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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished And No One Knows That Better Than Cory Turner While Minding Her Own Business, Her Back Yard Is Invaded By A Lost Child Who Can T Find His Way Home Cory Decides To Help, But When She Returns Him To His Oh So Attractive Father, She S Practically Accused Of Kidnapping The ChildElias Kohler Couldn T Have Found A Worst Way To Handle His First Meeting With His Attractive New Neighbor She Rescues His Lost Son, But Instead Of Thanking Her He Insults Her The Last Thing He Wants To Do Is Bother Her Again, But It Doesn T Mean He Can Stop Thinking About Her And If Only He Could Keep His Son Away From Cory S Yard, Everything Would Be Fine, But Things Don T Always Go According To PlanNo Matter How Much They Both Vow To Stay Away, Fate And Circumstance Throw Them Together Time And Again But Despite Both Their Doubts And Misgivings, Elias And Cory Are Inexplicably Drawn To One Another, In The Bedroom And Out Cory Never Expected To Find Her Prince Charming In A Man With So Much Baggage, But When His Ex Wife Decides To Do Battle, Cory Steps Up To The Plate And Fights For The Man And The Family She Has Fallen In Love With Their Relationship Might Still Be Considered Taboo, But It S The Sweetest Kind Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Light Bondage

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    This was a really SWEET, SEXY read I enjoyed the blended family theme The chemistry between Cory and Elias was Scortching loved every minute of it TJ was oh so funny and cute Jodi, on the other hand, could have used a good old fashioned switch But, she eventually came around I just wish the story was longer

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    This was a nice story Well written, It didn t grab my attention, I just coasted along enjoying the ride I guess interracial stories don t do it for me just because of the interracial issue I need story I ve never though of someone as less just because of their skin color and that way of thinking to me is foreign So ignoring that part of the story left me with a weaker plot so the story didn t grab me as much, but it was a nice romantic light read

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    The beginning of the book drags a little but the interaction between the Cory the african american woman and Elias Kohler s adorable son who is caucasion than makes up for it This book is packed with romance, drama and humor sprinkled throughout If you enjoy a good family inspired book then this is the book for you The chemistry between Cory and Elias leaps off the pages I dont want to give away too much of the story so all i have left to say is GO OUT AND BUY THIS BOOK

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    This was a quick and easy read for me I overall enjoyed the story and the characters of Cory and Elias, especially Elias because he was such a man s man, very dominating in a good and sexy as hell kind of way Makes a girl wonder where she can buy a fella like him at, LOL Anyway, Elias is a single father of two, his son goes wondering off into Cory s yard and once she returns the 3 year old, Elias, temporarily taking leave of his senses, practically accuses Cory of kidnapping his kid Not a great start to a new family moving into the neighborhood, but once Elias gets his foot out of his mouth he realizes he s attracted to Cory Cory is the youngest of 3 daughters and works as a waitress at her middle sister s diner Once Elias and his kids come to the diner, sexual sparks fly and set fire and eventually Cory and Elias take their acquaintance to another level A level where Elias is a very DIRTY man, but in all the best ways that makes a woman s lady parts tingle, and Cory, who normally doesn t like being told what to do, can t help but relish in his dominance Not the best book, but not the worst either, I enjoyed it and that s the important part

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    synopsis cory is minding her own business one day when a little boy comes into her yard and wants her to help him find his home after she feeds him, she takes him around the neighbourhood, and, fortunately, finds the man looking for his son elias was really panicked that he couldn t find his son, and took it out on cory for not bringing him back sooner when the little boy shows up in cory s back yard again, and cory takes over babysitting duties because the regular babysitter is really sick, elias has to reassess his reaction as cory and elias get to know one another, problems with elias ex wife come up.what i liked the kids, and that cory was drawn to them, even though she didn t have experience with children.what i didn t like the sisters, elias the one sister was unnecessarily bitter and elias was very secretive.

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    Yeah this book started out fairly well I loved the relationship between the kid Cody and the lead I could even get with the little girl and her attitude and behavior I can t say that I truly understood the relationship between the lead and her sisters but I guess it was some sort of filler for the book The relations between the male and female lead was pretty typical in books such as this which is purely lust based in the guise of love which you never see Over all the book had some great and funny moments.

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    Thank youRealistic scenarios, feelings, and conversations even the dynamic of Jody as a preteen girl struggling with her feeling on the new woman in daddy s life all brilliant the intimate scene sexy and not repeated throughout the book always something new and lusty and I can appreciate the fact the authors didn t have Cory pregnant by the end of the story like so many others do thank you ladies great story

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    MehIt was just okayElias and Cory had no chemistry to me They wasted no time jumping into bed with each otherthere was no build up, no getting to know each other Every chapter had a sex scene in it.BORING Don t get me wrong I love sexbut would have preferred background and storylines involving the crazy ex wife.

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    FOUR A HALF STARS I loved this story The characters were endearing, the children in the story weren t written as miniature adults It was light, mostly happy yes, there was a little drama thrown in and sexy I didn t see some of the bedroom action coming but it was HOT just a fun read.

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    Me gust mucho La relaci n de Cory con los chicos es muy dulce desde el principio y la determinaci n de Eliah es admirable M s hot de lo que esperaba, en un buen sentido.