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LaToya Jenkins Is The Quintessential Woman Smart, Successful, Grounded And Determined She Only Has One Problem Socially She S Overweight As The Big One Of Her Girlfriends, She Often Faces Rejection From The Men Of Their Social Circle Because Of Her Size And Or Her Dark Skin And Due To A Painful Past Relationship, She Gives Up On Love Completely Until, She Takes On Mitchell Mitch O Keefe As A New Client The Irish Born Architect Needs A Professional Cleaning Service To Help Him Literally Clean Up His Life After A Nasty Divorce, But He Winds Up Finding A True Friend In LaToya, The Owner Of It S An Honor Cleaning Service While LaToya Is Handicapped Emotionally By Her Baggage, Mitch Thinks She S The Strongest Woman He S Ever Seen And A Breath Of Fresh Air In His Hectic Life His Only Goal Is To Prove To Her That His Interest In Her Is Than Lust Sparked By Curiosity Read The Story Of Two Beautiful People In Totally Opposite Ways Who Help Each Other See That Beauty Is Not Skin Deep But Soul Deep In The First Book Of Latrivia S Nelson S Lonely Heart Series, The Ugly Girlfriend Find At Latrivianelsonfo

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    I came across this book by accident, and I was glad I did This book struck several personal cords with me 1 It was about a black woman, 2 she was not your typical size 6 she was actually a size 14, and 3 she always felt like she did not fit in with her circle of friends Because I was able to relate to LaToya on a personal level I was able to thoroughly enjoy the book.This was an interracial romance, and I was glad the author didn t take the typical path of black woman meets white man falls in love and they spend most of the book defending their love for one another with their family Instead she allows the two characters who have normal human hang ups because of previous relationships to become friends even if it by way of her working for him , realize there is an attraction, go with that attraction, and ultimately find love with one another Now that doesn t mean they had it easy There is the fact that Mitch has a son, an ex wife who wants him back once she realizes that he s moved on I won t spoil the plot around that situation , and the drama with laToya s best friend who never really thought LaToya was as good as her you ll need to read to find out how all that goes down.This was the first time I read a book by Latrivia S Nelson, and I can definitely say that I was impressed She made the characters in this book real and believable She has a new fan and I can t wait to read the other books that she has written.

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    Although I enjoyed the book, I found it too short and the concluding chapters a bit lacking in substance It felt rushed Also, if the author does not have an editor then please get one as it would make your work so much enjoyable and if she does have an editor then perhaps it may be time for a change.

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    I still really hate to give a book a 2 rating but I just can t bring this one up to a 3 The storyline is a good one, but it was so rushed It was really hard at times to determine who was talking and there were editing issues The way the h s friends treated her at times was appalling and while I realize some women can be this way I think most of us who are not model thin and beautiful don t surround ourselves with friends who judge us harshly for that I honestly think if the story and characters were fleshed out and transition between characters was clear I would like it a lot .

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    This was a pretty good read and my first time reading this author LaToya Jenkins is a smart, successful full figured woman she is the friend who doesn t get hit on in the club out with her girlfriends Due to a painful past relationship, she gives up on love completely she is happy to work spend time with her friends Mitchell Mitch O Keefe is a new client who after a bitter divorce he needs a housekeeper so he hires a new cleaning services These two become friends I liked both of these character s Mitch is a successful Irish architect I did have some issues with her friend Angela she really wasn t her friend LaToya has issues with self esteem due to her weight and the color of her skin I like the fact that LaToya and Mitch took their time in their relationship instead of rushing to have sex they got to know each other and his son like her also This was a good read this book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling I am looking forward to reading from this author.

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    This is a lovely interracial romance novella about an African American woman who is full figured and mostly ignored by men because of it The heroine is a size 14 which quite frankly is NOT full figured unless you are only 5 feet tall I am a size 14 and at 5 6 I am quite slim Society s idea of what full figured is is skewed Anyway, this novella reflects how shallow society has become in choosing partners for love A handsome and successful white male truly falls in love with the heroine Her girlfriends who are considered desirable by men are not really in relationships that are quality and substantial.It is nice to read about the ugly duckling getting the handsome guy for a change One thing about these self published ebooks though is that the authors really need to proofread them better They all tend to have spelling and or grammar mistakes I read a lot of them and there is rarely one that does not contain errors.

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    I liked this book, but the pace was what earned it 3 stars Latoya has some self esteem issues and meets a client that is going thru a nasty divorce End of synopsis if you dont want me to spoil the rest.So either way Latoya and Mitch relationship moved too fast There wasnt enough time for the reader to develope those feelings that they had felt It was like the author said they fell in love after a few weeks, now lets move ahead I dont know about you but as a reader I like to live those moments with the characters And then the ending was like, what the Cliffhanger or did the author just get bored and wanted to end it already I loved the characters, they felt real Although there was some cheesy moments but dang it I loved those cheesy moments I wanted of those moments, of the lovers leaning on each other for support, hell I wanted a better ending So I gave it three stars quick read Read it in three hours with breaks and distractions.

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    I really liked this book I read it on the kindle Unlike a lot of the other books it did not start with the main characters jumping straight into bed with one another Is started off slow and gradually picked up like a lot of relationships do However the characters seemed to jump into the love part of the relationship rather fast and a lot of the story seemed unbelievable The parts of the story that I really was fond of was how lead female really handled herself in the face of much adversity as well as so called friends being exposed The parts that were really believable were how others view a woman that they feel is inferior to themselves and the reasons why they feel they can degrade someone The lead characters were really easy to love and to understand even though the story around them was purely fantasy.

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    Hmmm I am struggling to find the right words for this book I didn t hate it but I also didn t really love it I was extremely excited because the character had some meat on her bones so I was like whoot whoot let me check it out If you have read any of my reviews you know I am not a fan of the extremely thin, flat stomach, perfect body characters however I just didn t feel the connection with the characters I think I was expecting something a little different when I went into the book but that is not to say that other readers will not like this book it had a nice message in the story. which is why I gave the book 3 stars.So with this being said this book would be a great pick me up Signing off. It wasn t for me but that doesn t mean it isn t for you.

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    I ve lived with Spina Bifida for 27 years noe and it has definately made dating super difficult because I get judged on my outward appearance rather than my inside This was such a positive short love story that gave me even hope thwt my very own Mitch is out there eaiting for me eith open and accepting arms Bravo to Latrivia Nelson

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    Lovely interracial readThis book is about a black woman who was not your typical size, she is full figured and always felt like she did not fit in within her circle of friends and was forever getting rejected by men Despite this though she was as bitter as you would think She was still strong and for the most part confident and independent LaToya Jenkins is presented to Mitchell O Keefe by one of her clients Byron, LaToya owns a professional cleaning service and Mitch needs someone to organise his house as although he moved to Phoenix over a year ago his place is still riddled with moving boxes, this is mostly due to his very busy and demanding schedule Unfortunately for the two this romance was not easy sailing as Mitch has a son and an ex wife who has now decided she wants him back when she realises that Mitch has moved on and no longer wants her or is interested in arguing with her There is also the drama with one of LaToya s supposed best friend who always thought LaToya was never as good as her, as light as her, as small as her you ll have to read the book to find out A word of warning though is that this book is quite small 142 pages So it is a very fast read I would recommend this book to anyone who loves interracial reads or who ever felt out of place.