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Twenty Years Before The Start Of Star Trek The Next Generation, A Young Lieutenant Called Jean Luc Picard Takes Command Of His First Ship, The USS Stargazer The USS Stargazer, A Long Range Exploration Ship Commanded By Captain Ruhalter, Is Assigned To Pick Up Descendents Of The Survivors Of The USS Valiant, A Ship That Was Lost At The Far Edge Of The Galaxy In The Very First Star Trek Original Series Episode The Evacuees Claim That A Deadly Invasion Force From Outside The Galaxy Is Nearing The United Federation Of Planets When They Are Ambushed By The Invaders, Captain Ruhalter Is Killed, Leaving A Young Lieutenant, Jean Luc Picard, In Charge Of The Ship In The Midst Of A Deadly Confrontation Picard Must Swiftly Learn To Be An Effective Captain While Dealing Both With A Crew That Has Not Yet Come To Trust His Judgement And With Hostile Aliens Powerful Than Anything The Federation Has Encountered Before

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    Friedman is not among my favorite Star Trek authors, and books like this are why.

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    This was interesting we see the first time Picard commands a starship Mind you, that is on the Stargazer, but because the Captain and first officers are either dead or in a coma, but he, of course, is showing everyone that in this second officer is the captain we all know exists But the things surrounding this story kind of annoyed me, probably only because once again we are revisiting things from past episodes, only in this case, it s a couple of Kirk s old missions, and I ve listened to a lot of those lately It seems to be a plot device that a lot of people liked using, and it s good, but too much of a good thing, and all that But regardless, to see Picard before he was Captain Picard, this was a great peek at it

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    Again I enjoyed reading a Star Trek novel because it was well paced and easy to read.After trying and failing to get through a couple of SF classics, these books are coming as a relief.There are a few negatives, and it may seem like I m pointing out the obvious here, but there s a ton of fan service Maybe because I m a TNG fan, I didn t notice this much in Reunion because I got all the references.However, I m not a TOS fan, and all I know about Gary Mitchell and the Kelvans comes from discussions on the Mission Log Podcast So they re vague memories at best But if you know about these stories when you read this novel, you re supposed to see the novel creating a connection between TOS and TNG and react with an oh cool If you don t then its kind of like, I get it, but I m not really one of you.But there are not gatekeepers here Like any good episode of Gene Roddenberry Star Trek there are morals, messages, and meanings.1 Give people second chances.2 Forgive those who have wronged you.3 Trust outsiders even if they re superpowered.4 Trust yourself.5 Listen to others view spoiler Now unfortunately a lot of these are undermined by the ending in which Picard in a decision wholely unearned by the story recommends Star Fleet keep the existants of the telepaths on Magnia a secret and refrain from ever trusting the entire race of Kelvans ever again hide spoiler

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    I ve tended to blow hot cold on Michael Jan Friedan s writing in the pastbut this is easily the best of all his Star Trek novels that I ve read to date The tale of Jean Luc Picard s rise to command the Stargazer is an exercise in crisp, concise, exciting, emotional storytelling in the best Star Trek tradition This is a novel I practically inhaled a rollicking adventure from start to finish.

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    Overall, a fascinating and satisfying novel that chronicles the events leading to Picard taking command of the Stargazer I enjoyed the character building for the crewmembers of the Stargazer that we see in other novels I wasn t initially very interested in reading the Stargazer novel series, but after revisiting Reunion and reading The Valiant for the first time, I think I would like to see about these characters Full review

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    This has to be my favourite Star Trek novel that I have read so far There are so many cool things wrapped into it it references classic ST episodes and Captain Kirk, it sets up plot lines that are resolved in other books and it shows Picard in his first command what can you want The Valiant disappeared centuries ago when it was forced to cross the Galactic Barrier A buoy was found stating that the Captain had to destroy the ship when one of its crew developed superhuman abilities and threatened everyone on board But now two people have appeared, saying they are descendants of the crew that survived They say that a race of warmongering aliens, the Nuyyad, have set their sights on crossing the barrier and destroying the Federation The Stargazer is sent to investigate, taking along its young second Officer, Jean Luc Picard But when the Nuyyad turn out to be formidable than first thought, when a saboteur is working to keep the Federation from succeeding and when the Captain is killed, Picard finds himself thrust into command.I like this author s ST novels they are fast paced, true to the characters from TV and keep you thoroughly entertained from cover to cover I m not sure I could be so trusting of people proved to be a threat, but it has to work for the story to complete Overall, I enjoyed the couple of days I spent in this books company and look forward to tracking down books by this author.

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    This book attempts to tie in the fifth Star Trek movie with Picard before he was a captain, and I m afraid to say it doesn t really work To my mind, having Picard as the second officer on a rather small ship was a mistake, since the captain and first officer should be able to sort out anything, but making him the first officer from the get go would have been too obvious but it was anyway The characters didn t really feel three dimensional, and sadly, most of the plot twists were obvious I enjoy reading Star Trek books by this author, but I m not sure if I will read another in the Stargazer series.

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    There is no way this book has an average on 4 And that s comming from a Star Trek fan This is a 2.5 book It s not bad but the language is simple, there are no descriptions what so ever and the plot is neither intriguing nor very dense The book is useful as a lesiure read on a hot summer day when you don t mind skipping a page here or there An if you do, you won t miss a thing

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    An entertaining look at a young Jean Luc.

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    Story of Captain Picard 1st command Often alluded to in the series but never fully fleshed out This was a good read.