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Es bastante completo e incluye algunas ilustraciones que acompa an a las partituras Un bonito regalo para tus amigos m sicos frikis. This is the Zelda book I ve been dreaming of for years These four pieces are taken from the Symphony of the Goddess traveling symphony which accompanied the release of Skyward Sword Each piece is in the form of a symphonic movement, moving through various different themes from a Zelda game The tracks are on the audio CD which came with early copies of the game If you are unfamiliar with the pieces, it may be good to check out the live orchestra versions first to get an idea of what these are.First, the book is very nice The binding is stiff, but secure The score looks beautiful The full color artwork pages are stunning.I am picky with piano arrangements As a classical pianist, I am often disappointed in arrangements which don t mesh well with the piano as an instruments That said, I happily endorse this book Playing this music is delightful There are many moments which perfectly capture the orchestrated versions The only potential drawback, in my opinion, is that a few ornaments have been simplified yet, the notes left out are easy enough to add by ear if this is an issue.As for difficulty, I will not try to describe it with generic terms In my opinion, the music was not arranged specifically to be easy or difficult Rather, it was arranged to convey the underlying music In case difficulty level is a concern, I ll walk through some of the challenging parts of the Wind Waker piece Some passages have tricky articulation switching rapidly between staccato notes and slurs A few passages have two voices played by the same hand, sometimes a 6th or 7th apart Sometimes the left hand carries the melody or both hands play equally important lines The key signatures range from 5 flats to 7 sharps There is an enormous dynamic range That s what makes it so fun Some chords are fairly large The time signature is generally straightforward, but there is a brief 7 4 passage I don t mean this to be intimidating, many parts are quite simple And above all else, I believe this would be very fun to play even if it takes a little longer to master than other arrangements available I only include this discussion in case a new pianist is looking for a Zelda book.This book is a gem, definitely worth any Zelda fan s attention. es muy bonito, la unica pega es que la tapa no es dura y a la hora de usarlo, si no lo aplanaa bien se cierra Magn fico arreglo para piano de este gran juego a modo de sinfon a La encuadernaci n es mejorable, ya que cuesta mantener el libro abierto en el atril. These arrangements seem decent I m a novice so I haven t managed to get far into it yet When I started to play the Time of the Falling Rain series based on A Link to the Past I was struck with how oddly this arrangement sounded I looked up a recording of the live symphony on Youtube and got my answer These arrangements appear to be based on the symphony concert arrangements rather than the original pieces from the games They try to capture the orchestra instruments into a solo piano and it can come off a bit awkward.This all might be obvious, but I wanted to point it out Try listening to the orchestra versions a bit before buying What you hear there is or less what this book tried to capture. I had really high hopes for this I love Zelda I love piano music But this book is just not up to snuff.1 As mentioned in some other reviews, the music selection itself leaves much to be desired The most extreme example is in Ocarina of Time s scoring, where 8 pages out of 16 are the final Ganondorf Battle Of the songs Link actually plays on his ocarina, only Saria s Song 1 page and Serenade of Water a measly 14 measures feature at all in this arrangement Also, don t confuse Midna s Theme with Midna s Lament in Twilight Princess Midna s Theme is a nice enough song, but Midna s Lament is gorgeous And not in this book.2 This is not a piano solo book Several of the parts have significant voice parts parts of Time of the Falling Rain are annotated to expect a Full Choir only some of which is covered by the piano part In Twilight Princess s score, the piano part plays backing rhythms for a single voiced vocal part for a while so it might be enjoyable if you can play and sing, but not for me.3 The binding is terrible I don t have clips, so the book keeps closing on me while I try to play If I did have clips, then I would have to re clip on every page turn Either way, this ruins what lingering enjoyment I find in the non boss battle parts I ve been playing piano for twenty years and have never come across a book with such awful binding.If you can ignore those three things, this is a great arrangement I can t.EDIT I have a nitpick regarding sharp flat notation this arrangement appears to avoid double flats, writing the a flat minor chord of Windwaker s Ocean measure 61 with a b natural I don t want to entirely lump this in with the bad things, since this might I m a little dubious make the arrangement approachable to less experienced players. These arrangements are really exceptional I love piano arrangements of game music, but I ve often found some of the Zelda piano and guitar books arrangements to be a bit repetitive, especially the main theme and Gannondorf stuff These arrangements, however, are much in line with the types of arrangements found in the Final Fantasy Piano Collections books, if you are familiar with those Except, in this book each arrangement is a medley of the music from one entire game or overarching theme, rather than arrangements of individual Zelda songs I do agree with other reviewers who state there is a little too much Gannondorf in this book, which is also in my opinion the least interesting musically However, the arrangement of Twilight Princess is absolutely breathtaking Time of the Falling Rain is also worth particular mention for being an exceptionally good arrangement If you are even looking for Zelda piano arrangements at all, this is definitely one of the best Of course, as with any arrangement or medley, it may be missing your personal favorite motif, but that s not any reason to give this less than 5 stars No, it doesn t include EVERY motif from EVERY Zelda game, but what is here is really great I would say difficulty ranges from intermediate to advanced. The Traveling Orchestral Show The Legend Of Zelda Symphony Of The Goddesses Presents Nearly Years Of Music From The Incomparable Legend Of Zelda Video Game Series, Performed Live In Four Movements And With Multimedia Backing For Those Wanting To Bring That Epic Music To Life For Themselves, This Folio Presents The Music From The Show As Piano Solo Arrangements, Also Including A Full Color Page Insert With Artwork From The Games Titles I The Ocarina Of Time Enter Ganondorf, Zelda S Lullaby, Enter Ganondorf, Great Deku Tree, Title Theme, Hyrule Field Day, Lost Woods, Sheik, Ganon S Tower, Ganondorf S Theme, Ganondorf Battle, Ganon Final Battle, And Majora S Theme II The Wind Waker The Legendary Hero, Outset Island, Ocean Motif, Aryll S Theme, My Grandma, Departure Pirate Ship Theme, Aryll S Kidnapping, Ocean, Zelda S Awakening, Hero Of The Wind, Ganondorf Battle, Staff Roll III The Twilight Princess Title Screen, Light Spirit, Midna S Theme, Hyrule Field, Excerpt From Title Screen, The Sages Theme, Final Battle With Ganondorf, Ganondorf S Theme, Excerpt From Main Theme, Staff Roll, Zelda Theme, Zelda S Lullaby, Excerpt From Midna S Theme IV Time Of The Falling Rain Time Of The Falling Rain, Hyrule Castle, Dark World, Princess Zelda S Rescue, Triforce Chamber, Legend Of Zelda Theme, Dark World, Soldiers Of Kakariko Village, Lost Ancient Ruins, Anger Of Guardians, The Legend Of Zelda Theme