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Poor Katie The latest gossip I read is that she was being followed by Scientology members in the weeks before she filed for divorce IfCruise Control follows the same pattern that Morton described in this juicy unauthorized biography, her life will become a thriller in the months to come.To think that as a teenager I was, like Katie, infatuated with Tom in Top Gun and wouldn t have minded becoming Mrs Cruise at all Wheww, isn t it comforting to be just an anonymous face in the crowd Since I recently wrote paper about scientology, a totalitarian and possibly very dangerous sect, this was a very interesting read for me In particular, the last parts in which Mortan talks about the unhealthy relationship between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has been quite a read Of course, there is a lot of speculation but Morton effectively and believably gets the point accross that Scientology changed Cruise s personality not for the good, that is There was also a lot of blah in the good, which I just skipped Hence, three stars for an enjoyable read and a courageous yet sometimes unfocused effort. Andrew Morton Showed A Princess In A Light We Had Never Seen Before Diana Her True Story Became A New York Times Bestseller Andrew Morton Revealed The Young Woman Behind The Blue Dress Monica S Story Was A New York Times BestsellerJanuary , Andrew Morton Uncovers The True Story Of The Biggest Celebrity Of Our Age Everyone Knows Tom Cruise Or At Least What He Wants Us To Know We Know That He Overcame A Difficult Childhood To Star In Astonishing Array Of Blockbusters Top Gun, Rain Man, Born On The Fourth Of July, A Few Good Men, Interview With The Vampire, Jerry Maguire, Three Mission Impossible Movies, War Of The Worlds, And We Know He Has Taken Artistic Chances, Too, And As A Result Has Earned Three Academy Award Nominations And Three Golden Globes, Along With The Respect Of Acting Legends Like Paul Newman And Dustin Hoffman After That, The Picture Becomes A Little Less Clear We Know That Tom Is A Scientologist, But Not Necessarily What That Means In His Life We Know That, Despite Persistent Rumors About His Sexuality, He Has Been Married To Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, And Katie Holmes But It Was Not Until The Spring Of , When He Jumped On Oprah S Couch To Proclaim His Love For Katie And Denounced Brooke Shields For Turning To The Nazi Science Of Psychiatry, That We Began To Realize How Much We Didn T Know About The Charming, Hardworking Star For Two Years, Award Winning Biographer Andrew Morton Has Been Tirelessly Seeking Out Everyone From Former Teachers And Girlfriends To Scientology Insiders To Friends Who Have Watched A Once Bullied, Nothing Special Outsider Transform Himself Into An Icon Forbes Has Called The Most Powerful Celebrity In The World Here, With Never Seen Photos And Never Heard Revelations, Is A Riveting, Sometimes Shocking Portrait Of The Real Tom Cruise His Work, His Love Life, His Marriages, His Religion From A Master At Uncovering The True Story Behind The Public Face Of Celebrity Started to read this because of the crazy scientology storiesif Katie Holmes was really impreginated in a style like Rosemary s Baby it would be AMAZING Alas, I only read the first 20 pages as I can only have read so many tesimonials quotes from Tom s 3rd grade girlfriend about his killer smile and his teachers trying to convince me he was a bad ass Im not buying it and I only wanted to read about the looney Scientology stuffIf I decide to give it another chance I ll skip ahead until he meets Mimi Rogers. I can t help myself It was on the shelf at the library and I just HAD to read it to see what all the fuss is about Guess I am a sucker for the unauthorized biography of the week I ll let you know what I think Just don t hold this pick against me OKso now I read it And, I have to say, this book makes me very happy to have a normal existence in good old central Indiana I read it while taking everything with a grain of salt, as it were, but if even 25% of what the author states is truth, then this is a VERY scary book I ve always known that Scientology was definitely NOT Biblical, but now I am certain that it is none other than a cult Like I said, I don t believe everything that is in the book, but there are certainly some grains of truth and the author seems to have done his research where Scientology is concerned I feel very sorry for those who have been misled into thinking that this is a religion or a way to achieve happiness. Hardcover 352 pagesPublisher St Martin s Press First Edition edition 15 Jan 2008 Language EnglishISBN 10 0312359861ISBN 13 978 0312359867What a gulible and thoroughly dislikeable twat man Cruise is Everyone should read the scientological bits in this book, such a dangerous money orientated cult It would be hard to score this as I hated the subject but think Morton has done one hell of a job. You should be in the mood for this kind of thing Probably most like that 20 20 interview with Michael Jackson talking so calmly with Martin Bashir about insane things with a 14 year old nuzzling his arm Interestingly, the book discussed Tom s insne episode with Oprah, pointing out statistically, that the publics revulsion was similar to Michael s crazy baby dangling incident A whole bunch of a Brit s dryly ironic takes of the power celebrities wield in modern day America, certainly elevates this to a level that you shoudln t feel brain dead for reading it And in a way, I wouldn t have any other outlet to peek into the world of Scientology That the author holds a bias against what he calls a cult is consistent with my pre conceived notions about Scientology certainly doesn t hurt. The first third of the book covers Cruise s early years It is not boring but certainly not exciting His boyhood was not abnormal and there were no scandels to relate However once Mimi Rogers introduced him to Scientology, it was a book I didn t want to put down I will not call Scientolody a religion, and I view it as a cult I ve never known anyone who was a member of a cult and have always thought they appeal to the young, naive, and troubled This cult religion is full of older, successful celebrities and others which makes it extremely scary In my opinion, Cruise has gone off the deep end in the last few years as he has embraced Scientology in the higher levels I still think he is a good actor, but my first thought regarding him is strange Some Scientology terminology for the lay reader Teegaack What Earth used to be called, 75 million years ago.Thetans, e meters, endgrams Yes, it does sound like a SF novelAuditing and the Bridge to Total Freedom Once you reach and join OTIII you are in a members only club where you are going all the way with Timothy McVeigh the Oklahoma bomber Operating Thetan VII Once Tom reached this exalted level it meant that several times a day he clutched his E meter and scoured his body in search of dead spirits endgrams Um, really Seriously I took this book to work and read passages aloud from the utter disbelief of it all But, the amount of info provided to readers about Scientology is worth having to read a book about Tom Cruise who, BTW, is a bit of a WIERDO But, then, maybe you got that feeling already Ahem. Interesting background on Tom Cruise I always knew a lot about him and this gave me even insights into his personal life especially Scientology I like him as an actor but he is a little wackadoodle.