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THE HUNGER GAMES Meets FIFTY SHADES OF GREY In This Dystopian Science Fiction NovelGreat Britain In The Year A Totalitarian Government Has Passed Laws Victimising Racial Minorities, Prohibiting Homosexuality, And Preventing Women From Voting Or Having Abortions When A Feminist Group Launches A Terrorist Attack, The State Responds By Creating The Hunt, A Weekly Contest In Which Ten Randomly Selected Women Are Pursued By Ten Male Hunters Across An Abandoned District Of LondonMara Gorki Is A Successful Crime Novelist Trying To Keep Her Lesbian Relationship With Film Critic Yuke Morishita A Secret Horrified By What Is Happening In The Country, She Seldom Leaves Her Apartment, Attempting To Create A Private Universe Where She And Her Lover Can Hide But The External World Comes Crashing In When Mara Is Conscripted Into The Hunt After Discovering What Hunters Do To The Women They Capture, Mara Enters The Contest Determined To Elude Her Pursuers The Odds May Be Against Her, But The Consequences Of Failure Are Too Terrifying To Contemplate

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    E book gifted by author for reviewThe Hunt is a futuristic tale of life in Britain in the year 2068 The government has passed laws to make women second class citizens They are only allowed to watch and read previously approved books and films, not allowed to travel outside of the country, have to eat in designated areas in public and must wear a uniform at all times when not in their own homes Mara is an author of detective novels which are only sold outside of Britain due to the laws regarding women She does not agree with what the government has done to women but obeys the rules after having suffered punishment for being out of uniform in a public place She also keeps to herself because she has a female lover which is against the law also.She manages to live her life in relative peace and quiet but one thing hangs over her head that is the same for every female of age, The Hunt The Hunt was created to put women in their proper places after a so called revenge bombing from a female group protesting against the new laws When a package arrives in the mail telling Mara that she must attend The Hunt, her whole life comes crashes down around her She can not imagine herself being chased down, then tortured, sexually degraded and abused, but knowing there is nothing she can do to get out of it she seeks to find out what she is up against She meets with a former victim of The Hunt and learns just exactly what to expect Armed with the knowledge that if she is captured she will be tortured and abused she heads off to face the worst experience of her life with a view that she must not be caught What happens to Mara is up to the fates, only they know if she will come out in one piece or if at all.I have to start off with saying this is was a very uncomfortable read for me, and I appreciate the author for making me feel this way Not all stories are about happy things, there are a lot of horrible things that happen in life and we can either look the other way or we can learn from the experience and grow From the very start I decided to look at this story as if I was Mara, it was not an easy thing to do and I felt her pain when she was being tortured as part of The Hunt Her pain was my pain, by the end of the book I was left feeling quite numb and not really knowing what to feel Even though she wins small victories there seem to be so many things still against her I kind of felt like I was emotionally swimming against a strong tide, with a strong feeling of dread and hopelessness for Mara s situation Whilst I do not agree with the feminist moment I do agree that there is still a lot of discrimination against women This is brought to the reader s attention because of the setting of the book, a supposedly civilised country that turns into a place of horror.I look forward to reading from this author in the future.Warning strong themes of sexual torture and abuse.

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    DNF 14%This is just the most incredible thing I ve ever tried to read I mean that in the sense that it was impossible to believe I simply do not have the faculty to suspend disbelief enough for this universe There are too many inconsistencies.On the one hand, we have a society where books, film, and the internet are censored for everyone Women are second class citizens who must wear a uniform in public, cannot have any job that any man has applied for, cannot read a slew of books deemed UFW Unfit for Women , are subject to canings for disobedience, may be legally beaten by their husbands, and ten of them are randomly selected on a weekly basis for The Hunt Mandatory monthly attendance to a Christian church for a minimum of two hours is enforced by the law.Yet Books published prior to the censorship days are sold legally A woman is allowed to publish books outside the country that cannot be published within A woman of Japanese ancestry, in a world supposedly caused by Brexit, is able to support herself as a film critic A female journalist from another country is allowed to roam freely without observation.The final straw for me was the priest that was masturbating away at the pulpit as he gave the sermon, and no one, excepting our protagonist, seems to care WTF I love me some spec fic, but the fantastic must be supported by a credible universe with believable characters There s nothing in this book that I can latch on to as realistic Yes, including L Ron Hubbard I received a complimentary copy of this book via a LibraryThing Early Reviewer giveaway I really wish I hadn t.

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    I have read with a lot of interest The Hunt by Brad Stevens The book takes you directly into the magical atmosphere of London the street, the bars, the tube and second hand bookshops Although it is clearly a version of the city where nobody wishes to live, especially women.It is a dystopian novel set in the near future 2068 , where women have no rights and men all the power We are told about the Hunt early in the novel, but everything about it unfolds slowly while reading the book revealing always now horrifying features The story is told from a female prospective Mara is a successful novelist with a passion for used unknown books and a girlfriend she loved very much She is the next door girl, someone you can talk to you You feel for her lack of freedom and for the prison she has to live in This book reminds me a lot of Fahrenheit 451 Why anyone would burn books or force human being to be not human beings any It seems a literary exercise to write about equality and freedom in 2014, but I am confident that we need it than we think One of the most fascinating part about the book is the description of how we easy adapt even to shocking situations and how manipulating people hence society starts small but it is fast adsorbed into the culture.

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    I am reviewing a complimentary arc copy from the author via Librarything.Now, first off, I would like to state a huge warning this short novel contains torture porn.I entered this book with completely open expectations and never read any of the prior reviews In a way, after finishing the book which I devoured during an all night flight I had yesterday, I was surprised by the horde of 1 and 2 star reviews, until I recalled that the very bleak story will surely turn a lot of people off I can understand the frustration, and I believe that if the author managed to rile a sufficient amount of people even surprising because this novel was written by a man himself while it stereotypes his sex as a horde of incel sadistic psychopaths who love to humiliate and rape defenseless women , then he clearly achieved his purpose as a writer.In a way, the book reminded me of Orwell s 1984, with a bleak dystopian future where free thought is censored, and certain minorities well, technically there are supposed to be women than men in England are oppressed The world is like a Saudi Arabia esque society on steroids Women cannot leave their homes without a flimsy miniskirt that freezes them to death during winter commutes, can t have their hair shorter than shoulder length, drive, get mortgages, leave the country unless you have a second passport, might not be able to get certain college degrees because women cannot get hired if the employer finds an equally qualified male, etc etc etc If a cop sexually harasses you just for kinks nobody cares if cops are high on drugs or drunk on the job and you even dare to yell at him to stop, he can arrest you on the spot, and you have you pay over 6 months of your own money to have a doctor chop off a finger without anesthesia and using pain enhancing drugs surprised none of the victims ever died from shock Every citizen has to go to a state sanctioned Christian church 2 hours a week and watch priests masturbate while they holler verbatim speeches that raped women deserve to be stoned to death if she didn t yell for help Forced donations to the church are a doogie Yup, this sure is a man s land Of course, they get to dress however they see hit as long as they don t use women s clothes or have long hair Homosexuality is severely punished and abortion carries the death penalty even if it was from rape If a woman marries a sadist and he beats to a pulp and rapes her all day, the cops do absolutely nothing to assist the woman She pretty much becomes his chattel once they marry.This is where Mara comes along She has always lived in this crappy futuristic Britain, but she has been somewhat sheltered from the pitfalls of her peers Her wealthy parents homeschooled her, introduced her to illegal books and idealism After some of the vicious anti women laws were passed, they commit suicide and she inherits a nice fortune that gives her the chance to live a comfortable life as a house hermit She has so far been able to bypass legal loopholes writing criminal thriller books that criticize her country by having them published in the US and purchases illegal books online Oh, and she s a closet lesbian She would love to scream to the world how much she loves Yuki, another free minded young woman who works as a film critic, but they could get a life sentence or worse if people find out The book revolves a lot around the struggles these fine two women face trying to keep their relationship a well kept secret.Mara s life isn t ideal, but at least she lives comfortably in her home writing novels when one day, a dreaded conscription letter arrives in the mail She is due to report to a stadium in London next Friday to participate in The Hunt , a sort of Hunger Games punishment for all Briton women held once a week no cameras and tv rolling so what really happens is sort of hush hush It initiated the year Mara s parents died where each week, 10 unfortunate women are forced to hide in the ruins of the stadium while 10 incel and very sexually repressed men paid a huge fortune to locate them with body heat cameras Once located, the woman cannot legally hit the bastard and is forced to either put a shock collar on her neck or let him taser her Either way, what happens next to them is not in the least pleasant Mara attempts to convince her GP doctor to get her a medical leave to skip the horrors that await, but even though it pains him, he only offers her all sorts of medical and psychological care once she is allowed to return to open society when the week ends.Luckily for Mara, she isn t alone, and with Yuki s lovely encouragement, and the tips from one brutalized survivor of a prior Hunt, she will try to make it out intact if she can.If torture porn and treating women like sexualized chattel to be something very offensive to you, I heartily suggest you should not read this book Mara and Yuki clearly despise the country they were forced to live in, but they try to make the best of it Maybe if Mara writes how horrible her country really is like, she could start to shift a change I really wouldn t like to speak about what the Hunt is because it s a spoiler filled with shocking and really horrible things done to the unwilling female participants, but Mara shows a mixture between genuine despair and utter restraint during her 7 day ordeal If there was one thing that I felt missing during the aftermath of her Hunt, it would have been the fact that another Hunted named Julie had dual Israeli citizenship Sure, her birth country also apparently treats women horribly, but I m surprised they didn t pressure Britain s archaic policies I really can t say much else due to spoilers.All in all, it s a book that both fascinated and heavily disturbed me as a woman, but the memorable characters and interesting storyline will surely keep you reading until the very end.

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    18.08.17 Good God What did I just read SPOILERS AHEAD.5 solid gold stars.19.08.17 After a day to process, I feel I might be able to do this book justice now I ll start off with a warning the sexual content in this book is NOTHING like that in Fifty Shades of Grey and its cohorts There is no consent, there are no safe words and the men involved in the Hunt are truly sadistic animals The least distressing sexual scene in this book, at least for me, was the rape Don t misunderstand me it was despicable, disgusting and ruthless but compared to the agonies Mara endured in Tyner s playroom, it was a single sentence that lacked unnecessary, explicit detail The torture scenes in the playroom itself were distressing, sickening and terrifying I had a vague idea of how bad they were going to be but my fears were blown out of the kiddie pool and into a turbulent, shark infested ocean when I actually started reading them Despite being written in a clinical way, they felt immersively invasive When Tyner locked Mara in that box, I came very close to a panic attack and had to stop reading for a few minutes What made the whole experience even worse was the collusion of official figures, such as Dr Roberts Seeing Tyner free from prosecution and actively encouraged to inflict his dominant fantasies on an unwilling woman was gut wrenching having the whole experience validated by a doctor was almost too much That was a theme, as a matter of fact, which pervaded the whole novel the endorsement of such behaviour in everyday life by authority figures At the beginning of the novel, Mara is interviewed by a New York journalist who helplessly watches as a man publicly punches a woman in the face when she dares to talk back to him Catherine the journalist wants to phone the police but Mara talks her out of it, stating that the couple are probably married and a man has permission to beat his wife Yuke, Mara s partner, is presented as another example of skewered justice She is forced by a court ruling to have her little finger amputated because she dared fight back against a police officer who sexually assaulted her The social commentary a reader could write based on this novel would be immense and truly frightening As there always seems to be in novels of this type, there were notable exceptions to the status quo Dr Rodman, for instance, was obviously sympathetic to Mara s plight but his attitude tragically reflected one all too frequently found today I m just a lowly public servant so what can I do Judge Birney, on the other hand, was one of my favourite characters His approach was fair, indiscriminate and logical and it restored my faith a tiny bit after this book was done obliterating it I didn t like the so called bond between Mara and Yuke, it was an interesting idea but it added an element of surrealism that really wasn t needed but their relationship was refreshingly straightforward and guilt free I ve read so many books that have a homosexual couple and at least one of them feels guilty for the way they re wired and I m so sick of it No one should feel guilty for loving somebody and being in a relationship with them as long as it s consensual and legal age wise and our society needs to get on board with that Madeleine was an interesting example of feminine empowerment I liked that she d managed to keep her job, despite the limitations placed on women in the UK, and her relationship with Mara was uncomplicated and unconditional Her backstory was slipped into the narrative just so too To hear that people protested the changing government before it took its current form, and that the jails were so full of protesters that it was one big party, reminded me of accounts from the flower power era It also made the world Stevens was building seem authentic and harrowing Every little detail served as a reminder that while the Acts in the book aren t real, a lot of the attitudes are and it d only take indifference and silence for things to escalate The whole story actually functions as a reminder of how fragile society is.The last thing I want to comment on is probably the hardest Julie For a start, I can t imagine how her parents felt before the Hunt and then after it, when they realised that their baby had been slaughtered by a psychopath Mara s perspective brilliantly evoked helplessness and powerlessness but Julie s parents managed to do that tenfold without a narrative voice Then came the newspaper coverage the first autopsy ruled that Julie died of natural causes a heart attack Julie s parents, understandably unsatisfied with that, pursue further investigation It comes to light that Julie had been tortured and that her body had given out from the stress and from intolerable pain Price, her tormentor, is brought to trail AS THE VICTIM He admits to his despicable acts but claims that Julie requested it all because she was a hardcore masochist Not only does he get off Scott free, he drags her name through the mud and has people believing she deserved her fate Sound familiar It should because stuff like this happens everyday in the worldwide media Murderers are victims Rapists are victims But victimsapparently we deserve it because deep down, we want it.

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    Disclaimer I received this book for free from LibraryThing in return for an honest review.It is 2068 and Great Britain is nothing like the Great Britain we know today Men have all the power and pass a variety of strict laws against women that dictate every aspect of their life They cannot vote, have abortions, wear pants, or leave the country Homosexuality is illegal After a feminist group allegedly commits a terrorist attack, the state responds by creating an event they call the Hunt This contest takes place in an abandoned area in London and lasts for a whole week Ten women, who are randomly selected by the government, are chased by ten male Hunters, who pay to participate in the Hunt Once caught the Hunters are allowed to do whatever they want to these women Mara Gorki is a crime novelist in a lesbian relationship with Yuke Morishita, a film critic When Mara is drafted as a Hunt participate she is determined to evade capture and somehow survive the week But when the odds, and her own government, are against her what chance does she have I had a hard time finishing this book I thought the idea behind it was intriguing but the actual novel feel short to me It included a random supernatural element as well as introduced several interesting plot points only to drop them a few pages later It also includes vivid descriptions of violence against women, rape, assault, torture, and sexual torture I do not recommended this book for anyone who might be sensitive to these topics.

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    This is a science fiction book I recommend this for 18 plus readers whom are not easily offended This book is about humiliation to women, any way shape or form I started the book and half way through I wanted to hate the book but I couldn t It is a good story, even though I don t see the comparison to hunger games or fifty shades of grey Hunger games is straight killing each other while this is torture, yes they both are randomly chosen to participate but that is the only factor And fifty shades of grey, well the female can enjoy herself This is only enjoyable for the men I could understand the emotions that Mara was experiencing and I admired her for not allowing the hunt to take over her life And I loved how her books were not allowed in her country so she sent them elsewhere to be enjoyed.This book is about Mara Gorki, a novelist, whom has a secret she is a lesbian Something that is forbidden in her country Great Britain, year 2068, along with several other women s rights All due to feminist group taking a stand against the state, for preventing women any laws, homosexuality, no choices, basically its a man s world So for punishment, against all women there is now a sick weekly entertainment for men called The Hunt The Hunt is basically what it sounds like, ten women are randomly chosen, and along with ten men, have a week of cat and mouse as you can guess the women are the mice Mara was chosen for The Hunt, and after reading what the captors are allowed to do to the women, well she is doing anything to keep from participating Her last hope is avoid capture at he hunt.favorite passages Mara s living space was dominated by stacks of books, which served as protective buffers between herself and an increasingly harsh reality I have to be satisfied with expressing my frustrations on the page The experience of being able to escape her troubles by writing and reading made Mara feel a connection with other writers, both living and dead What he should have said was If you want a vision of the future, imagine a man s boot stamping on a woman s face forever On one stall they found a strange device that resembled the menu for an expensive restaurant, but which the seller, a man in his sixties, informed them was a Kindle I brought nothing to it when I came, and I took nothing away when I left The penis must be a truly magical piece of flesh, since it also enabled its owners to vote, to drive, to leave the country Mara did not even try to hide the smile that had spread over her face as she listened to this conversation Anyway, we women have to look out for each other I feel confident that this small flame can be fanned into a blaze which will sweep away the misogyny and injustice being foisted on this country s citizens.

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    Mara Gorki lives in London in the year 2068 But it is a very different UK from what we know it today Everything is controlled by men Women have no right to vote, to drive They re not allowed to own their own businesses, homosexuality is banned and every time a woman over 18 steps outside a door, she has to wear the uniform tights, skirt, blouse and jacket If she should dare to go outside without wearing the uniform, the penalty is severe But this isn t the only thing women have to endure Once there was a terrorist act, a bombing by some unknown female group no one ever heard from them again after that , which set something horrendous in action The Hunt The Hunt is something all women between 21 and 30 can be pulled into They have no choice in the matter, whatsoever They have to meet in the Arena, dressed in the uniform and for a week they re prey for the male hunters 10 women and 10 men One week If you re captured, the hunters will spend time with you and they have all kinds of fun things to use Only a few things are not allowed.The Hunt is divided into three books Before the Hunt, During the Hunt and After the Hunt In each part we follow Mara in her life Her life before the Hunt her books both those she read and write herself , her secret love for Yuke remember homosexuality is banned We get a unique insight into how the everyday life is in the new London and it isn t pretty Her life during the Hunt everything Mara feels, every thought that goes into her mind, the other women she gets attached to, and every event during the games After the Hunt how Mara copes with surviving, getting over the whole thing and how she has changed as a person.I was sucked into this world that Brad has created, and I am in awe It was so easy to fall into this world, to follow Mara and her thoughts, her fear, her courage and the love she feels towards Yuke Absolutely amazing to read My stomach clenched when I read during the Hunt, it s not for faint hearted, you feel violated along with Mara and please, don t get me started on the absolutely moron of Hunter she meets sighs and rolls eyes I do love how Brad made a reference to a very popular book, and what the hunter put into that one snickers Gosh, I didn t think anyone could be that thick The end is well, I have no words It s wonderful and sad, and I love the last part of the Hunt very well done Brad I will DEFINITELY recommend this book Loved every page, made my heart jump into my throat, my soul cry out in anguish and made me snort with laughter Amazing read

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    REVIEWFor 18 yr Readers Picture the Hunger Games with a Sadistic Twist This book all takes place in the future some where around the year 2068 We have a young woman by the name of Mara Gorki who is an Author living in the U.K after a war had broken out by woman activists and the government changing the rules Women have NO rights Yuke is her lover and they must hide this as this is also not allowed and punishable by the government When Mara writes she now has to publish in the US as nothing she writes is allowed to be produced in her own country A US journalist comes to visit Mara her name is Catherine Darden and she witnesses for herself some of the ungodly treatment towards women All women 18 years and older must wear uniforms at all times when out of their homes If they are caught wearing anything else they are punished severely.The Hunt It s an event held for 10 men and 10 women It s basically a battle of wits I ll call it but its torturous to the women involved If the women are captured the Male can do what he pleases within guidelines set down by the British Government Very EXTREME scenes Mara s worse nightmare has come true and she must report to THE HUNT.Can she survive it She has heard so many horror stories.What will become of her What of the other women who are there the same day as she This book is very well written and it s a first read for me by the Author I will say its not for the mild at heart however as the scenes abuse between the Women and Men are extreme The story flows very smoothly from one chapter to the next A very good book well worth the read and well worth the 5 stars I have given it Review copy provided by Gifted copy provided to me by the Author for my honest review

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    Originally written for Book Bliss book blog I received a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased and honest review Review 4.5 starsGeneral The Hunt is extremely entertaining filled with action and dramatic tension from the beginning until the end The Hunt had so many wonderful moments from the characters down to the plot itself The world building was absolutely wonderful It was so easy to fit into the terrifying future male controlled Britain that I couldn t put the book down while reading about the world itself I wish there had been a tiny bit to the world as the book went but the action sequences and character interactions were extremely strong and entertaining The length was perfect and the pacing was very well done allowing me to connect with everything for the right amount of time before moving me along in Mara s world I do think the best written part of the three sections is the hunt section itself The writing is very well done with great details and emotions drawn out that make you both root for characters and cheer for them to be caught I did this during the Hunger Games too so I m a little mean.The thing that threw me off the most about this book was the formatting I m not one for when authors tell me what is happening I would rather let it be assumed I can tell based on the content and have the book just be divided into chapters.Characters Mara Mara was a wonderfully written lead because I wasn t on her side for the entire time and I enjoyed that I never disliked her as a character but I loved how she was so paranoid at times it made me wonder how she d survived at all Then we would see an emotional moment in any of the sections and she could absolutely break your heart with her realness.