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Break Free From A Wealth Obsessed WorldWestern Society Is Trapped By Three AssumptionsThe Point Of Life Is To Maximize Your Self Interest And Wealth,We Re Individuals Trapped In An Adversarial World, AndThat This Path Is InevitableThese Ideas Separate Us, Keep Us Powerless, And Limit Our Imagination For The Future We See Them As The Truth, But They Are Just A Point Of View That Previous Generations Accepted As Inevitable It S Time We Replace Them With Something NewIn This Bold, Powerful Book, Yancey Strickler Co Founder Of Kickstarter Lays Out An Inspiring Vision For A New World We Have The Power To Create And How We Can Change Course While The Pursuit Of Wealth Has Produced Innovation And Prosperity, It S Also Produced Dire Consequences Environmental Collapse, Corruption, Exploitation, And Unhappiness Around The World We Don T Have To Get Rid Of Money Entirely, Though We Can Co Opt The Tools We Have Used Toward Better Measurement Of What Matters, Technology, And Specificity Of Goals And Refocus Them To Build A Generous, Fair, And Future Prepared Society By Re Calibrating Our Definition Of Value, A World Of Scarcity Can Blossom Into A World Of AbundanceHopeful But Firmly Grounded, Full Of Concrete Examples And Bursting With Creativity, This Could Be Our Future Brilliantly Dissects The World We Live In And Shows Us A Road Map To The World We Are Capable Of Making