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I wanted very much to read about Jesus life in a story format such as this It took me a while to find it, but this book enables me to envision his life and even put myself there as an observer It definitely helped me to be a better disciple. You cannot rewrite the greatest story ever written If you want to read the greatest story ever told read it straight from the bible The Word is alive It doesn t need to be rewritten If the authors desire was to inspire people to read the Word and follow Christ, why not be a witness to the truth Faith comes by hearing and by hearing the word of God This is NOT the Word of God There are too many inaccuracies in this book to be accepted or taken seriously as a retelling of the greatest story ever told And any attempt to do so apart from the facts which are written in the Word of God is disgusting How could the author say Jesus thought to himself How could he know what Jesus thought unless the Word reveals exactly what He was thinking This is just the authors interpretation of the Word It is far from accurate To rewrite it apart from facts, to rewrite it according to your own interpretation, is to leave out the power of the Holy Spirit to draw hearts to the truth I want the Holy Spirit to reveal the story of Jesus to me as I study Gods word I want the real genuine infallible and powerful Word of God You cannot ever make the contents therein desirable than it already is This is nothing short of fictional counterfeit. Fulton Oursler S Outstanding Classic The Greatest Story Ever Told Narrates The Ever New, Everlasting Story Of The Life Of Jesus Christ Written With Powerful Simplicity And Set Against A Rich And Accurate Historical Background, This Account Of The Greatest Life Ever Lived Describes The Moving Story Of Christ S Nativity, The Flight Of The Holy Family Into Egypt, Christ S Youth, His Public Ministry, Passion, Death, And ResurrectionWhile There Have Been Many Lives Of Christ Published, Few Have Received So Wide A Popular Acclamation As Fulton Oursler S Classic Tale Since It Was First Published In , When It Was Instantly Acclaimed By Both The Secular And Lay Press And Endorsed By Clergy Of All Faiths, The Greatest Story Ever Told Has Gone Into Scores Of Printings, Has Been Read By Millions, And Is One Of The Most Successful Bestsellers Of All Time The Life Of Christ Is Certainly The Greatest Story Ever Told, And Fulton Oursler Has Told It Superbly Well Blessed are they that have not seen and have believed I BELIEVE I have read through the Bible for many, many years and I have often envisioned the Scriptures as I read them Now, with the imagery created by Fulton s writings, I feel my Bible reading will be greatly enriched.I think if we read his book as one man s understanding of how Bible history played out, we can enjoy it and not get wrapped up in what is true and what is not After all, were any of us there Blessed are they that have not seen and have believed I must say, I never envisioned Joseph or Peter baldlol I guess we all picture people the way we want them to appear and or according to how their character nature is described Now I have to decide if I will continue with my version of them or Fulton shmmmAfter deciding to read this book as a work of fiction based on Fulton s understanding, I enjoyed fitting myself into the scenery, feeling the emotion of each event and seeing things from another perspective I believe we all know the Scripture in Isaiah 55 9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts Or, don t put God in a box of our own making.This book has enriched and invigorated my reading of Scripture. I will admit that I do not know what serious Biblical scholars think But since my copy from the 1970 s says 3.5 million copies sold by then, I am NOT the only person to think it is an awesome telling of the story of Jesus Little details that flesh it out, make if rich in detail of what life was like For example, did you ever think that since Joseph had to go to Bethlehem for the census, that his parents could have been on the trip w Mary Joseph Also helps explain some of the ritual life what would Jesus have seen at the temple when he was 12 Amazing Lots of research had to go into this Now for the picky picky Biblical scholars, the info for this book was researched before internet, before Dead Sea Scrolls translated, etc Some of it before WWII, so just enjoy the story don t let things that current research disproves if it does put you into a snit. This is a fabulous retelling of the story of Jesus, his birth, teaching, healing, suffering and resurrection It is a classic among american literature and a heritage to an age when people would listen to the radio for stories What I enjoyed most about this retelling of Jesus life was how real the characters were, especially those who are on the outside looking in Our Bible doesn t give back stories to guys like Annas or Zaccheus but this book attempts to do so Largely it is a success I also appreciate how this book glides seamlessly through the many divides between the synoptics and the Gospel of John It knows that there are differences but the writer deftly maneuvers these differences and brings them together I read this book because someone in the congregation gave it to me to read I would recommend it to anyone with a love of Jesus and a desire to learn speculate about him. Am still reading this bookI will not do a detailed review of this book as I believe that most men are familiar with the life of Jesus Christ However, I only have questions.Am not a Bible historian, but there are new facts which I have discovered when reading this book which am not quite sure about Who is Samuel the revolutionary who changes his name to Barabbas Jesus Is it true that Joachim and Anna were Mary s parents A nicely written telling of the life of Jesus, from birth through ministry, to arrest and crucifiction, to resurection The author did a good job of putting the story into a easily readable novel format. An amazing book throwing light into the life of Jesus. This is a straight forward re telling of the story of the gospel in a novel like form Oursler takes no liberties with the gospel message, but he does add some color to the story with historical details about the way people lived at the time The types of housing, the food they ate, their modes of travel and even the details of Mary and Joseph s romance give substance and connection to the life of Jesus.I enjoyed the book very much, especially reading the story of Jesus s birth at Christmas time as I was Written in the 1940s there are some phrases that seemed racist, and some caricature characters that were unnecessary, but overall the message is heartfelt.