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Another that may be like a 4.5 5 starsStarts off heartbreaking, but faded toward the end for me I kept waiting for something bad to happen but I know it s coming next book Still loving these characters I just love Raisa so freAKING MUCH GUYS Team Raisa forever.I mean everyone else is okay but RAISA. Edit 03 12 More I think about this third book and trust me, it s in my mind A LOT , I wonder why I didn t rounded up to 5 Done now The Gray Wolf Throne and The Crimson Crown were fabulous in their own way and entered my favorites all the same So 5 stars it is Byrne, we need to do a better job of protecting the queen, he said Before we know it, she ll be showing off old battle scars to her ladies whenever she s in her cups It won t help our reputations any 4.5 stars See I knew that would come a day I d admire Raisa You show them, bloody princess Watch out, everyone, because this girl ain t no figurehead I won t mention Han s amazing self almost my fingers are twichtching, trust me , otherwise I would never stop rambling and contrary to popular beliefs, I do sleep.Sometimes.BUT I AM SO SO PROUD OF BOTH OF THEM HENCE THE YELLING GAH WHAT A GROWTH I look forward to it, Han said, displaying his streetlord smile He tried to ignore the voice in his head the one that said, Kill him now, Alister Kill him now before he tries again Of course my lips are sealed because SPOILERS , but just know that our characters don t do dwelling on self pity They choose to keep going, to understand the other one without spending pages and pages moping and distrusting This is so fucking refreshing, I swear I love them with all my heart view spoiler Just how many times do you get to see characters that decide to STOP sulking when they re hurt I ll tell you Almost NEVER Both Han and Raisa were FANTASTIC after the revelation of Raisa s real name I am so so proud hide spoiler Han Alister Thought He Had Already Lost Everyone He Loved But When He Finds His Friend Rebecca Morley Near Death In The Spirit Mountains, Han Knows That Nothing Matters Than Saving Her The Costs Of His Efforts Are Steep, But Nothing Can Prepare Him For What He Soon Discovers The Beautiful, Mysterious Girl He Knew As Rebecca Is None Other Than Raisa Ana Marianna, Heir To The Queendom Of The Fells Han Is Hurt And Betrayed He Knows He Has No Future With A Blueblood And, As Far As He S Concerned, The Princess S Family As Good As Killed His Own Mother And Sister But If Han Is To Fulfill His End Of An Old Bargain, He Must Do Everything In His Power To See Raisa Crowned Queen Meanwhile, Some People Will Stop At Nothing To Prevent Raisa From Ascending With Each Attempt On Her Life, She Wonders How Long It Will Be Before Her Enemies Succeed Her Heart Tells Her That The Thief Turned Wizard Han Alister Can Be Trusted She Wants To Believe It He S Saved Her Life Than Once But With Danger Coming At Her From Every Direction, Raisa Can Only Rely On Her Wits And Her Iron Hard Will To Survive And Even That Might Not Be EnoughThe Gray Wolf Throne Is An Epic Tale Of Fierce Loyalty, Unbearable Sacrifice, And The Heartless Hand Of Fate 4.5 Stars Can we just sit here for a moment and appreciate the level of detail and artistry put into this series This series has rattled its way into my favorites list It is nothing short of epic.This book picks up exactly where book 2 left off Raisa is running for her life, and you guessed it Han is racing after Raisa Pretty much the entire first quarter of this book feels like a race Even my heart was pounding This book felt much action packed than the previous two without the slowwww first half I don t want to spoil much of the plot but I just want to express my love for not only the characters, not only the AMAZING world building, but the level of depth in the politics between the countries, clans, and wizard houses I do what to quickly touch on my feelings for the characters because ugh I just have to Han His character development, determination, loyalty UGH I love everything about him.Raisa She s grown up She acts so much older than her age and I can t help but absolutely adore her to pieces Talk about a woman worthy of being queen Amon Talk about sacrificial Iugh I can t Too raw.Micah Despite all his seemingly selfish actions I just can t help but feel like there is a good guy in there somewhere So whatever I love him Still After everything.For those of you racing through this series like me expect a pleasant surprise of jam packed action and SERIOUS feels in this book.My Blog Instagram Twitter Etsy 4.75 This series is too fucking fantastic I can t this is just too much I rarely RARELY ever read a book where I don t come out the other end complaining about one thing or another However much I love the book there s always something that I m let down by This is, by no means, the case here By far, it is not Where do I begin And why am I not giving this 5 starts I loved everything The plot The world The political intricacies My adorable, incredible characters EVERYTHING This series is so criminally underrated, I tell you IT IS SO FREAKISHLY GOOD I just want to hug it The world building is on point and the characters are stabbily adorable, plus there s sass, and the occasional smushing of my feels A COMBINATION OF GLORY Although, to be painfully honest I felt like the pacing was off in this instalment It didn t ruin the book for me, but I did feel a bit befuddled But I ll get to that.First I have to gush.NO NO WAIT First I have to confess I ve been procrastinating this series because A the books are just getting huger, and B I don t want it to end So it s been AGES since I read The Exiled Queen and I d forgotten a lot of things mybad The book did a bit of recapping though, which was endlessly handy Thank you bless you god save the queen.This 3rd book heavily features TRAVEL I admit that s not my favourite The first 100 pages were tedious with people just TRAVELLING AROUND ON HORSEBACK I mean, they got shot at So that at least is fun Everyone would like to kill Raisa She s now on the warpath to get her throne back.I am on the warpath to get her and Han back together.Obviously Han would have to find out EVENTUALLY who Raisa really is He took itsuper badly Their relationship took a curving dive in this book and broke my heart But there is still kissing Even though they are 1000% the most forbidden of forbidden romances Every time they come head to head it s like Will they kiss Will they stab each other Who can know My favourite kind of romance.But with all the politics, travel, and meetings featured.it did lack a bit of the SPARK the other two books had Hans POV is relegated to the background a little My heart breaks over that, omg I love Raisa, but I love Hans Also there was no real climax Likehow I kept waiting for something to happen, but it was like 10 pages to the end and I realised we weren t going to get a high stakes climax or cliffhanger So yay I guess for no cliffhanger BUT I REALLY WANTED A CLIFFHANGER I wanted the screaming fangirling flails I had in the last two books I did not get them with this bizarre pacing.But whatever THERE WERE SO MANY OTHER GOOD THINGS THAT I DIE OVER LOVING Han s sass and smooth street talking slang and rougish devilry Seriously, he is such a devil in this book AND he becomes a very much better dressed one Since he s embracing his wizard side fully now and working for the crown, he dresses like it LIKE CAN I MARRY THIS BOOK HAN I have a small crush Also he is so in love with Raisa it s adorable He s absolutely pretending not to and he absolutely is Raisa s ability to live through, like, EVERYTHING, is very admirable If you re waiting for her to get shot, stabbed, poisoned, attacked, punched, etc this book is for you I still don t call it a love triangle But Raisa has, well, I mean, I m pretty sure she has feelings for Amon, but it s not angsty or overly romantic I think she truly sees him as a friend, but the idea of him marrying means he s no longer SOLELY hers Which is why she gets knotted about it Hence I still maintain it s not a triangle Someone needs to stuff Micah in a jar and then toss him into the sea I really like Fiona Bayer I think she needs to be in the book Preferably than Micah Please someone knock off Micah Han needs to stop being so devilishly charming omg I also love love love how detailed and intense the world building is THE WORLD IS SO HUGE and this fantasy world just leaps off the page as one of the best I ve ever read The wolves are speaking THE MAGIC IS AWESOME I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SERIES SO MUCH.Although my only two real complaints apart from the weird pacing and that really should be illegal complains are A the book I ve bought is freaking heavy It actually HURTS to read for long periods What did they print it on STONE and B there is not enough food in this book I demand than porridge, dude.ALL IN ALL Another glorious instalment Except I only have one book left and I m really not ready for this This has got to be one of the most epic and amazingly constructed fantasy series of my life, and I adore the mix of rougish charming devils, wizards, plot twists, matriarchies, forbidden love, native clan culture, and streetlords and thieves This series has pretty much stolen me I m so okay with that. Its unfortunate when so many people are trying to kill you that you can t sort them outI love these books I love this series I m 200000% not ready to finish this series and leave these characters behind I m semi torn as to how to rate this book This book was crazy intense and a lot happened in it but also a lot didn t happen There were so many twists and shocking revelations, but plot wise there wasn t AS much happening in this book as there was in book 2 Han and Raisa are phenomenal characters and I adore them both Originally I struggled to love Han but damn that has changed so much I love both characters equally and I fly through their chapters because of how hooked I am to this story and these characters and their journey Also this ship needs to get back together ASAP or else I may cry I would love to see of Amon in the next book because he seems to have really taken a back seat now I just want of him because I really like his character, however I do understand why he isn t as central any I m loving seeing of Dancer view spoiler who we find out is LORD BAYAR S SON and I kid you not I screamed for a solid hour over this revelation I totally did not see that coming at all hide spoiler Nearly all my life I ve taken what I wanted, when I wanted it, with no thought for the future, since I wasn t likely to have one Do you know how hard this is for me Do you4.5 stars Dear lordthe feels, the feels The goodness train keeps rolling Lives are at stake Love is at stake There s danger, magic and intrigue aplenty There are no dragons though Ah well I still don t know what to say about fantasy books or how to sell them If you don t read fantasy, you re really missing out boo to the real world all of the time , especially when gems like Seven Realms come along This series explains many of the reasons why I like fantasy, especially when it s done right.In fact, I don t even know if I can find one thing to complain about Wellmaybe one thing The first 20% was ridiculously slow and I thought I d stumbled into first book syndrome for a minute I ll just chalk it up to the author laying groundwork for what was to come because when stuff started happening hoo boy Yes, I said it HOO BOY Raisa s braver than I am I would have stayed in hiding After all, there were lots of boogeymen lurking in the shadows I don t know if I would be able to sleep if I were her What s that Arrows flying at my head YeahI ll pass Thanks.Everyone says the final book number 4 is phenomenal and the best of the series, which means I m super excited to read it Unfortunately, I have to wait until July to use it for a challenge angry face Until that time comes, I ll leave you with a Han momentShe s tough for a blueblood, he d thought a lifetime ago Maybe tough enough to be with me He hadn t considered that he might not be tough enough to be with her. Love Love Love Why does fantasy turn me into an incoherent child who forgets how to review I guess we ll never know because I have yet to figure out how to do this exits stage right realizes she went the wrong way and turns around to exit on the proper side She d been born for this and raised to it She d fought for it, and at times she d thought she might die for it She had a long history of tragedy and triumph behind her, and a lifetime of hard work ahead of her It was time to get startedRating Though I still enjoyed The Gray Wolf Throne, I felt that it suffered the middle book syndrome The pacing of the story was consistently a bit slow throughout the whole book, and it definitely wasn t as great as The Exiled Queen A lot happened but at the same time it didn t Well, nothing that was too exciting or worth talking about.The two things I did love within this installment was Raisa s character development and the increase in interaction between our two main characters, Han and Raisa.In the beginning of the series, Raisa was nothing special to me She was a lovestruck princess forbiddingly pining over her childhood friend turned Corporal She was lost in the group of the many average, mediocre heroines I ve read about that weren t really worthy of remembering But come The Exiled Queen, Raisa really started to turn around The snoozefest of a romance between Amon and Raisa also finally started to die down Then when we get to The Gray Wolf Throne, Raisa completely surprised me She has turned out to be quite the badass queen Her character has evolved so much since The Demon King and has proved to be the rightful heroine that she should ve been from the very beginning.Oh and can we take a second to appreciate how great Han s character just is since The Demon King He just gets better and better with each installment Han always has me swooning in ever scene he s in and he doesn t even have to try.Since the beginning, I ve been desperately hoping for Han and Raisa scenes We get little to no interaction in The Demon King We get a whole lot chapters in The Exiled Queen but they were still separated for the first half of the book Finally, we get to see them interacting for majority of The Gray Wolf Throne, and I couldn t be happier My shipping heart was dancing and doing flips and tumbles from the amount of Han Raisa interaction we got in this book I NEED MORE.Overall, The Gray Wolf Throne was probably my least favorite of the series so far It just suffered a bit of middle book syndrome and nothing exciting happened besides a few chapters here and there I still enjoyed reading the book and I could tell that we are in for a wild ride in The Crimson Crown Hopefully the finale will be much exciting than The Gray Wolf Throne. Re read 2016Oh My Godwhy aren t people reading these books Even better the second time around I m so glad I decided to pick these books up again I guess it was just a fear that they wouldn t be as good as I remembered them that kept me from cracking em open sooner, so I m happy to report unlike some of my previous favorites this series still stands up to the test of time.So, yeah.I WAS RIGHT BIOCHES Original review 2012 This is my new favorite series Without a doubt, I will be first in line to get The Crimson Crown when it comes out later this year Each book has progressively gotten better and better, and this time around I found myself walking around with the book in my hand waiting for an opportunity to start reading it again I m not going to even attempt to re cap the plot, because there is just no way I would do it justice I will say that all of the characters, major and minor, are well fleshed out and fully formed Very few of them are totally good or fully evil, either Seriously, this does not read like a typical YA novel Cinda Williams Chima has really impressed me with these books, but this one in particular was just incredible.Honestly, I can t see how she doesn t have a bigger following than she does.I would highly recommend this entire series to anyone who enjoys a great story.