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Men Are Immediately Hooked On The Sexual Intensity Of Disordered Dark Child Melanie Willow And Mel Herself Two Together, Unable To Love, They Share A Borderline Personality In A Single Year Old Body Melanie Teeter Totters With Winnie, Her Bestie With Benefits In A Drugged Delusional Week Of Self Harm A Rape And Finally, Suicide Attempts In A Bid To Save Themselves The Girls Begin To Write A Memoir Together Just As They Embark On A Special Journey It Is To The Man Rabbit S Island In A Shared Psychosis Folie Deux Where They Are Sent On A Mission Of Revenge Eliminate Predators Of Young Girls The Man Rabbit Also Demands That In Order To Succeed They Must Learn To Love Melanie And Winnie Know That Their Love Is Only A Game A Borrowed Phantom Melancholy Complete With Winnie S Crocodile Tears, And Melanie S Dominant Affectations Of Her Dark Princess Unable To Love Or Feel, They Are Hollow Dolls And So The Struggle Begins A Journey From Their Child Like Masquerade Of Love To A New World Of Real Love The Girls End Up In The Notorious Downtown Eastside Of Vancouver, Canada Where Melanie Is Searching For Her Birth Father Melanie Needs Desperately To Find Out What Happened In Her Youth, But At The Same Time Everything Is Catching Up The Police, The Demands Of Her Mission With The Man Rabbit, And Her Fracturing Psyche Real Love Tempts The Hollow Dolls, Mind And Body They Refuse To Believe Anything Short Of Absolute, And So They Test Love Through The Looking Glass, Melanie And Winnie Dance On Psychic Tenterhooks In A Realm Filled With Passion Their Mission Of Murder And Vengeance Mingles With Their Unquenchable Desire As They Explore Domination And Submission Together And With Others An Ancestral Aching For Blood Sport Grows In Winnie, Awakening Her True Self Melanie Watches Her Dark Blood Princess And The Gateway To Real Love Opens Ever So Slowly And As Though One Needed To Delve Into Flesh Itself To Dissect And Prove Love, Melanie And Winnie Find Themselves In The Blood Sister Parlor Plains, Where Love Holds Court And The Greatest Wishes Of Human Kind Are Granted

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    It s been said that Fight Club is a genre of its own If that were true, then Hollow Dolls would be found in its category, right along side Monster In earlier years it may have been stuck between Sybil and Donnie Darko A masterpiece of subtle mental masturbation with a rampant dialogue that goes in and out of places dark, neurotic, and sick A story of how the cogs in the mind break down under the psychotic stress of extreme sexual abuse, even as the mind is being formed in its early child years With glimpses at the sickness that rendered them, and enough bloodlust to pay back a lifetime, and enough pain, and perhaps amidst it all, enough love, of the kind found among birds of a feather, they all take flight It is hard to believe this is Marilyn Dahl s first novel I look forward to her second.

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    This made me love my self a little .One thing that struck me right away was how honest this book depicts the way it is to be messed up So many writers try too hard They fail because they make it seem like the character has a control that isn t really there The person who has disorders, mental problems, who do drugs etc, there is no control really And that s what happens with Melanie, the lead character, and her best friend Winnie, they struggle, for real And all the way through, Melanie is just trying to find out who she really is, and she has no idea Besides that, the plot is completely gripping and woven You re wondering things in the back of your mind for all the characters, how they are relating and what is really going on, and it slowly comes together in all sorts of aha moments and then the big one at the end.

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    Daaaaamn Reading that plot makes me want to buy ten hardbound copies of this and sleep at night beside it.

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    This book was awful and to have this author compared to Palahniuk should be a crime Simply throwing seemingly random situations and the same exact phrases, if I heard my pony her pony one time I m afraid I may have thrown my kindle, around does not equal a surreal psychologically twisted master piece To be fair the opening was grand and set rather high expectations, but nothing developed There is no character individuality or persona development All of the key players just blend into one poorly written one dimensional blob of boring The timeline of events makes no sense, and I don t mean in a drug induced haze sort of way The depiction of D.I.D is non existent I think the word borderline was thrown out there once with no explanation The traumatic not for faint of heart scenes lack any real meat and left me rolling my eyes The authors vocabulary is limited, the kindle version is riddled with typos, and there are no surprises to be found here The author seems to brag about sitting down and typing this book out in less than a month or so That s noticeable, very A few chapters in and I thought to myself, I bet this is self published. And boy was I right..

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    Well, well, well This book left a bittersweet taste in my mouth What I loved about it the most was the whole psychological complexity of the characters, that s what I was looking for in the book What I didn t like was well, the thriller part, but I am to blame for looking for something other than what was on the book.The afterwords by the author were delicious and made me want a memoir I can t imagine what she s been through, I can, but hardly, of course I bought the doll cult, makes perfect sense to me 3 I ll be on the lookout for further books of the same author.

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    M.T Dahl s colorful, sensation, fast moving, imaginative first published opus, Hollow Dolls, reveals a book possibly a genre unlike anything I ve previously experienced, yet the pain, betrayal, rawness, and possibility mimic those layers of life that often remain hidden, that need to be brought into the light if they re to be redeemed Late teen aged protagonists Winnie and Melanie are psychically, psychologically, sexually, and emotionally intertwined and inseparable at the same time neither knows who they are or who the other one is How can any human survive these goings on Experiences like these violent, hyper sexual, semi anonymous fictitious accounts are not all that uncommon in real life, and yes, people do survive In fact, some of those who don t die, actually emerge on the side of life As narrative unfolds, the actions slow down and become easier to follow, but there still are a lot of pills, knives, and razors, still almost incessant sex, and an ongoing sense of what could happen next that holds reader captive Check out the appendices, too Author Marilyn Talia Dahl says she always has loved words, and this books demonstrates that fact Although she doesn t tell us this book is exactly autobiographic, her own life has not been typical What can she do to top this Probably nothing, but I look forward to reading The Fall Girls, due to be published in 2014 Well done

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    Dahl leaves a lot to the imagination of the reader, which I quite like But she also leaves a lot unsaid, giving clues, teasing the reader I want to tell you, but you ll have to work for it The full relationship between Georgy and Mel Melanie is gradually pieced together throughout the novel All of the relationships seem to work the same way There is an underlying reason, ulterior motives all eventually revealed A new talent in the world of subterranean, transgressive fiction.

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    The story is dark and highly imaginative Gripping, I was lost in it A lot of dark insight into the ficticious mind and world of some girls who self mutilate, suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder and other mental illnesses Their plight is dangerous and they get into sex easily which is not uncommon for girls like this Disturbing.

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    I really wanted to like this book but it was really confusing and kinda hard to followAlso it was lust gore fantasy based than mental health

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    My girlfriend said I was like the man rabbit lah de dah Crazy, crazy girls in this book Dark, sexy viscious.