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When billionaire college freshman Jared Paterski moves to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and meets his new roommate Alexander Schmidt he is mesmerized by his characteristics He finds everything about him including his personal hobbies personality and his sexiness to be perfect which drives him to copy him in order to live his life like his With all the money he has he spoils Alex with luxurious gifts and treats him like a king As soon as he knows him some he brings him into his special dungeon showing him his dark side casting away his innocence

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    Jared Paterski is off to college and cannot wait to meet his new roommate When he meets Alexander Schmidt he could not be delighted and decides Alex is for him He likes him so much that he decides to dress and act like him taking on some of his likes and dislikes Jared has a lot of money and is not afraid to use it or not He buys Alex expensive gifts and then introduces him to love and BDSM through his special dungeonI found Jared to be a bit annoying with how he talks about his money He still however had the same insecurities and the same needs as any other young man going off to college Alex was a first baffled by Jared and his money He did however enthusiastically enjoy losing his innocence by participating in Jared's dungeon activities The story did not end on a happy note but it is a series and now I cannot wait for the next book

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    So this story is about two college students Jared Pasterski and Alexander Schmidt who likes to go by Alex Jared is attracted to Alex in every way possible He likes everything about him and decides to live like him He is insanely rich and spoils him with various items and gifts In the midst of all this he brings him into what he calls his dungeon which is filled with various sex toys and BDSM euipment In the dungeon he enlightens him by well you get the picture Overall rating 5 Stars A great friend of mine who really enjoys MM erotic romance recommended this book to me to check it Oh my god I'm glad I bought this My first reaction was who would fall in love with their roommate like that? But then I truly felt the chemistry between both of the characters I could almost feel how Jared feels about Alex through B 's writing Now to the sex oh boy this is going to get fun There was a lot of hot sex in this book I especially enjoyed the tension before and leading up to the first sex scene where Jared first introduces Alex to not only sex he's a virgin but to the BDSM culture Not going to lie I was expecting him to run away or freak out when he told him he wants to have sex with him while he was shocked at first who wouldn't be he did go along with it and ending up enjoying it All of the sex scenes in this novel I felt were very tasteful and sexy The way Jared treats Alex and devotes his life to him amazed me The storyOverall I really enjoyed this novel and it's sexual aspects It's than just erotica it has a nice romantic story to it I would highly recommend giving it a read

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    I'm not going to start on the how well this is written since that part did not really stand out to me but the overall story is what got me hooked on it Here you have a story from a billionaire college I've never heard of such student named Jared Paterski who is very borderline obsessively attracted to this somewhat introverted athletic college student named Alexander Schmidt hense the title who happens to be his roommate The way he likes him is in a way thats hard for me to describe its much different than any other romance novel I've read or with any relationship I've experienced Jared is attracted to Alex so much that he has the desire to copy him to like him I'm not sure how I feel about that I've never seen a plot like that before it's interesting nonetheless But as soon as I got finished with the first chapter I knew by the tone that there was going to be sex And boy was I right within a couple chapters in there was intense kinky sex ranging from chains and whips to spanking and anal From 0 to 100 real uick But in all seriousness I felt the sex scenes were very sexy and tasteful In between each of the many sex scenes Jared buys Alex many expensive gifts and brings him out to eat I sure wish my man would do that Although I wouldn't imagine two average college roommates doing this in real life I think the author did a good job making it work for this storyThe only thing thats preventing me from giving this five stars is the over use of the terms oh my and Jared referring to his inner sexual desires Ok I get it Jared is a horny man just like many other college men but there could have been better ways to describe itNow to get to my final thoughts I would recommend this book for anybody looking for a fun ; fast read It's sexy and uniue

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    The first thing I need to say is that this book is different than the average romance novel well kinda Steaminess 45 Stars Attractiveness 4 Stars uality of writing 3 Stars Overall story 4 Stars Final rating 4 Stars This is an amazing read that I'm glad my best friend told me about Reading through it made me so tensed up for what was going to happen next I always had the thoughts of OMG is Alex going to leave him? or How could he not know Jared was deeply into him from the beginning? going through my mind One thing that struck me is how stinking rich Jared is I mean how and why is one a college student if they're a billionaire? But on the other side the way Jared is devoted to his boyfriend Alex is so hot in many different ways and when he took him to his secret dungeon to dominate him I blushed so much Ok the sex scenes were very hot enough to make me suirm while reading them To sum up the characters Jared Paterski reminds me a lot of Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James and Alex Schmidt having a similar resemblance to Jamie from Him by Sarina BowenIf you didn't feel like reading my review and want a summary here you go Read it if you want a book filled with manly sexiness and plenty of bondage and domination

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    Hot sexual tension between both of the characters which I enjoyed the most I also enjoyed the type of devotion that Jared has with Alex which is something you don't see too often

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    I want this to start off by saying that my intention isn't to hurt you try to upset you or troll you I made an account on this site because I read a few chapters of your book and I couldn't read any You tend to use the same phrases over and over the one off the top of my head is inner sexual desires sprinkled 3 4 times each chapter A little variety would go a long way The flow of the sexual encounters is also really weird It isn't very natural and this reads as like a high school fanfiction than a novel The whole aspect of having Jared copy Alexander's interests and everything to be like him is kind of unsettling if you were to think about this from a real life perspective Unless your intention is to make Jared seem like a stalker this really makes everything seem weird For what I assume to be your first time writing a book it isn't horrible But there's definitely a lot to edit and tweak Best of luck in your future writing endeavors

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    EnjoyedI didn’t start off liking this book about two college roommates Jared the billionaire and Alex the jock It’s very plainly written and it gets to the point rather uickly with mostly very short and non descriptive sentences But then to my shock and amazement something happened I’m not sure at what point in the book it happened but I started caring for the 2 MCs Jared and Alex Jared’s immediate love for Alex seemed hokey with his over abundant usage of the phrase “my inner sexual desires” written with great abundance throughout the book And Alex who had never been with another male before seemed very knowledgeable in how to “reciprocate” Alex’s inner sexual desires if you know what I mean But it all worked somehow in all it’s uirkiness and I started missing the aforementioned phrase when it wasn’t mentioned on each page lol In fact I enjoyed it so much that before I was finished I immediately 1 clicked the follow up book I’m so glad I did because there was a twist that I wasn’t expecting at the end I gotta know what happens

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    45 StarsI really enjoyed this book a lot It might not be every ones cup of tea as it is sexually explicit malemale but it’s a nice light read The two characters and their attraction for one another uickly got me into the story I cannot wait to read the other stories as well as the ones in Alex's point of view

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    By no means a bad BDSM novel even if the writing could have been fluent and stylish it only gets inventive when the two protagonists engage into a scene; I especially enjoyed the tight balance between domination submission and sexual gratification especially for the bottom two aspects that tend to get blurry in many stories purporting to illustrate this lifestyle What ruined the book for me was a the extremely fake context of the college for the ultra rich not only because it sounds nigh preposterous but also since it reminded me of a silly old cartoon which I have trouble euating with such dirty MM goodness as there is between these covers viz the campy ultra cute Beverly Hills Teens; b the oversimplistic plot or rather its absence altogether even as a peg on which Mrs Hanson hangs her numerous bedroom and domination interludes; and c the slapdash psychological portrayal of the protagonists which robbed me of most of my enjoyment it is never stated let alone convincingly shown what deep needs Alexander satisfies by submitting to the creepily manipulative Jared In my view BDSM ought to be written in such fashion as to demonstrate through deeds and dialogue alike how exactly this lifestyle indulged into with the right person actually makes one happy and really satisfied; otherwise the main danger is that the Dom comes across as hardly than a controlling bastard slash pervert sadist especially whenever this character has been established from the start as someone rather dark and twisted and emotionally stunted who lavishes money or status or whatever trappings at hand on his victim er Submissive instead of offering them the loving praise their power transfer deserves I am afraid the present novel signally fails to cover its tracks in this respect

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    This book was a lot better than I thought it would be This story involves two college students and roommates Jared P and Alexander S As soon as Jared meets Alex it becomes love at first sight He is so attracted to him that he has the desire to imitate Alex in almost every way possible At first I wasnt too sure how I felt about that but I was slowly drawn into the story deeper as I kept reading about it He then buys him various gifts and luxuries Later on he brings him into his sex life involving various BDSM elements combines with vanilla elements as wellOverall I really enjoyed this story a lot than I thought and it's something I will be rereading again and again in the future