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A historical Ds romance set in ancient RomeBecome my pleasure slaveSamara is torn when the handsome Magistrate Marcus offers her a tempting deal which would make her a free woman He’s different from the Patricians she’s met so far and he’s definitely charming than her abusive master Aaron His nearness evokes previously unknown emotions in her but the idea of sharing his bed is as intimidating as it is thrilling Can she trust him or will he turn out to be just as cruel and manipulative as her previous master? Marcus is fascinated by the beautiful slave with the flaming red hair and the exotic fair skinned look Disguised as the new magistrate he has to get to the bottom of a conspiracy before the real magistrate can take office Hoping to gain valuable information from Samara he makes her an offer she can’t refuse unknowing that she’s entangled in a web of lies that not only endanger his mission but soon also both their lives This story contains kinky sex Ds power dynamics and traces of BDSM and is therefore only suitable for ADULTS

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    35 STARS One in a million If only she weren't So I read the beginning of the blurb on this one A historical Ds romance set in ancient Rome and for obvious reasons I was SOLD DThe verdict? I'm glad I took a chanceThe plot in a nutshell Samara is a house slave in a brothel With her red hair and fair skin she stands out; this is both her salvation her master doesn't make her a pleasure slave and her curse her master keeps her to use and abuse for himself Her life changes when a new magistrate is appointed to the town and she attracts his attentionFrom there a complex and twisty plot of intrigue secrets and betrayal unfoldsThe author did a good job of bringing the setting to life Roman society and its structures were very much a part of the story It made for a very interesting and different readI did think the writing in the first half of the book suffered from 'matter of fact itis' which loosely translated means that the prose lacked the emotional punch that should have accompanied some of the key events There was a lot of telling rather than showing going onHowever the second half of the story saw this improve dramatically as if the author and her characters hit their stride I became much invested in Marcus and Samara's love for each otherUnfortunately for me the author took a serious and responsible approach in portraying a Ds relationship Ergo while there were plenty of decent sexy times there wasn't any kink to speak ofBut of course that would probably appeal to a lot of you Happy reading everyone

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    45 starsThis book is a great read I was intrigued by the idea of bdsm in acnient rome I have to say there isn't much classical bdsm practice in this book like in other bdsm books There is no bondage or whips or toys The relationship between the two characters still feels like that of a bdsm couple with lots of hot and kinky sex in the second half of the book I particularly liked how the heroine slowly starts to trust Marcus despite her fears and past experience but part of me wondered why it wasn't easier for her after she learned that he isn't noble And also warning this story has rape involved in the first two chapters which caught me by surprise it isn't overplayed or graphic Just shocking because so unexpected It is unusual to see a heroine in a romance novel with another man but for me it enhanced the blossoming romance between the two main characters later in the story All in all I loved this story and couldn't put it down Definitely a recommended read

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    Copypaste from my reviewI've read the author's Stargate fanfiction and this story is much in the same vein Great characters good plot and nice action scenes and really really good sex scenes The setting ancient Rome and Olbia is nicely reconstructed as well as the social classes slaves Plebeians Patricians

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    So I'm writing my first ever review here on goodreads because I enjoyed this book soooooo muchNot really a review though of an attemp to decribe why I liked it and a desperate hope to get similar recommendations from the community I often have a hard time describing what rolls my boat exactly but with this novel I come a little closer putting it to words it does not contain classic BDSM scenes but evolves around a Ds relationship with all key elements of a natural but gentle Dom a lovely submissive with doubts and fears in an historical environment ancient rome where slavery is a natural part ofThe first chapters of the book do contain rape and non con sex which might upset some people For me they are just making Sam's struggle and distrust understandable An environment where slaverypropertypunishment is a reality and not just play makes me so much invested emotionallyContext like this makes me drool over the stern but merciful Marcus even P I guess I have kind of a mercy fetish does that make any sence? For me there is another much much darker book that takes a similar laneAsher Collins relation with his slave Grace in Kitty Thomas's Tender Mercies deals with an utterly traumatized sub who is finally in the hands of much lenient dom but a dom nevertheless I guess I need to review this as well and stop writing about it in here ;

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    Hot stuff Beautiful story Heart melting

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    Great storyLoved the story about a Roman Commander and his slave and really loved the characters especially the commander Marcus The author made him the perfect kind man and in a time of slavery and brutality it was nice reading about a good man He was also extremely sexy and dominant Liked the h Samara too and even though I was bugged a few times when she kept uestioning whether Marcus was going to hurt her or be cruel to her I had to remember she was conditioned from a very young age that as a slave she was worthless and a master could never truly care about a slave The sex was hot So many times sex scenes are ridiculous and go on and on so I end up skipping through it Not this time Again Marcus is hot The only reason I didn't give the story a five was because there were just too many phrases and words that people in Roman times would not have said For me it threw the rhythm of the story off Still it was a great and entertaining story and I wish the author had stories like this one

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    Imagine a legal translator I mean that does even sound stiff upper lip an proper miss writing a steamy book like this At first there is a mystery who the hero is And he has to solve something But there are secrets in this well written story However I was most impressed by all the sex scenes that were very realistic unlike in most steamy romance stories when forced it can hurt and climaxing can be difficult even with someone you love and you might need it a certain way After all those whipping doms in recent romances this was a very nice surprise

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    That was a very well written erotic fantasy Definitely deserving 4 stars though I was even thinking about 5 in that category It has a good mystery behind actual storylines and the writer definitely did some research about Ancient Rome I wish there was a second part and if not I do hope the author writes some stories

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    Loved thisThe right mix of drama history romance erotica I will be looking out for from kimberly I'm not giving any details here because spoilers do just that spoil Great book