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    This is the danger of a kindle, you drink half a bottle of wine and you can end up reading a book like this I feel dirty but I did read it in one sitting, aside from a quick wine fuelled snooze.The author steps into the book an awful lot with almost hysterical points of information, mainly of a self congratulatory tone I could not read the last chapter which was unbearably dull.

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    Lady Colin Campbell left out some juicy tidbits about Diana in order to protect that woman s reputation, yet she claims that this latest Diana book is a fair and balanced account of one of the 20th century s most famous people Not true Further, despite Diana s constant emotional upheavals and unpredictability, she just comes across as a garden variety aristocratic with mental problems She just seems like she was so dull and whiny and discontented with her considerable lot in life Marilyn Monroe, who really did suffer poverty and sexual abuse and emotional abuse, had to fight every step of the way to get where she got, and she maintained a positive attitude despite mental problems Diana never seemed to maintain a positive attitude she was always full of sympathy for herself and honestly seemed to think she had suffered Let her try and survive on minimum wage working a menial job, on top of having been raised in poverty and sexually abused Then she d have known what suffering means What an idiot.Lady Colin Campbell is a capable, if not scintillating, writer, but her subject matter frankly bored the heck out of me.

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    I read this as a break form serious books I had read a recommendation of Colin Campbells books and I m glad I followed it It ended up being a good read, and I ve orderd some of her books 1p on Looking back on the events now Colin Campbell clearly knew a lot of what was going on I know she is getting a ribbing in the press about her new book re the Queen Mother, but after reading this I wouldn t dismiss it quickly I ve ordered it at the library Really enjoyed it and read it in 2 days as I couldn t stop reading.

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    Utter tosh Don t waste your time on this poorly written, dull book.

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    Still not sure why I grabbed this book off the library shelf since I don t have much interest in royalty but I read it cover to cover It seems not much has changed over the centuries in the way that royalty looks upon itself and the rest of us To maintain the illusion of magical superiority they must cluster together behind a wall of silence I thought Diana was a regular girl who snagged a future king through her simple charms Guess I wasn t paying much attention Now I know her family had ambitions to have one of their own marry into the royal family and promoted and marketed Diana as the one to fulfill their hopes, thereby moving the Spencers up from courtier status Reminds me of reading Hilary Mantel about the machinations of those in the court of Henry VIII Diana seems to have been a mess with her eating disorder and her need for constant attention, tactile closeness and manic control Her view of love is like something from a fairytale after a retelling by Disney It is a real shame her strong determination resulted in some shocking acts of revenge that did harm to many others and drove her to abandon friends and fire employees I doubt that Fayed would have been a permanent solution for her had they both survived Something would ve happened that made her retreat from him I would even speculate that she would ve turned against her sons as they grew up and beyond her control Very sad but not so uncommon The whole royal thing repulses me even after reading this book The writing was at best uneven, repetitious, biased and confusing as the author s editorial comments about Diana kept changing as if she really wasn t sure what her conclusions were The defense of the life of royals with their ribbon cuttings and other events as hard work was not convincing I do think it must be terrible to be stuck in that box of presenting a perfect public persona but unable to conduct much of a normal private life It must have been hard for William to give up his helicopter pilot job for glad handing, etc., so I guess I m as confused as the author about what to think of these people but, in the end, I was glad I read this if only because it adds veracity to Mantel s wonderful historical novels.

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    The myths that surround Diana came back to our attention when Harry married It was interesting to read this tome written in 1998 and especially to compare with both the account from Andrew Morton wrongfully falsely attributed as truth from Diana herself and the current circumstances that Harry finds himself after requesting to step back as a senior royal Honestly, if Lady Colin Campbell is to be believed, and there is no reason why not, as she has sourced, researched and fact checked thoroughly, then Diana should be considered as a smart cookie who shammed us all or a sad woman whose private life should have remained private The royal family, but most likely, the firm and court have brought unhappiness to The Duke of Windsor and his beloved Mrs Simpson Princess Margaret and Townsend, whom she had hoped to marry Andrew and Fergie notwithstanding her silly antics and his recent oust Diana herself, and now the untidiness of Harry s simple request to step back as a senior royal that forced him to give up than he anticipated There seems to be a lot of intrigue around royalty that will always continue to draw curious readers looking for truths beyond the myths and tabloids.

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    Definitely not the best book I ve ever read about Princess Diana It was informative, yes, but a lot of the time reading it felt like sitting next to Campbell and listening as she gossiped about Diana Campbell may have personally encountered with the Princess of Wales, but some of the stuff she knew and used in this book did not have to be included and did not shape, enhance, or justify my perception of Diana This book made me feel like Diana was a fraud and Campbell the person who filled me in on the scoop In fact, the only positive thing I have to say about this book is that Campbell redeemed herself partially at the end apparently, according to the scuttlebutt, the only reason why Diana had such a public, beautiful funeral was because Prince Charles had insisted that Diana deserved than a private, dinky one THAT improved my perception of Charles I guess he really did love her, in his own way, and that was the best tidbit that Campbell left Almost everything else left a rotten aftertaste in my mouth.

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    Ironically, I m writing this review on the 21st anniversary of Diana s tragic death.From the time when she first captivated us as shy Di , Lady Diana Spencer was the ultimate beautiful and kind asset that the royal family didn t sufficiently treasure Lady Campbell has had access to a great number of resources and appears to have painted an accurate portrait of this cherished woman, whose life was significantly complex then other bios of her have shown.Thoroughly enjoyable reading for royalty fanatics and those who are curious about these folks.

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    How amazing It seems Princess Diana would wake up too early 8am and send work emails to palace staff Today, Meghan Markle goes one better, and wakes up at 5am to send work texts The laziness of the criticism, to recycle the same anecdote over a span of 30 years Who are these people Otherwise, it seems Di was a bit of a goer contrary to all other reports, and Lady Campbell is surprisingly modern in her treatment of mental illness.

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    A bunch of blather The author obviously gives Charles a nice buffing, but you can t polish a t d I skipped most of it It was interminable.Boring A sure cure for insomnia A load of blather not seen since kindergartners wrote what they did during summer break, or how to cook a turkey Skipped huge chunks as it was interminable.