The Protector The Man Who Followed Jack Kerouac 2 PDF/EPUB

Long gone are quiet personal thoughts since learning Telepathy from Delphine Master Magician Davey Gillespie now Telepathist extraordinaire finds himself once again bombarded by uninvited Telepathic guests only now they're following him on foot watching him at bus stops spying on him in grocery stores always listening and forever interruptingFeeling disconnected and alienated by his new abilities Davey longs for the life he knew before auras Telepathy and other beings It isn't until he meets a Telepathist named Hera that he feels he has found a trustworthy companion on both the astral plane and in the physical worldAfter Delphine fails to communicate with him and Telepathists have started breaking into his home leaving behind cryptic clues he finds himself buried beneath a sea of worry and fear Where do you turn for help when most of your waking moments are spent living a reality society doesn't acknowledge as true? How do you fight Telepathic invasion and win?Answers will come to Davey from the most unlikely of places a place so far away only a spaceship could take you thereBook Two in The Man Who Followed Jack Kerouac is a Beatnik novel about Telepathic transformation on superior levels