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Haunted By The Loss Of His Mother And Sister, Han Alister Journeys South To Begin His Schooling At Mystwerk House In Oden S Ford But Leaving The Fells Doesn T Mean That Danger Isn T Far Behind Han Is Hunted Every Step Of The Way By The Bayars, A Powerful Wizarding Family Set On Reclaiming The Amulet Han Stole From Them And Mystwerk House Has Dangers Of Its Own There, Han Meets Crow, A Mysterious Wizard Who Agrees To Tutor Han In The Darker Parts Of Sorcery But The Bargain They Make Is One Han May Regret Meanwhile, Princess Raisa Ana Marianna Runs From A Forced Marriage In The Fells, Accompanied By Her Friend Amon And His Triple Of Cadets Now, The Safest Place For Raisa Is Wein House, The Military Academy At Oden S Ford If Raisa Can Pass As A Regular Student, Wein House Will Offer Both Sanctuary And The Education Raisa Needs To Succeed As The Next Gray Wolf Queen Everything Changes When Han And Raisa S Paths Cross, In This Epic Tale Of Uncertain Friendships, Cut Throat Politics, And The Irresistible Power Of Attraction

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    Nobody s going to hand you anything You don t get what you don t go after Well, I wanted a sequel as mindblowing as The Demon King and I got it I am under Cinda Williams Chima s spell The pressure of past tragedies drove him forward the need to escape reminders of his losses, and the desire to be somewhere other than where he d been That, and a smoldering desire for revenge After losing everything he cared about, Han Alister is on his way to Oden s Ford to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Mystwerk House, the academy for wizards, in order to become strong and fullfill his part of the deal with the clans And exact revenge from the all mighty Bayars But Raisa is also heading to Oden s Ford, to attend the military academy and hide from her mother and the Wizard Council that wants to control her via a forced marriage and cause civil war in the queendom, while their enemies surround them With only a couple of friends by their side, Han and Raisa have to study hard, practice even harder and make difficult decisions that may cost them everything they hold dear But it s not enough to know right from wrong You need the strength to do what s right, even when what you want most in the world is the wrong thing The first 100 pages were really slow, but the rest of The Exiled Queen was an absolutely enthralling tale of magic, politics and survival Of course I got a serious Harry Potter vibe but that s meant to happen every time I read about wizarding schools because J.K Rowling is the Queen The insubordinate student with the great potential that always found trouble hello Harry Potter , the circle of elite students hello Professor Slughorn , the pull to dark magic Voldie Is that you and the annoying brat you can t help but picture like this there was a pattern that s for sure, but there was A strict military academy, travels to the realms of dreams, good manners tutoring, everything made up an intriguing story you couldn t stop reading And the ever present politics and conspiracies were enough to make you edgy and eager for answers What s your heart saying now I m in trouble What prevented me for giving the fifth star even though I wanted to were the characters There was Han, who survived the streets for being cunning, careful and methodical that all of the sudden started acting impulsively, recklessly and without thinking, endangering himself and his friends, while Raisa was reduced into a hormone driven silly teenager Her queendom was on the brink of war, but her constant concern was who she d kiss next and whether Amon loved her It was so frustrating, I wanted so badly to talk some sense into her thick skull She kept acting on a whim and making silly decisions like a petulant child instead of a future ruler the letter Really , and I hated the way she treated Amon She made a bad situation worse just because she couldn t have what she wanted Raisa dear, just because Micah didn t kill you that doens t mean you should overlook everything he did, and you have to accept that your mother is a weak, bad queen Denial will get you nowhere And please, stop feeling dizzy and lightheaded every time someone kisses you Your love life isn t important than the fate of your world But if you overlook the wave of silliness that somehow hit the main characters, The Exiled Queen was a wonderful magical adventure, and I can t wait to start the next installment

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    It s not enough to know right from wrong You need the strength to do what s right, even when what you want most in the world is the wrong thing Rating HOLY CRAP This book was literally everything The Exiled Queen was such a major step up from The Demon King This series just keeps getting better and better with each installment I m saying this straight out IF YOU HAVEN T READ THE SEVEN REALMS SERIES, YOU BETTER GET A MOVE ON BECAUSE YOU ARE MISSING OUT.The Exiled Queen was absolutely flawless The characters, the plot, everything, had me hooked The only negative thing I can say about this book or just the Seven Realms series in general is that it starts off really slow But I m beginning to think that this is just a trend in this series so I strongly recommend just being patient and getting through the first 150 pages or so because I guarantee that the rest of the book will BLOW YOUR MIND.Like most series in the literary world, each installment is an upgrade from the previous book, but it took me by surprise how much of an improvement The Exiled Queen was from The Demon King.We move away from politics and the Seven Realms as a whole and focus on our younger characters as they all step foot on Oden s Ford to attend the academy Our characters going off on their own to go to school was the cherry on top of a fantastic book I got major HOGWARTS vibes while reading The Exiled Queen I can t even stop saying how great this was.We got to see of the characters finally interacting with one another, that being the Bayars and Han, and even Han and Raisa We get of Dancer and Cat I liked Dancer in The Demon King but we never really got to see a lot of his character until The Exiled Queen He was like the Ron Weasley of the Seven Realms And I couldn t help but compare Micah Bayar to Draco Malfoy Cat was also a pleasant addition to this installment We definitely got to see her in action and although I was a bit wary of her at first, I took a liking to her towards the end Fiona Bayar as well Amon was probably the only one that I m not sure I liked or not I did before but not as much now But I just loved seeing of the characters rather than all the adults we had to deal with in the first book It was definitely a breath of fresh air Our two main characters Han and Raisa finally started interacting but it was practically just a little tease We got a taste of them as a couple and now I just have to have Cinda Williams Chima honestly takes slow burn romance to a whole new level Our main characters are literally dancing circles around each other the whole book and only directly interact for a few chapters But when they do GAH I m constantly swooning and fanning myself.The Seven Realms has easily become one of my favorite series of all time and I still have two books to go I can t imagine how much better those next two will be The Exiled Queen ended on such a high note and I m just dying to start The Crimson Crown More Han and Raisa please 3

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    RATINGS 4 STARS The saga of the Seven Realms is continued by The Exiled Queen right from the point where its preceding book The Demon King left off The Exiled Queen shows about character development than the previous book This enchanted saga takes a step ahead to bring the readers an entanglement of different characters, a new perspective on the intentions of the characters and has introduced the venerable but neutral educational system of Oden s Ford is it only me who feels that it sounds similar to Oxford Set in the backdrop of a war, the book has shown the repercussions and aftermath of such terrible and unpredictable times.The book begins with Hanson Alister and Raisa ana Marianna travelling to Oden s Ford, a boarding school, each carrying the weight of their past So it s predictable that they re going to be in crossroads again While Hans learns about the utilisation and power of his magic and the lifestyle of wizards and blue bloods, Raisa is focused on training herself to learn about a life of a soldier to make herself a better queen in the future and being cautious at every turn to keep her identity a secret Unlike in the preceding book, the protagonists learn to adapt themselves in the new surrounding, use their strengths to benefit themselves rather than showing it off with arrogance and learn to have different personality than the one they re habituated to The resolution of the protagonists for retribution and bringing out welfare of the Fells has intensified The secondary characters have made the story ebullient and entrancing The life in the boarding school was brought under spotlight to let us get acquainted with the world of the Seven Realms It was unique as it shows the combination of the academic patterns of the soldiers and the wizards The world building and plot of the book was gripping and intriguing like it s previous book The story is going to offer you an unexpected mixture of twists and turns which will compel you to grab the third book The characters are layered with various shades and their roles in the book will leave you guessing and second guessing everything There is a slow burn romance between the protagonists which is rare and unique in its own way but you re going to be disappointed again because they meet each other after the first half of the book The chemistry between them is tested time and again which is quite similar to what happens in real life and it s quite rare to find the protagonists having different lives which doesn t involve having each other s constant presence.Well, here comes my ranting Honestly, I m disappointed with the pace of the story Like the first book, the book drags and drags and drags to the sea of boredom The pace of the story in the first book was excusable but this time I don t think the suffering slow pace was necessary Either the book should ve kept up with the same pace as the pace with which the first book ended or the pace of the story should ve been increased Instead of that, we get the slow pace which frustrated and annoyed me like hell There were too many unnecessary nitty gritty details in the beginning I wanted of the relationship between Hans and Raisa.Anyways, the book was promising about the interesting things to come.Thanks for reading my review Happy Reading

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    These FREAKING books man.I love the characters, I love the word, I love the plot I love everything about them.Raisa is such a great character and I really love how the author includes tropes I m normally so tired of seeing but twists them in such an interesting way that I love them and they are fun to read.GAH so much love for this series so far.

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    Let s be real, okay If I didn t have to get up in 5 hours, I would dive in The Gray Wolf Throne RIGHT NOW You couldn t keep your mouth shut I m calling you Glitterhair from now on Or Talksalot I don t know what is it with these books that keep me captivated and compelled to read and and The characters growth is fantastic, my boy Han fascinating, the plot way surprising but it still contains several tropes that I usually don t like including an heroine who loves several boys, BUT for once in a way that I can accept and understand, and without the constant change of mind that drives me nuts Also, is this really love She s confused and unsure, and that makes her believable than ever Raisa might be flawed, but she keeps going whatever happens and doesn t let heartbreak go in her way The girl has goals, and boys aren t going to change them.Don t be afraid, though the story does NOT focus on the romance at all, and the characters have responsibilities way important than falling in love Think betrayals, clans, wizard s rivalries, old charms What s not to love Moreover, the secondary characters are fleshed out and their actions do have impact on the story Dancer, Kat, Micah, Fiona, Amon they all add something interesting and none of them is wasted Also, HAN Just give me a break, okay The guy is wicked and adorable at the same time, how can I resist Torn between his thirst for power and revenge and the deals he made, our Han Alister evolves into someone I loved to follow But above everything else, I love that none of the characters is either good or bad GREY EVERYWHERE, I tell you.The plot keeps thickening and promises a hell lot of action in the next two books, with all the threads linking together and the menace on all the characters heads and present.Anyway, off to bed I go, after these ramblings that may or may not be morphed into a real review tomorrow depending on my ability to restrain myself from reading book 3 closed to none Oh hell I m addicted For of my reviews, please visit

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    Re read 2016 If you you were on the fence about the first book, I m begging you to give 2 a chance This is where everything starts to come together make sense in a big way.In The Demon King, Han Rasia s lives only intersect for a small portion of the book I believe the main reason for that is because the author wanted each of them to have full backstories, including other romantic interests I love that both of these characters have been in love before, and that their boyfriends girlfriends weren t horrible people It adds a touch of realism to the storytellingin my opinion.But in this, Han Rasia s lives intertwine a bit at Oden s Ford, and bonus there are some huge spoilery REVEALS that happen in this one I m probably botching this review, but again, in MY opinion The Exiled Queen is where shit really starts to get good.Read it Original Review 2012I didn t want to finish this book, but I mean that in a good way I just didn t want to have to stop reading I thought the plot was great, even though I m not normally so in love with how Fantasy is written I usually find it a tad bit boring when it comes to the world building in this genre, and I ll admit itthe weird names usually throw me for a loop However, the way the lives of the main characters in this story were interwoven into each other was so interesting, that I couldn t help but enjoy reading every last bit of this book It also possibly helped that I could I think pronounce all of the names.One thing I want to mention, and then I m going to go I ve got The Gray Wolf Throne in my hot little hands right now, and I can t wait to start reading it view spoiler In the first book and the beginning of this one, several of the characters seemed to have found true love, or at least the beginnings of it Toward the end of this one, you learn that for some of them, it isn t going to be possible for them to be together for whatever reason The interesting thing about this series, is that even though they were heartbroken, they were also all moving on You know, getting over it No one was suicidal or anything Such a strange concept to find in YA I think I m a little in love with Chima for that hide spoiler

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    Raisa is my queen, just fucking slays everyone I love her so freaking much Her character grows so much during this series, she becomes confident yet kinda learns how to deal with her temper respect Dancer s blue eyes glinted with amusement Now say, Copperheads are little than leeches on the body of society a necessary evil Han laughed I don t think I can manage Guess I m not cut out for this Han and Dancer continued to be troublemakers together, figuring out how to live as wizards and studying Its legit training and doesn t just happen overnight like poof now you allpowerful, congrats kid The library s closed, Alister I thought everybody had already gone Sorry, Han said I fell asleep He paused by the desk What day is it The proficient grinned You need to quit working so much It s Sunday FINALLY FINALLY RAISA AND HAN S PLOT LINES COME TOGETHER AND I SHIP THEM, I SHIP THEM SO HARD I MIGHT BREAK THE GODDAMN BOAT JUST YESSAnd then theres this scene God this fucking scene that broke my heart Han learns how much he loves Raisa who he thinks is really Rebecca and he just thinks over their times together Guys this is the PERFECT SLOW BURN and that shit is so rare practically on the endangered species list She was prickly and proud, used to ordering people around and getting her own way She was smart and opinionated she could talk the tail off a dog But she was fiercely kindhearted she d cross the street to give a coin to a beggar, and always backed the underdog in any fight She d shed tears over Mam and Mari though she d never even met them.She demanded a lot but demanded even from herself Raisa s sass made me laugh so hard at times, she is so practically yet a dreamer and a warrior yet learns to manuever politics And i mean she makes mistakes So so so many mistakes But she keeps trying and keeps sassing the shit out of everything including magical beings The wolves surrounded her, tongues lolling, ears flat, bumping their great heads against her middle, nearly knocking her over Great lot of good you do me, she grumbled Why can t I teach you to attack wizards on command And then our ending Will Raisa ever see Han again and if so could they build a relationship after so many lies And what did she expect to build on that shaky foundation By the way, Alister, I ve been lying to you for than a year I m actually a member of the royal family you despise There s no future for us, but I d still like to be friends Well fuck I hope so Next book please

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    I know this is going to be a really tough book for me to review.I loved this book, just like the Demon King, but there were definitely some parts of it that I liked less but then again I really did love seeing our characters in new places and finally working a lot with magic So there were some aspects that I sort of enjoyed MORE I guess. I don t really know I ve heard a lot of people say that this book was slower than The Demon King, and unfortunately I agree with them Although, it still didn t take me long to read view spoiler I was disappointed that we never learned anything else about Crow WHO is he I really thought that there was going to be some HUGE revelation at the end when Han realizes who it was Hopefully we learn about him later It seems that one of the major turning points in this book YET AGAIN was Raisa getting kidnapped that girl needs to learn to carry some pepper spray or something hide spoiler

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    Yay I love fantasy again Yet, I still hate reviewing fantasy with an added emphasis on the word hate Most books Point A to point b Fantasy books Point A intersects with person C on the way to meeting person F at point Y How the heck do you review that I ll reiterate what I ve loved about Seven Realms so far These books meet the criteria for what I d like to see of in YA fantasy There is action and adventure There are plenty of varied characters from all walks of life There is an element of romance without it choking out the rest of the story The books will appeal to a broad base of readers, even lovers of adult fantasy Nothing here feels dumbed down or excessively youthful In fact, I d say these books are mature than a good portion of the adult crap I ve read lately No joke Whether you re new to fantasy or it s an old love, I d say this series is worth checking out It has a little bit of something for everyone.I might add later, but maybe not Fantasy still owns my ability to review, apparently.

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    ALL THE LOVE TO THIS INCREDIBLY UNDERRATED SERIES All the love, I tell you Excuse me, but I think I fell in love with 2 or 29 characters I just feel so monstrously HAPPY after reading such an epic book Not that it s a happy book hahahaa No NO it s not But it s amazingly written and the characters are adorable and the development is extraordinary and I M JUST SO INVOLVED It s the kind of book that absolutely swallows you while you read.WHERE EVEN TO START OMG Okay but let s talk about characters Because this is definitely a majorly character driven story We still have 2 points of view Princess Raisa and Han Alister But there are a whole swam of secondary characters who are epic AND SO DIVERSE 3 Be still me thumping heart I adore diversity, okay Hans OMG I LOVE HANS He s sassy and snarky and tough and yet he s got a marshmallow buttery inside with so much feeeeeeeelings And he s still so rough around the edges AND ALSO A WIZARD NOW Watching him learn how to magic was wonderful And he has so many sassy comebacks Basically, one of my favourite protagonists of ever Raisa Ahhhh I LOVE HER TOO This is seriously a series where BOTH narrations intrigued me 100% I didn t even pick a favourite I mean, maaaybe I like Hans a bit But Raisa is tough and smart and intelligent Plus she s short and has a darkish complexion hair so I totally look a bit like Raisa AND THEREFORE I AM QUEEN BOW ahem That aside, I like how Raisa is emotionally venerable in this book, but she definitely NEVER collapses into a puddle And I love how she totally smashes faces of annoying people Go Raisa Amon Ehhhh Okay, I like Amon I do But I think he s an idiot He s gotten into his whole duty is my god complex and it s frustrating He s made it clear he CAN T be in love with Raisa, but he totally is Ergo he gets a bit of an ownership thing over her, at the same time as disgarding her, and basically it made me dislike him But he s an excellently written character Cat Tbh, I don t really love her She s cool and sassy and she s like a street rat who ll jump sides as convienent But she wasn t IN the story enough Dancer Speaking of characters not in the story enoughDANCER MY DARLING, WHY ARE YOU BARELY AROUND He is like the book s biggest weakness, I think I love Dancer, but he s seriously only ever there if it s convenient to Han Han does acknowledge he s not paying enough attention to his friends BUt Dancer has the I am just a secondary character with no real need to plot right now thing going on No other characters suffer from this So I don t get it why he is Micah Is it just me or is he basically Draco Malfoy HAHAHA AHEM I liked Micah in the first book He seemed in a grey area but now he seems like he s just gonna be evil Fiona Micah s sister I didn t even know she existed in the first book but maybe I missed it either way ME LIKEEE She seems tough and snarky and with the potential for evil or greatness Probably both Crow He s like this creepy guy in the dream world who is teaching Hans to be an epic wizard BUT HE S PROBABLY EVIL I hope we get answers as to who he is eventually so basically the characters are A in excellent and just afjdkalsd I get so many feeeeeels towards them.Speaking of feels, omg the romance was THE BEST THING EVER Yes it potentially strays into love triangle territorybut at the same time it s not ANYWAY RAISA HANS MY SHIP FOREVER They don t even meet until pg 400 But when they re together.afjdkslafjdlkaj they re so adorable and the quips are perfect and they re awkward and gorgeous and cute around each other and hiding their feelings and ZOMG KISS YOU LITTLE ADORABLE TWERPS.Least to say, I ship it One of my favourite ships of ever.I m sure it will sink and I will be destroyed in later books I JUST HAVE THIS FEELING.This one mostly takes place at the academies too So basically there is a wizard academy and then next door there is an army academy SO IT S AWESOME Raisa ends up in Weir house the army side and Hans is at Mystwerk the wizard side And I looooved the wizards stuff It reminded me of Hogwarts, but in a completely DIFFERENT way so don t fret about copying I wish it d been a little detailed But at the same time I loved what was there My only niggling doubts come at the ending I didn t think it was as smooth as the rest of the book And also very rushed There are so many plot twists and changes of direction in the last 60 pages thatwoah It was really hard to take it all in I don t think Raisa put up enough of a fight Same as Hans Like they re both such hUGELY strong charactersbut the seemed to be so easily pounded into the terrors at the end of the book Yes I said TERRORS AT THE END OF THE BOOK Omg, please someone save my life and give me the next book asap before I LITERALLY EXPLODE FROM MY EYEBROWS I JUSTwow I love this series, it s rapidly becoming one of my favourites of ever There were so many times when I shrieked and hugged the book although my copy is darn heavy and I nearly killed myself once with it and I just can t flail enough EVERYONE NEEEEEEDS THIS SERIES IN THEIR LIFE OKAY OKAY.Okay I ll go calm down now afjdklafjsdlk i totally will not