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Modern The story was good Yes there were lots of internal monologues and at some point the girl seemed like she was too desperated to get the man But, the characters were lovable and Rory, being a professor was quite the nerd Extract from chapter VI view spoiler I m sorry, he immediately apologized as he jerked his arm back again I was reaching for the glove compartment I think there s a flashlight in there That s all right, Miriam said genuinely, if a little breathlessly No harm done All right, so that last part of her statement hadn t been quite as genuinely offered as the first part Although it certainly had been all right for Rory to touch her, he d actually just done plenty of harm to her thoughts, to her well being, to her sense of propriety and to her libido Perhaps you could look for the flashlight, he suggested You re in a better position to find it than I am, anyway Obediently she felt around the dashboard until she located the knob to open the glove compartment And when she reached inside, she wasn t surprised to discover how tidy and well organized were the contents It took her no time at all to find the flashlight But when she withdrew it and switched it on, no light flashed forth She shook it gently, hoping to rouse some scant illumination, but to no avail I think the batteries must be dead, she said.She heard Rory s frustrated sigh part the darkness between them They are, he told her I recall now that they ran out while I was changing my last flat tire I meant to put new ones in, but he shrugged apologetically I forgot Oh, Rory, Miriam said as she replaced the flashlight and closed the glove compartment In spite of their difficult situation, she couldn t quite halt the smile that curled her lips You need someone to look after you She felt him stiffen in the seat beside her I beg to differ, he said curtly I ve been looking after myself for my entire adult life Have you she asked, still smiling Of course I have Well, I do apologize then, Miriam told him And I do stand corrected Now that her eyes were adjusting better to the darkness, she could distinguish his features fairly well, and she saw him relax some But there was no way she would ever believe that Rory Monahan looked after himself Not with any degree of success, anyway Well, then, she continued after a moment, as you said, we may be stuck here for a good while What on earth shall we do to pass the time What could there possibly be available to two people two consenting adults, I might add who are stranded alone together on a dark and stormy night, with absolutely no hope of discovery for hours and hours and hours on end She leaned toward him a little and cooed softly, Hmmm, Rory What would you suggest we do hide spoiler He Was A Man Of Books, Alright, But Rory Monahan Had No Explanation For His New Reaction To Lovely Librarian Miriam Thornbury Something Was Suddenly Different About Her He D Never Noticed That Her Legs Were So Longor Her Lips Quite So FullWhy, It Was Almost As If The Sultry But Sensible Miss Thornbury Was Trying To Seduce Him Well, Two Could Play At This Game After All, He Was A Scholar It Was Time He Figured Out What Was Up With Her Even If It Took All Day And All Night The Things A Man Will Do In The Name Of Research