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My favorite book of this series. I m going to start with something positive the narration by the author was very good You could tell that he was enjoying his own book and read it with gusto.However, this was not the book it was purported to be Hoping for a relatively short haunted house story, this was instead a blatant attempt to hit the teenage set over the head with as much Christian evangelism as could be crammed into its pages I should have read the reviews first and saved myself the time I was expecting a bit of a Christian theme, given that the author received the C.S Lewis award Instead, this book has teenagers fighting against demons and being afflicted with spontaneous memory loss, paralysis, extreme aging, etc The only responsible adults in this book seem inclined to sit aside and pray while children confront the devil or engage in a demon led seance Random tidbits are thrown in about the children s pasts, making me believe that one should really read the previous books in order to make sense of them Then again, those tidbits really have no connection to this story, which makes me question why the author included them in the first place.Also, just for kicks, the author might have wanted to review his use of gibberish techno jargon when he did the 2009 edit of this book Even those of us not technically inclined could easily tell that he was making things up. My Favorite of the Forbidden Door series It shows so well that Christians MUST wear armor spiritually A really great book shows us how everything is great and worth to die for I read this as a quest to revisit books I loved in my youth My worldview has changed drastically since then I am aware that it is written for conservative Christian teenagers but that doesn t need to be an excuse to write two dimensional characters and have an overly simplistic ending The reason I read it to the end however is that Myers is good at writing a suspenseful plot that draws you in from the very beginning that makes you want go read till the end despite his flaws And it s a very short read. I read the first six book in this series as a teen and devoured them As a teen, I recall appreciating how open and honest and real they were with where I was at in my life I liked the suspense and characters, and how as an author he didn t shy away with confronting the things people talked about from a godly perspective I now have a thirteen year old who has begun reading them as well, and we ve already had some awesome discussions about deeper, darker spiritual issues that she s witnessed in her friend s lives I love how she feels better equipped with how to pray for and reach those friends while guarding her own heart and spirit. This book creeped me out so much as a child Yet I read it multiple times. This was always my favorite book in the series as a teen and is still one of the best Pretty awful stuff whole load of Christian shame and guilt packed into one little horror novel. Scott And Rebecca S Greatest Enemy, The Ascension Lady, Has Come To Becka For HelpShe Wants To Hold A S Ance To Free The Spirit Of A Little Girl Who Has Been Haunting An Old Mansion In Town After A Series Of Eerie Experiences, Becka And Scott Begin To Wonder If It Really Is A Ghost Haunting The Old Mansion In Town Or DemonsFollow Rebecca And Scott As They Find Themselves Caught Up In Their Most Dangerous Encounter Yet An Encounter That Will Take A Miracle To Bring Them Through Safely