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Maya Hughes Has A Wish To Have A Child Years Of Trying Destroyed Her Marriage And Left Maya Unwilling To Give Her Heart To Another Man Taylor Whitfield Has A Wish To Have A Mother The Seven Year Old Never Knew Her Mother And Longs For Someone To Love Her And Her Father Nic Whitfield Also Has A Wish To Make His Daughter Happy He Knows That She Desperately Longs For A Mother, But He Doesn T Want To Put His Heart On The Line Again A Chance Encounter Turns Neighbours Into Friends, And Friends Into Lovers When Love Makes Wishes On The Verge Of Becoming True, Will The Trial Of Prejudice And Past Secrets Create A Family Or Will It Destroy Their Hopes Of Happiness

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    This story was so well written and so sweet I just could not put it down I love Taylor she was a sweet character I would love to be her mom to she was so cute Maya I loved her she was such wonderful loving character Nic was wonderful and so loving he is the type of man all women would love to live next door to This was really a enjoyable read for me I can t wait to read Brandt s story Seressia Glass has a new fan I loved this book.

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    Wishes Do Come TrueI found this novel to be quite charming This is the second novel I ve read and enjoyed by Ms Glass I really enjoyed the heated attraction between Maya and Nick I enjoyed the blossoming relationship Maya had with Nick s daughter Taylor I also enjoyed the very large, diverse, loving and supportive family that Maya came from The way her family was portrayed throughout the story made you want to be apart of it and definitely read about them in future novels That being said, I thought Maya s character should have been stronger when dealing with the race issue considering her family background and how she was raised I thought she should have fought a little harder when dealing with the negative issues that popped up in their relationship I would have thought Nick would have had trouble coping with their racial differences considering his background and his mother s negative attitude But other than that little set back, I thought it was a quick, sweet, romantic fairy tale.

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    Pretty solid A bit predictable but in a good way.

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    I thought this was a very good and well written interracial story It was kinda predictable at times, but it still was a good story.

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    I read this some time ago have kept it on my Keeper shelf This is definitely a MUST READ it s meat potatoes, prime ribs of sorts meal that sticks to ya ribs kinda Story what you Need in interracial romance..nooope not to be missed OOOH yeah also check outNo Commitment Required by SERESSIA GLASS it s also an Interracial Love story about a scarred Heroine,beautifully done,bravooooooooo Ms Glass

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    A good interracial romance novel that deals with some very serious issues about race about two thirds of the way in This feels like one in a series of romance novels, as if the author had planned to write a novel or had already started writing about each of the heroine s six sibling it s not too distracting but it would make for an interesting series.

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    Interracial relationships are never easy subjects to deal with But Maya and Nick are the best couples I have seen in the fiction world in a long time I feel bad about what happened to her in the supermarket, but Nick was so sweet about it and he was really supportive I loved this book because it showed that anyone, no matter what their race, can find a way to be together.

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    Maya asking Taylor to keep their pretend relationship a secret from Nick rubbed me the wrong way No adult should ask a child to keep a secret from a parent.Aside from that no, no , I enjoyed the development of Maya and Nick s relationship.

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    This was the first interracial romance I had ever read and I have been hooked since the first page

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