The Portable Jack Kerouac Kindle Ä The Portable

This one volume omnibus planned by the author before his death and now completed by his biographer Ann Charters makes clear the ambition and accomplishment of Jack Kerouac's Legend of Duluoz the story of his life told in the course of his many true story novels including On the Road As Kerouac once wrote The whole thing forms one enormous comedy seen through the eyes of poor Ti Jean me otherwise known as Jack Duluoz the world of raging action and folly and also of gentle sweetness seen through the keyhole of his eye The only anthology of Kerouac's work ever published this compilation presents selections from the Legend of Duluoz novels in chronological order and also includes poetry letters and essays on Buddhism writing and the Beat Generation The Portable Jack Kerouac is an essential introduction to one of this country's most important modern writers

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