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For High Schooler Yoko Nakajima, Life Has Been Fairly Ordinary That Is Until Keiki, A Young Man With Golden Hair, Tells Yoko They Must Return To Their Kingdom Once Confronted By This Mysterious Being And Whisked Away To An Unearthly Realm, Yoko Is Left With Only A Magical Sword A Gem And A Million Questions About Her Destiny, The World She S Trapped In, And The World She Desperately Wants To Return To

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    The book is fascinating , despite a somewhat too ordinary beginning.However I m a bit disappointed at the English Translation by Alexander O Smith It seems that he constantly removes Yoko s thinking voice , marked by the italic font, as he wants.let s take a few paragraphs from Sea of shadow and compare it with the French translation La pluie tombait comme de fins filaments qu une main g ante aurait sem s du ciel Y ko restait tendue, la joue pos e dans la flaque, incapable due moindre mouvement, incapable m me de pleurer Elle entendit soudain derri re elle un bruit d herbes froiss es Il faudrait que je me mette l abriMais soulever sa t te tait au dessus de ses forces Quelqu un approchait Un habitant d un village avoisinant Un fauve Un d mon y ma bah, a n a pas d importanceQui que ce soit, qu est ce que a change qu un humain m arr te, qu une b te f roce ou un y ma me saute dessus et m gorge, ou que je reste affal e dans la boue, cela ne changera rien au r sultatwhich can be roughly translated toThe rain fell down like thin threads that a giant hand sowed from the sky Yoko stayed sprawling, cheek on a puddle, incapable of smallest movements, incapable of even cry She suddenly heard a noise behind her from the creased grass I must seek coverBut raising her head was beyond above her strength Someone was approaching A habitant of a neighboring village A fauve A demon pfff, it s of no importance it doesn t matter whoever it is, what does it change a human arrests me, a wild beast or d mon will jump on me and slit my throat, or I stay sprawling in the mud, that won t change anything to the end resultThe English translation is The rain fell endlessly, like thin silken threads cast streaming from the sky Yoko was lying on her side, cheek in a puddle, unable to get up, unable even to cry when she heard a rustling in the underbrush behind her Her instincts screamed at her to seek cover, but she could barely raise her head to see what was coming A villager A wild animal A demon Of course, she thought, no matter what it was, the end result would be the same Whether she was captured, attacked, or simply left to lie here in the mud, she would wind up in the same place Dead I don t have the original Japanese version here so I can t conclude anything, but it s quite obvious that the English version is a summarized synthesized and worse one, while the French one retains much of the original material When you consider that the French version was translated by Fumihiko Suzuki and Patrick Honnor , whilst there was only one English translater, who was non japanese, you would clearly see why therefore, I suggest getting the French version, or any other version if possible, but if you can t get those, or can t understand any other language, you should understood that what you read may not be as good as the original.

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    Yoko Nakajima is a Japanese high schooler Her main defining trait seems to be that she wants to make everyone happy, which leaves her with all the spine of a wet noodle After being dropped into a fantasy country with the clothes on her back, a sword, and a spirit that lets her use it, this personality trait is not going to help her out.One reason I really liked Sea of Shadow was that Yoko showed a great deal of character evolution through the book Her journey teaches her to both become self reliant, and allow herself to rely on others without just becoming what they want to see The lack of knowledge Yoko has of what exactly is going on is well handled, when her guide, Keiki, disappears later on.My one critique of the book is that the ending feels rushed Once Yoko figures out why she was brought to the Twelve Kingdoms, and comes up with a plan to rescue Keiki from imprisonment, the last couple of scenes feel rushed, like the author felt like they weren t as important as the inner journey Yoko went through.

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    This book was on my shelf for about a year, taunting me with it s width and bright blue dust jacket I had this particular attachment to it, that I can t really explain or understand It had the familiarity of walking into the room and seeing my cat curled up on the couch Whenever I picked it up and looked at it s cover, I d wonder why I noticed it so much and why, because of this, I still hadn t read it yet.Well I can wonder that no longer I ll have to admit that because of this weird wonderment I experienced for nearly a year before finally reading this, the book fell a little short of my expectations However, it was still a great read, and was actually a lot different than what I had expected I don t think it s fair to compare it to Studio Ghibli s Spirited Away my favourite movie , because they re presented in two different mediums and are their own respective works, but there are notable similarities The biggest similarity and much to my delight is the character growth of the main characters.Yoko grows SO MUCH in this book And I love it I don t mind a main character that starts out as a sniveling, annoying brat, as long as you can see them progress as their journey does They don t even have to become a good person as long as their actions and experiences shape them, it s exquisite kisses fingers and gestures in the Italian fashion.This book or books it seems Tokyopop combined two in translation is very much a foundation for the series so I assume, anyway , but it doesn t feel like one long prologue you have to begrudgingly sit through only to know what the heck is going on for the rest of the series It is a pretty long book, but you re rewarded with little drawings every 60 pages for a little break and a refresher of where the characters are at in location and looks.Also refreshing no instalove There aren t even any crushes That is mighty refreshing in a young adult book Granted, there aren t really any characters that stick around long enough for a relationship to build, but I ve seen YA books that introduce a male character only to take him away again, with the heroine helplessly in love and doing anything in her power to see him again.All in all, good book I will continue to the series as soon as I get my hands on the next book Tokyopop only translated the first four cough they went under and left me with SO MANY UNFINISHED SERIES cough , but thankfully there seems to be a French company that translated the entire series, and I am conveniently fluent in French thanks mom It s becoming increasingly harder to get copies of these books, so for any of you who are interested in reading this series but don t know French or don t have the resources to get the books in print, there are online translations of most of the books in this series and its side series Conduct a simple Google search and it should be one of the first results You didn t hear that from me, though

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    There s a lot of fantasy fiction out there, mostly consisting of orcs and elves and manly heroes Problem is, who wants to read World of Warcraft when you can play it instead And some authors seem stuck on emulating J.R.R Tolkien s mythology Fuyumi Ono, however, creates an unchartered world for our imaginations to explore She introduces us to Yoko, a studious high school girl who obeys her parents and her peers Only problem is, she s having a recurring nightmare that intensifies with each passing night That, and her natural reddish hair sticks out like a Hell s Angel at a Republican convention, causing her teachers and fellow students at her all girls school in Japan to gossip So when an oddly dressed young man with a mane of golden hair pulls her out of class and tells her she must come with him, she s horrified what people will think At least, until the creature attacks.Before she has a moment to think, she s whisked off to a world of god kings and demons and left to fend for herself with nothing but a sword and a spirit who s been attached to her to aid in fighting off demons And if that s not traumatizing enough, the strange folk of this mystical world seem to have it out for her.Where it could fall into cliche and predictability, The Twelve Kingdoms scratches out a path of its own, constantly surprising the reader This book is the first of a seven volume epic, and it concentrates on developing naive, hapless Yoko, who almost wishes for death, into a strong willed survivor set on defining her own destiny.It s incredible how fast 459 pages can turn.

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    With the Twelve Kingdoms series, Fuyumi Ono has created a high fantasy universe on a par with the familiar medieval European milieu Her Middle Earth springs out of ancient China, and boasts a highly complex cultural and political system, interwoven with the rational use of magic.At the same time, the trilogy of novels covering Youko s adventure is a classic exploration of the hero s journey or monomyth The moral evolution of her character, symbolized by her encounters with the harassing id of a monkey spirit, builds towards a profound and satisfactory resolve.On a technical note, I laud Shadow of the Moon, a Sea of Shadows in particular for the author s disciplined use of a single POV narrative, something rarely done this well.My comments are based on the Japanese editions I ve put together a bibliography of some of the other available English translations the TokyoPop versions are out of print.

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    Rating 5 starsThe entire Twelve Kingdoms saga is by a mile long one of my absolute favorite fantasy reads I have all the books and I also have every DVDs of the anime version I remember coming home from school when I was in middle school My mom owned a bookstore and we used to live upstairs The absolute dream for a bookworm, I would come home, chose a book and go up in my room and very often barely go back downstairs to have dinner.This day, I chose the first book of The Twelve Kingdoms Back then, only the two first volumes had been published in France and I would like to think it was the first time a light novel for teenagers was The format was different, smaller than a pocket book, the illustrations beautiful and the blurb amazing for my young experience.It was dumb luck But today, I still worship these books and I would still watch the series I have shown the animated version to many people and they all loved it And from today s discussion, my mom would watch it again The Twelve Kingdoms is the epic journey of many different characters that will learn along the way who they are and that the world is not only black and white but many shades of grey Whether they come from Earth, whether they are destined to be leader, whether they are simply a soldier or a scholar, their personal quest will lead them to one another and help them become better version of themselves But than just the characters, it also manages to reach the reader.A must read for any fantasy lover.

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    Sometimes a publisher wanting to cash in on a popular genre is actually a good thing The author of the Twelve Kingdoms series, Fuyumi Ono, is usually at home in the genres of horror and mystery, which maybe explains the detailed gorey descriptions during the fighting scenes Her editor suggested to her to visit the fantasy genre, because it was popular at that moment, and Ono ended up creating one of the major works of modern Asian Fantasy.At the beginning, main character Yoko is very annoying She is a real wimp Not a brat, but a crybaby and extremely passive She starts out as an obedient, shy girl, who cares for mundane stuff like watching her favorite TV series and her biggest problem is doing her school homework She just doesn t want to stick out in any way Too bad for her, she was born with naturally red hair in a country where everybody has black hair and dyed hair is considered rebellious behavior of delinquents In response Yoko just tries to fit in even , by being a model student She is unable to stand up for herself and even less for others But then she gets thrown into the magical world of the Twelve Kingdoms, all alone and in constant danger.Sea of Shadow is very much Yoko s story As said, she is annoying in the first chapter In the second, luckily, there are already the first hints that she will develop, since she slowly starts acting instead of crying Her character development continues over the whole book, as she comes to terms with herself and grows a backbone I liked the fact that Yoko at first behaves not heroic at all, but like a scared, lonely girl The standard quest journey is also handled rather differently here, since it doesn t work out as planned, Yoko is not prepared for it at all and doesn t get her own fellowship to travel with She is all on her own for a large portion of the way.The writing doesn t feel very polished even though I had the impression that it got better as the story progressed , and the pacing is far from perfect For me, the story only got really interesting in the second half, once the other major characters are introduced As the reader we start out the same as Yoko, thrown into the unknown and understanding nothing about the world of the Kingdoms We get information at the same time as Yoko does on her journey There is a number of big, main questions to be answered, and the author takes her time to reveal things But when she does, I did find the answers very interesting and creative There is also some social criticism in connection with Yoko s changes, concerning uniformity, hypocrisy and self confidence.All in all, I love the world of the Twelve Kingdoms Despite the main character being a Japanese girl, the fantasy setting and world building is actually inspired by Chinese history and mythology, and it is so wonderfully different from everything else I have encountered in the fantasy genre I ve also grown fond of the different characters, a varied cast among which you find half beasts and unicorns Rakushun is adorable, Keiki a likeable snob, Rokuta and Shoryu a hilarious combo, and since I started out hating Yoko, I m amazed at how much I like her now.In the end, Sea of Shadow is little than an introduction to the setting The main focus lies on Yoko s journey to self discovery, accompanied by a lot of fighting for her life Therefore, a bit of patience is probably needed until you get to the second half of the novel, but for me at least, it was well worth it Highly recommended for anybody who likes Asian Fantasy, talking rats or unicorns.Sea of Shadow can be read as a stand alone novel.

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    Reviewed by Carrie Spellman for TeensReadToo.comYoko Nakajima is the perfect daughter She s a good student, she always does what she s told, she never complains, she never calls attention to herself perfect Except for her red hair that stands out everywhere in Japan, but no one can explain that one Aside from that, she s perfect So, when she starts falling asleep in class, it s surprising to everyone If it weren t for those terrifying dreams, maybe she could get some sleep at night And then when a strange man shows up at school, and windows start exploding, and Keiko the strange man commands her to accept his undying loyalty Somehow landing in a foreign world after falling through the moon seems almost normal Except that there is absolutely nothing normal about any of it Yoko is attacked by monsters, gets thrown in jail, learns to steal, fights with a sword she has never learned how to use, and the only person she knows, Keiko, is nowhere to be found All Yoko knows now is that she s the only person she can trust And her hopes of getting home grow smaller and smaller every day But she can t stop searching for Keiko, for home, for herself This book started with a pop, and then dropped to a slow buildup It was a little frustrating Yoko, as well, bothered me in the beginning Perhaps it was of a traditional depiction of a young Japanese girl, and having been raised to be extremely independent, I got irritated That all being said, the end of the book redeemed everything for me I loved where it went I want to read Also, there s a lot of interesting discussion of languages and symbols and Japanese characters I m sure I could have learned a lot from it, if my brain had some basis of prior knowledge.

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    This book was a BLAST, omg.On the downside the prose was a bit flat and clunky once again, no idea if this was a matter of translation or not , but it wasn t too bad The decision to just skip the whole battle scene at the very end was completely inexplicable really, I cannot understand why the battle wasn t shown That was just a bizarre decision that made the ending a bit anti climatic Info dumps were present, but remained engaging enough, and honestly I don t know how they could have been avoided Yoko s angsting got repetitive from time to time it s not like I didn t understand and empathize with her feelings, it s just that they didn t need to keep being reiterated On the upside EVERYTHING ELSE Ugh, I am terrible at enumerating good points, BUT TRUST ME IT WAS AWESOME OKAY It s wildly entertaining it just sort of pulls you along and you can t stop Believable characterization, non stop action, some really fantastic worldbuilding Some of the ideas and imagery were so gorgeously bizarre the eggfruit trees the cloud sea that I almost want to put this on my weird shelf, but the narrative itself was enough of a traditional hero s journey that I m not sure it belongs there Otoh I am a tiny bit irritated to find that my idea of view spoiler children growing on trees hide spoiler

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    This story is spared from Fushigi Yuugi esque cheesiness by the fact that Yoko is dumped in this strange world completely alone and in the dark about the larger political worldspanning plot, having to fend for herself and learn the language Yoko s character development was pretty amazing I was shocked at how quickly and naturally she went from crybaby to badass I liked the illustrations too much nicer than the stuff you usually see in Japanese light novels.