He claims to want her heart, but I wonder when did our hearts relocate between our legs, I mean really, I didn t get that memo.This book seem to be all about humiliating the heroineGod I wish when I pick up a book that says romance, I get romance, not a sex book No, sex doesn t mean love or romance to me, same as those books that has a hero having his brothers or best friends helping him to show how much he loves that heroine by having them all have sex with her, it just proves, he cares for them than her,a man who truly loves a woman and considers her his won t whore her out to his friends or family and proves she is just a slut and will sleep with anyone.Anyway I digress, as for that question one of the girls who goes out and pick up men to have sex with on trolling nights asked, do you think I am a slut Well, I would have looked her right in the eyes, smiled sweetly and reply, hell yes you are I liked her dad, but what s up with her mom, it seemed like to was flirting with the hero and on one hand would insult her, but in the guise of caring, nah, didn t like the mom at all When the mom and hero was laughing at her, or when she called her lazy and other things, I would of walked out and left him there with her, I don t know it s the underlining feeling I got from the mom It made me wonder about her actions sometimes, Yeah she loves her daugther, I just get a strange feeling from her.I might sound like a prude, but hey, my man knows different, besides as this book says, It does not make one a prude to have standards.Sorry about the rant, I just don t expect to find what I found here in a true romance, to each his own we all have different tastes, but with me, seeing those words I mentioned, especially when said in a sexual situation, just pulls me out of the so called romance. I really enjoyed this book I would recommend it for a read. As I was reading the reviews for this book, I was totally flabbergasted They were positively glowing I knew I had to read it Well let me tell you it was worth all of the praise that it was given Tim and Bevin were just gorgeous together I liked the fact that color was not the central issue in this story It was there, but didn t permeate it If there was ever a man who knew what he wanted from life and who he wanted to experience it with, it was Tim Although, I wanted Bevin to lap up all that he was saying to her, I understood why she couldn t It s not everday that the man of your dreams appears right before you or for that matter have exactly all the attributes that you want him to have Physically Tim was in peak condition because of his job as a Navy SEAL, but it was the extent of his emotional understanding of Bevin s feelings that I loved No matter how she was down on herself, he found a way to examine and understand them and help her understand them as well He never let her give up on herself He helped her grow and see her potential as a woman I also loved Bevin s parents and how they accepted Tim into their hearts He was so genuine in how he presented himself and how he felt about Bevin that color ceased to even matter to them Now that, is really seeing the person for who they are from the inside out and not looking only at what the outside is presenting I really liked the Femme Crew and Tim s friend Ulrich Although I did have some problems with Courtney At times, I thought she was childish To me Tim made it plain to her from the beginning who he was interested in, so I didn t think she had any reason to think he wanted her It wasn t the fact that Tim was White or Bevin was African American It was the fact that Bevin wasn t super slim Courtney saw Bevin as a friend and the protector for their group, but never as a woman with physical and emotional wants as any woman or as a woman that a man like Tim could want I really liked the way Ms Frierson handled their friendship without breaking it up and how Courtney finally got the message I absolutely ADORED this book It was so well written that I finished it in one day I was moaning about that at the end, but I did enjoy the Epilogue Psst, psst Ms Frierson More Tim and Bevin PLEASE This was a very sweet love story between two very loveable characters However, although I did enjoy reading it, it isn t one I would read again.The books starts with Bevin and the Femme Crew on a Trolling Night, which basically means that they go out to shag and drink Bevin, our heroine, is their designated driver and basically sees to all the her friends safety So not such a fun night for her However, on this particular trolling night she does get noticed Tim looks across the room and is immediatly riverted by her, loving her curves and her dark skin It is then up to him tp convince her that he does find her beautiful and to win her heart, as she has straight away caught his.I found the two main characters in this book very sweet, and I liked that Bevin wasn t your typical thin, white, and beautiful heroine She was in fact curvy, black, but still beautiful, even if she didn t see it She is also smart and strong but you could also see that she is vulnerable as well I also straight away liked Tim, not only was he gorgeous, but he was sensitive and caring, and always seemed to be attuned to Beins insecurities an helped her over come them Another reason I adored him form the very beginning was because he completely ignored Bevins skinny conventionally pretty friend to get to Bevin Something I didn t like about this book was her friend Courtney, I couldn t see why she was friends with such a horrible person, who basically used Bevin to boast her own ego Her other friends grew on me through out the book, but Courtney consistently showed what an absolute self centred person she was.So although this book was sweet, I think that was the problem, for me it was a bit sickly sweet I have to say I am a bit of a contradiction, although I love romance I am not one for really open displays of affection and speaking of ones emotions, so some bits of this book made me cringe, especailly the wedding But that is personal preference then anything being wrong with the book per se So although this book doesn t have the polish of other romances I have read and isn t really one for me, I would recommend it to people who are a fan of interracial and mushy romances. This is a great read I enjoyed this as much as Being Plumville The main characters Timothy and Bevin are likable and you feel for them as they navigate their way towards love.I don t want to go too much into detail because that would spoil it for other readers,but to anyone who enjoys a story that has respect,like,love,sex,sass,sizzle and sweetness all between two covers of a book, this is for you.ENJOY