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Someone jolted my elbow as I drank and said 'Je vous demande pardon ' and as I moved to give him space he turned and stared at me and I at him and I realized with a strange sense of shock and fear and nausea all combined that his face and voice were known to me too wellI was looking at myselfTwo men one English the other French meet by chance in a provincial railway station and are astounded that they are so much alike that they could easily pass for each other Over the course of a long evening they talk and drink It is not until he awakes the next day that John the Englishman realizes that he may have spoken too much His French companion is gone having stolen his identity For his part John has no choice but to take the Frenchman's place as master of a chateau director of a failing business head of a large and embittered family and keeper of too many secretsLoaded with suspense and crackling wit The Scapegoat tells the double story of the attempts by John the imposter to escape detection by the family servants and several mistresses of his alter ego and of his constant and frustrating efforts to unravel the mystery of the enigmatic past that dominates the existence of all who live in the chateauHailed by the New York Times as a masterpiece of artfully compulsive storytelling The Scapegoat brings us Daphne du Maurier at the very top of her form

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    Thank You to the MANY readers who came before me I'm no longer a virgin to author Daphne Du Mauier Special thanks to Jean Sara and Candy Two menone English John the narrator the other French Jean de Gue meet by chance one evening It's like looking into a mirror they look almost identical other than the color of their eyes At the start of the novel we learn that John on holiday in France was a historian and gave lectures in England about his country and it's past Not married and has no children And even though he was English he studied French for years He taught their history and described their culture however he felt like an outsider an alien He wasn't one of them but wished to be He wished to be bound by a family share their laughter and sorrow Due to his depression he walked the streets at night in the rain and knew he must get drunk He also was thinking of spending a few days at a monastery in hopes of finding the courage to go on living before returning to England Over drinks in a bar John shares with Jean de Gue how as an individual he feels like a failure Jean de Gue tells John that we've all 'failed' everyone has He tells him The secret of life is to recognize the fact early on and become reconciled Then it no longer matters John says It does matter I am not reconciled During this evening the men continue drinking and talking Jean de Gue takes John to a restaurantdriving John's car after all he knows it city best and brings them to a shabby hotel and says Sometimes these places can be useful USEFUL FOR WHAT??? After the fourth drinkthe men let down their guards John continued to talk about loneliness death and the empty shell of his personal world Jean de Gue master of a chateau and director of a failing business says You complain that your life is empty to me it sounds like paradise An apartment to yourself no family no business worries Jean de Gue's voice changed its clear he had personal problems too felt resentment He said he had a sister who only thinks about religion and nothing else He thinks the only motive force in human nature is GREED People in Jean de Gue's life were never satisfied from his point of view So I ask if you have read this farwhich of these two men's life sounds most attractive to you? Would you rather be without a family with no responsibilities but also feel lonely depressed and empty? Or have many people counting on you wife mother daughter brother sister in law friends with benefits business associates and feel resentful? And if you could step into one of these men's lives by trading places as a stranger actor taking over the role how do you think you might make a difference? And how might you do harm? In THIS storywe get the opportunity to watch how the entire scenario this crazy game so to speak affects each person As this story plays out we watch how brilliantly John steps into Jean de Gue's lifeFunny transition scene had to chuckle a little Jean de Gue had acted wrongly He ran away from his life he escaped the emotions that he himself created John brought forth 'his' emotions and whether right or wrong I think even the most skeptical readers can suspend disbelief in this masterfully written fiction novelI had faith that what John was searching for would somehow transform not only him but heal bruised family members with empathy and love But how? And at what cost? When John first stepped into Jean de Gue's life he noticed that his mother looked frightened His sister silent His brother hostile His sister in law angry His wife crying and his daughter threw a tantrum The dog ignored him There are some OH BOY situations sticky as taffy Also this story is simply a compelling fantasy ride with marvelous prose to boot The ending of this story calls for discussion Personally I think it fits Off to join my group and read what others are saying A book so much richer than many of the newer fiction books I often read Just sayin A DELICIOUS BOOK At least one of my top 20 favorites of all times