The Writer's LifeIntimate Thoughts on Work Love

PAUL AUSTER  ¸  CHARLOTTE BRONTE  ¸  WILLIAM S BURROUGHS  ¸  NOEL COWARD  ¸  GUSTAVE FLAUBERT  ¸  ANNE FRANK  ¸  FRANZ KAFKA Ambition Fame Sex Envy Gossip Money Death They re all here in this dazzling book of quotations many of them previously unpublished from the diaries journals and notebooks of the world s greatest writers Arranged chronologically from the fervent declarations of youth to the serene reflections of old age The Writer's Life spans twenty three countries and four centuries to observe the entire spectrum of the human condition with particular attention to the joys and agonies of literary endeavor Eloquent candid brimming with passion insight and wit the result is an invaluable resource for any writer or for anyone seeking expert instruction in the art of being humanOn inspiration I am going to write because I cannot help it     Charlotte Bronte    On fame I dream that my face appears on a postage stamp     John Cheever    On sex In petting there is no Mason Dixon line     Del Schwartz   On keeping a journal Writing a journal means that facing your ocean you are afraid to swim across it so you attempt to drink it drop by drop     George Sand          HERMAN MELVILLE  ¸  SYLVIA PLATH  ¸  JAMES SALTER  ¸  SAPPHIRE  ¸  MARY SHELLEY  ¸  HENRY DAVID THOREAU  ¸  LEO TOLSTOY  ¸  ALICE WALKER  ¸  OSCAR WILDE

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