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The missing manual on how to apply Lean Startup to build products that customers love The Lean Product Playbook is a practical guide to building products that customers love Whether you work at a startup or a large established company we all know that building great products is hard Most new products fail This book helps improve your chances of building successful products through clear step by step guidance and advice The Lean Startup movement has contributed new and valuable ideas about product development and has generated lots of excitement However many companies have yet to successfully adopt Lean thinking Despite their enthusiasm and familiarity with the high level concepts many teams run into challenges trying to adopt Lean because they feel like they lack specific guidance on what exactly they should be doing If you are interested in Lean Startup principles and want to apply them to develop winning products this book is for you This book describes the Lean Product Process a repeatable easy to follow methodology for iterating your way to product market fit It walks you through how to Determine your target customers Identify underserved customer needs Create a winning product strategy Decide on your Minimum Viable Product MVP Design your MVP prototype Test your MVP with customers Iterate rapidly to achieve product market fit This book was written by entrepreneur and Lean product expert Dan Olsen whose experience spans product management UX design coding analytics and marketing across a variety of products As a hands on consultant he refined and applied the advice in this book as he helped many companies improve their product process and build great products His clients include Facebook Box Hightail Epocrates and Medallia Entrepreneurs executives product managers designers developers marketers analysts and anyone who is passionate about building great products will find The Lean Product Playbook an indispensable hands on resource

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    I am a 24 year old product owner for an educational mobile app company and this book has been incredibly helpful for me as I learn about how to develop products I come from a non technical background and have only been the PO for a couple of months so I have looked for any and every book to help me outThis title says it all because it really is a playbook for how to go about building the product I found it to be much practical than the Lean Startup and here are some of the key takeaways Focus on the Problem Space before jumping to the Solution Space Some product teams jump right to the feature set without establishing the problem space first Build Measure Learn can be broken down so to Hypothesize Design Test Learn as you jump from problem space to solution space Always test with real customers as soon as possible Something as easy as clickable wireframes are fine Select the key metrics that you want to track establish benchmarks and then iterate off of those Prioritize based on feature set with the highest ROI and highest upsideIn addition to this book I would recommend Inspired by Marty Cagan I'm reading Lean Product Playbook for the second time now and have shared this book with my CEO design lead and analytics team as well Highly recommend