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I can freely admit reading this novel wasn t exactly planned on my part last night I actually was clearing out my Carousel on my Kindle Fire when I realized I bought it ages ago and still hadn t read it I started it and let s just say I woke up at 2 30 am this morning to continue reading and didn t finish it till this afternoon but all I can say is whoa Ms Nelson has a way with characterization which kept me reading well past when I thought I would become bored and the storyline, though it seems rather trite military man falls for woman who moves in as his nanny after a series of incidents leaves him without a wife , I was hooked.I loved the plot, the pacing and sex scenes were downright HOT without being pornographic I don t usually read romance unless it is paranormal or gothic in genre but this one consumed me and kept me wanting There is an HEA ending and I can t say it felt the least bit cheesy.The only reason why I didn t give it five stars was because of the few grammatical errors I found but it certainly didn t stop me from reading this novel in less than a day Well done and I will buying many, many of Ms Nelson s books. Okay I love everything about this story I can t believe I waited so long before I read it But I guess I m glad I did I needed this type of book right now Straight forward honest love here No games Real issues Colorful layered characters with LOTS of heart And an interesting gripping plot.I lost count of how many times I teared up reading this book Or how many times I gasped out loud due to some shocking reveals I don t want to ruin anything, just read it Please You will be glad you did This is a definite gem.I m definitely looking into of this author s work. Staff Sergeant Brett Black Has A Bad Feeling That Something Is Going To Go Terribly Wrong And As A Recon Marine, He Pays Attention To His Gut Only Nothing Can Prepare Him For What He Encounters When He Arrives At Home From The Base His Wife Is Leaving Him, And There Is Nothing He Can Do About It Abandoned With A Kid, The Super Alpha Male Has To Become Domesticated Quickly Or Find A Willing Substitute To Help Him With His Son Only The Substitute He Finds Is No Substitution Courtney Lawless Is A True Wild Card The Budding Librarian Loves The Classics And Carries Herself Like A Lady By Day But She Also Is Full Of Life And Surfs The Waves Of The Atlantic Ocean By Night Since Her Parents Won T Pay For College Because Of Bad Decisions In Her Past, The Reformed Bad Girl Takes A Job As Brett S Live In Nanny To Finish Paying For School Brett Has Never Seen A Woman Of Such Complex Duality Used To A Wife Who Won T Clean, Cook Or Even Talk To Him, When He Starts To Live With Courtney, He Realizes What He S Been Missing His Entire Life Educated, Amazing And Refreshingly Honest, The Only Thing That That This Transparent Beauty Hides From Her New Boss Is That She S Also The Lieutenant Colonel S Daughter Faced With Another Deployment To Afghanistan Soon, The Brooding Marine Is Forced To Come Out His Shell To Fight For What He Loves, Only This Time, The War Is At HomeEnjoy The Interracial Must Read Romance Of The Summer, The Grunt, The Third A Longest Book In Latrivia S Nelson S Lonely Heart Series TodaySpecial Note From The Author As A Proud Wife Of A Decorated, United States Marine, I M Happy To Write This Book About Finding Love While Serving The Corps I Think You Ll Find Brett To Be A Strong Alpha Male With Endearing Qualities, And You Ll Find Courtney To Be A Strong, Loving Woman The Combination Makes For A Classic Love Story That Sizzles With Passion But Warms You From The Inside With Sincerity This Is Also The Longest Book In The Lonely Heart Series As A Full Length Novel, I Think You Ll Enjoy The Extra Pages And A Few Laughs Like So Many Others, My Husband Was Wounded In Iraq His Road To Recovery Was Hard Not Only On Us But Also On Our Two Children It Took A Lot Words Cannot Explain The Pain And Worry Of Receiving The Call That Your Husband Has Been Severely Injured As A Young Couple, We Relied On Our Families, Our Faith In God And The Military For Support A Part Of The Proceeds From This Book Will Be Contributed To Soldier S Angels For Those Who Have Served And Have Been Injured Check My Official Website For The Date And Amount Of The Contribution We Are Aiming To Present A Check During The Christmas Holiday I Would Encourage You To Consider Them As Your Charity Of Choice As Well Again, I Hope That You EnjoySincerely Yours,Latrivia S Nelson A sweet contemporary romance about a Marine soldier whose awful awful wife abandons him and his little boy, forcing him to hire a nanny to help out He ends up meeting Courtney, a very loving, happy free spirit who basically shows Brett and Cameron his little boy what has been missing from their lives The things that poor Brett had to endure, during and after his marriage ended, were soooo sad and heart wrenching, ugghhhi felt sooo bad for him Brett and Courtney s relationship romance was very sweet and believable, it certainly wasn t an easy road for them though, given the circumstances, with his lifestyle and the disapproval of her father and brother, but thank goodness for her mother and their perseverance..and for HEAs in general This book definitely gave me an appreciation for what Marines and prob anyone in any military branch and their spouses families have to go through on a daily basishats off to all those people out there Spoiler Free Review5 STARSGenre Adult Inter Racial Romance This book shows you that out of all the hardships life may bring you can still find true happiness The GruntThe Grunt starts off with Sergeant Brett Black s wife leaving him and their 4yr old son Cameron for another man Brett finds himself not only a single parent but utterly lost in thoughts of how it all went wrong While visiting the base library he meets a young black girl named Courtney The two run into eachother again later that night at a party on the beach They go back to Courtney s place to talk but talking leads to a kiss After learning that Brett s wife left him and he is in need of a nanny Courtney signs herself up for the job She has had a rough start after flunking out of Yale her first year, then after changing her major a few times she has finally found her calling As a librarian Her father stop funding her indecisive ways long ago so she started working to pay for school Unfortunately her recent job at the base library is finished due to cutbacks Brett hires Courtney as his live in nanny they both agree not to act on the attraction they feel for one another but that does not last long Now the two have crossed the line to the point of no return.But what happens when Brett finds out who Courtney really is And with the news that he will once again be deployed back to Afghanistan soon how will this impact their new relationship ThoughtsI really enjoyed The Grunt, the author did an excellent job with the writing Then she threw a few unexpected curveballs in the storylines that i loved I loved it so much i did not mind when i had to pick my jaw up off the floor a few times.Courtney I loved her spirit she was always positive She was very loving and carefree it really showcased her character.Brett Is sweet and very loving he wears his heart on his sleeve and is not afraid to be sensitive or show sensitivity He also stood up for what he believed and did not back down when faced with adversity.My RatingsCharacters LovableWriting Style ExcellentPlot Storyline Emotional, Passionate and at times IntenseSteam Factor Moderately SteamyOverall I loved it Very Enjoyable This was a book that surprised me on a lot of levels.Level One Brett our hero Usually when an author writes about a man in the military they choose a SEAL or something along those lines If the military hero is not high up on the chain of command then he s working his way up the ladder This was not so with Brett Brett s a grunt and he s happy where he is This was so refreshing because it s not often that you get a character who s okay with not having tons of money or a grand title Latrivia S Nelson was able to write a character who was content with where he was without making him seem lazy.When we meet Brett he s completely stressed out where his home life is concerned The events that happen within the first couple of chapters are life changing and throw him for a loop They would turn anyone s world upside down No matter what happens to Brett, though, he picks himself up and does what he needs to do for him and his son There were plenty of times while reading this book that I wanted to give Brett a high five and a hug.Level Two Courtney our heroine She was happy, smart and had common sense At no point did I want to smack her Also, like Brett, she was content being who she was without aspiring to be the greatest person alive She was an every day person.I felt for Courtney where her relationship with her father was concerned He was someone who wanted to be the best of the best and didn t understand how Courtney could be happy with where she was in her life While Courtney had spent most of her life living to make her father proud, when we meet her she s living to make herself happy and I applauded her for that.Level Three The issue of race The issue of race was not a central issue which I appreciated It was however dealt with very realistically Courtney s father had dealt with a lot of racism while he climbed up the ranks in the military and therefore had a bit of a problem with the race issue when it came to Courtney and Brett Did I agree with his views No, but I did see how he had come to view things the way that he did.It was made clear whet the father s views were but that aspect of the story wasn t overdone Level Four The issue of PTSD When most authors write about PTSD they cover the nightmares and flashbacks Latrivia S Nelson also hit on the anger that goes along with PTSD and she did it well I never felt like Brett was out of control but he did struggle with keeping himself in check Overall, this book sort of blew me away I wasn t sure that I would like it as much as I did but I was pleasantly surprised. Description Staff Sergeant Brett Black suddenly finds himself widowed, with no one to look after his little boy Enter Courtney Lawless, a wild child, surfing librarian and the Lieutenant Colonel s daughter She s recently been laid off from her job and agrees to become Brett s live in nanny Passion and drama alike ensues.The Good This story is a super hot and sexy page turner It also offers rather fresh situations as far as IR is concerned I was just as compelled by the story as the relationship Unlike many a prickly IR heroine, Courtney is both interesting and sweet It s hard not to cheer for her Oh, and that cover is H.O.T.The Bad See the editing section Also, Black s dead wife is painted as a two dimensional villain with so few redeeming qualities that she dips into caricature In general, this is a stand by your Marine sort of book, and if you have any womanist ideals whatsoever, it might rub you the wrong way.The Naughty Light BDSM, rough sex.Editing issues Craft and editing wise, the writing is so poor, that it is a credit to Ms Nelson s superior storytelling skills that I was able to get through this entire book It s particularly upsetting, because one gets the feeling that Ms Nelson could truly become a reader favorite and an IR staple writer if she would only engage an editor.Publisher RiverHouse Publishing LLCLength 326Final Grade DHappy Reading,Theodora from I liked this story a lot I took off a little for excessive editing issues Loved the characters and the story Would recommend to those who like the genre Great storytelling Steamy read. Feb 2013 reread I still love this book The characters, the plot I think there may have been changes made to the book The part where Brett gets emotional because it had been so long since someone had wanted his touch not just endured it is gone in the kindle edition I loaned mine out, so it was a redownload I m sad that Ms Nelson took it out It seemed shorter as well Sept 2011 reviewWhat great book I love the characters and the way they re drawn I thought is was realistic, passionate and touching I love little Cameron He was a sweet little boy Courtney and her mom were so beautiful and full of life My heart ached for Brett when he made love with Courtney and he was overwhelmed with emotion because it had been so long since someone enjoyed his body and not just endured sex with him Amy was such a bitch How she couldn t love him and love making love with him, I ll never understand I give this book 4.5 stars because of the typos in the Kindle edition But it is still worth reading I highly recommend this book. for readers book lovers.4.5 starsBRIEF SUMMARYStaff Sergeant Brett, comes home from Afghanistan to a not so nice welcome by his wife He was abandoned, with having to care for his son alone Now alone and not sure how to raise a child on his own, he finds help at the library Courtney is a librarian and helps Brett in his time of need.THOUGHTS May contain spoilers I enjoyed this book As much as I liked the story, I really enjoyed the way the story was being told I liked that the author gave us some insight in to Brett and Amy s relationship in the beginning of the story, which helped a lot, Amy was Brett s wife As the story progress and Brett becomes vulnerable and open, it added to the plot and gave his character such an appeal He was sexy, sweet, and very much likable Courtney was a loveable character as well Both characters together gave such good chemistry with each scene I think the emotions from both Brett and Courtney are what made this book such a pleasure to read as well The story was good, but I definitely felt the story came alive the moment Courtney moved in with Brett.The supporting characters were great to read as well Brett s son, Courtney s family, and Brett s best friend Joe I also felt the Kung Foo Fighting CD, giggles really had a life of its own throughout the book, it did bring a smile to my face every time Brett played it I would definitely read the series and books by this author.I do have to say though, that David, Courtney s brother, is not apart of the series and the author did include him within the Epilogue however, I think he needed his own story His character left a lasting and strong impression on me.Story GOODIntimacy VERY GOODEnjoyment GOODhttp for readers book lovers.