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Easy Piano Composer Collection This Unbeatable John Williams Collection Features Easy Piano Arrangements By Dan Coates From Harry Potter And The Sorcerer S Stone, Star Wars, ET The Extra Terrestrial , Jaws, Jurassic Park, Schindler S List, Superman And Titles Include AmericaThe Dream Goes On Anakin S Theme From Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace Can You Read My Mind Love Theme From Superman Cantina Band From Star Wars Harry S Wondrous World From Harry Potter And The Sorcerer S Stone The Imperial March Darth Vader S Theme From The Empire Strikes Back Olympic Fanfare And Theme Olympic Games Raider S March From Raiders Of The Lost Ark Theme From ET The Extra Terrestrial Theme From Jurassic Park And

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    Todo es correcto y el libo responde a las respectivas que yo andaba buscando Muy contento con la compra Muchas gracias por todo

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    This is a replacement copy for a book that one of my piano students borrowed and lost These easy piano arrangements are great not too easy, but not too hard, and they sound difficult than they are The music is especially appealing to my middle school boy students, but some of the girls really like these timeless pieces from movie soundtracks that John Williams has scored over the years None of the pieces are from recent movies, but I m sure they are used in the sequels, so they are familiar to most of the kids There are plenty of pieces that will appeal to adult pianists, too Recommended

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    This is a great addition to my piano piece collections especially by John Williams I do have a problem with the publishing company the pages are not standard size, which means I can t copy them and the book does not stay open while on the piano stand I had to cut out each page which great difficulty , then using a cutting craft board to size it down Some of the pieces were longer, which they stick out of the plastic protection sheets This is a poor way to make sheet music especially not able to open and place on the stand.

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    I am a little upset witht he easiness of the book, also the songs are not complete I will keep just as a side reading tool but would have liked to be able to look at one of the pieces before buying it.

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    My son has been playing for 18months and has decent hand independence He loves Jurassic park so I can bought this.it is to hard for him to play out right but he can play the main melody in the righthand.

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    Lots of great movies themes pack this book from older themes to those of today It s a great book to use as a supplement for my piano students I find changing it up a bit by adding pieces they want to learn in addition to their regular lesson book is a must This book has a wide variety of piano movie themes arranged for intermediate players They are a bit too easy for advanced players and not suited for beginners Great book with loads of variety