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Winner Of TheCaldecott Medal For Fans Of Blueberries For Sal, One Morning In Maine, And Make Way For Ducklings Out On The Islands That Poke Their Rocky Shores Above The Waters Of Penobscot Bay, You Can Watch The Time Of The World Go By, From Minute To Minute, Hour To Hour, From Day To Day So Begins This Classic Story Of One Summer On A Maine Island From The Author Of One Morning In Maine And Blueberries For Sal The Spell Of Rain, The Gulls And A Foggy Morning, The Excitement Of Sailing, The Quiet Of The Night, The Sudden Terror Of A Hurricane, And, In The End, The Peace Of The Island As The Family Packs Up To Leave Are Shown In Poetic Language And Vibrant, Evocative Pictures

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    Time of Wonder is Robert McCloskey s lyrical tribute to the joys of being young in the summertime The setting is his beloved Maine coast, on Penobscot Bay The story builds around the approach of the rain, the cycle of the summer, the transition from morning to dark in a single day, and a hurricane As wonderful as the story is, the illustrations are the highlight of this delightful book They capture stunning panoramas, wind swept moments, and gay times in the sun equally well in free flowing watercolors that are as fluid as the wind or the ocean This book was awarded the Caldecott Medal for the outstanding quality of its illustrations in 1958.Two unnamed girls are overlooking Penobscot Bay, watching the rain form in the distance until they themselves are drenched Next, a full day evolves from the typical summer fog with sidelights about porpoises, lobstering, gulls, cormorants, the forest and its trees and fiddle head ferns Finally, the fog burns off and the scene shifts to bees, hummingbirds, other birds singing, sail boats, fishing boats, seals, the beach, rocks and children playing Then, as dusk settles in, an owl, a heron, eider ducks, fishhawks, a crab, a rowboat, a flashlight and the stars frame the experience At each moment, nature holds great adventures and mysteries for the girls to explore and exult in.A seaplane symbolizes the coming and going from the area The bulk of the people and animals are summer visitors.Suddenly, everyone realizes a big storm is coming We re going to have some weather.It s a coming She s gonna blow.With the next shift of the tide There are boats to get ready Windows need to be secured People have to go inside Once there, the rain and wind can still blow their way in Eventually, the storm ends and the full moon reigns The next day, the girls inspect the damage and find an old Indian shell heap that probably predates the first European visitors.Then the girls have to help prepare for the next year They get seaweed to put on as fertilizer for their garden They pack up.As they leave, they are A little bit sadabout the place you are leaving,a little bit gladabout the place your are going One last thought hits them Where do hummingbirds go in a hurricane This story does a marvelous job of helping children understand their connection to nature and to the powerful forces around them Whether they are watching the wind, using it to push their sailboat, or riding out a hurricane, they know that they are a small part of a great scheme If your child has yet to see many of these animals or scenes, you can use the illustrations to explain them You will smile when you see the porpoises playing in the wake of the girls sailboat.A good application of this book is to think of a place where you and your child can go on a regular basis to observe and enjoy nature It may be a near by park It may be a family vacation home It may be a public beach Take your child there Take her by the hand, and show her the easy to miss wonders all around And remember to visit in the fog, rain, and winds, as well as on sunny days You can take pictures, draw sketches of what you see, and make a scrapbook that contains your thoughts and observations.See beauty and harmony in the balance around you.

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    My dad use to read me all of the Robert McCloskey books, so they hold a special place in my heart I buy his books for all of my friends with kids These are just perfect

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    This book was perfect for my girls 5,3 and 3 It s innocent dreamy and while written for a child I enjoyed reading to them Perfect for summertime, sisters, an adventurer s heart.

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    We keep a lot of kids books in the house, and this is my favorite In my opinion this is a children s literature masterpiece The Nightwatch, Guernica, One Hundred Years of Solitude in that vein Along so many dimensions it shows levels of storytelling, art, and craftsmanship that are so immaculate, I almost tear up trying to describe it any further.It s a bit of a longer read for a child it is almost an epic which kind of requires an earlier bedtime, or a non school night Maybe that keeps it special for us.For my kids, it might not be on their top 3 lists at any given time but those change every couple months anyhow I think spending the time reading this to them, showing them the love of nature, and of a simpler world, and for the ones I read it to, far outweighs fleeting pleasures which of course are important as well That s what it means to be a parent anyhow So make it a part of your life.

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    A beautiful story of a summer on a Maine isle amongst the simplicity of nature

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    This was than enjoyable I love reading stuff that brings back childhood memories