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Imagine a novel that has never been read by anyone who has lived to talk about it The only people known to have finished it either died shortly afterward or have disappeared without a trace The novel in question is so notorious that the only copy known to exist has been locked in a vault in Berlin, preventing anyone from ever reading it again This novel, for all practical purposes, is cursed If you read it, you will die.If such a novel existed and you found a copy in a used bookstore, would you read it Ariel Manto would In fact, she does.This idea, the notion of reading a novel known to be cursed is the premise at the heart of Scarlett Thomas s well written, thought provoking, but ultimately disappointing new novel.The novel within the novel contains a recipe for a tincture that if you mix, drink, and then stare into a hand drawn black dot allows you to exit this dimension into another referred to in the novel as The Troposphere In this dimension, you have access through a process called paradesis to the minds of any sentient being who has ever been in any way related to anyone you have ever known This includes animals as well, especially mice or felines Anyone who enters this dimension has their minds opened, to heretofore unknown truths about life Truths about God Truths about scientific law Truths about existence itself.This is a thought provoking novel full of well written, well thought out, well organized postulations about reality, philosophy, and religion One of my favorites is a discussion about whether Einstein s famous energy formula is actually something he proved to be true or something he willed to be true, forcing humanity to accept its veracity.As it turns out, it isn t the novel itself that will kill you, but the people who want the recipe contained therein and will stop at nothing to get it If you read the novel and enter The Troposphere, they can find you and they will than likely catch you.I have many problems with this novel, despite how thought provoking it is, the least of which being the protagonist She is described as a sexual deviant, a self mutilator, and one waits for this to have some bearing on the story being held But it doesn t It just is Shocking material for the sake of shocking material has never really had much appeal for me The bigger issue is the love story that permeates this novel It also has no true bearing on the story other than to allow Romeo to show up at the last minute and fix everything with both guns blazing and kind of bogs down the philosophical discussion The discussion is key to what makes this novel so interesting to read, but perhaps too many idea are set forth The last forty pages go by too quickly with nothing really getting solved And the ending is abrupt In the end, I really only care about the philosophical questions I was left to think about The novel itself will fade from my memory. This is perhaps the worst book I ever finished I don t really recommend it The thought experiment aspect of the book could have been interesting, but was unfortunately written for people who haven t read Baudrillard and don t understand particle physics Which I don t, but I got it much faster than the people in the book Plus, the story was absurd, and poorly thought out The main character was smarter than the writer, and seemed to resent that Plus, it seemed that the sex scenes were written by someone who knows nothing about sex about someone who has serious sex issues It was almost unbearable I only finished the book because it was short and I have an obsession with finishing books I wouldn t recommend anyone else try it It doesn t get any better But I gave it 2 stars because I finished it. A Cursed Book A Missing Professor Some Nefarious Men In Gray Suits And A Dreamworld Called The Troposphere Ariel Manto Has A Fascination With Nineteenth Century Scientists Especially Thomas Lumas And The End Of Mr Y, A Book No One Alive Has Read When She Mysteriously Uncovers A Copy At A Used Bookstore, Ariel Is Launched Into An Adventure Of Science And Faith, Consciousness And Death, Space And Time, And Everything In Between Seeking Answers, Ariel Follows In Mr Y S Footsteps She Swallows A Tincture, Stares Into A Black Dot, And Is Transported Into The Troposphere A Wonderland Where She Can Travel Through Time And Space Using The Thoughts Of Others There She Begins To Understand All The Mysteries Surrounding The Book, Herself, And The Universe Or Is It All Just A Hallucination I couldn t wait to finish this book but not because I was hooked, perched on the edge of my seat as I desperately waited to see how everything turned out, I just wanted the tedium to end.It wasn t even the constant drip feed of Philosophy and Quantum Physics that had me yawning and searching for the nearest caffiene source In fact, that was the most interesting part of the book If you can overlook the obsessive name dropping and reference to Derrida on almost every single page The way it was presented though in pretentious conversations between equally pretentious characters made it difficult to connect with what was actually being discussed.Which brings me to what I found most deadly about the book the main character Ariel Manto In my opinion she was the worst kind of female stereotype In a desperate bid to perhaps show that she was in with students, or even just to appear modern, Thomas had her protaganist blantantly smoking, swearing, sleeping around and whining about her terrible upbringing And it wasn t just the charming Miss Manto, all the characters were shallow stereotypes trying too hard to be cool Usually, the plot or the style of writing can make up for a lack of interesting characters, but sadly this was not the case Judging by the plot, this would have looked at home in the children s section, if it weren t for the gratuitous sex and swearing which I suppose were put in just to prove that the book was for adults As for the writing style, it was fair enough with some good turns of phrase, but nowhere near good enough to make up for the tepid plot and annoying characters.So, if you have an interest in thought experiments and the nature of the universe, I suggest you pick up a Philosophy or popular Science book instead. Like Thomas PopCo, I found this both fascinating and frustrating Thomas definitely achieves something really special with her ability to make her writing intensely cerebral some of my favorite parts of Mr Y were the digressions into quantum physics and other brain stretching topics while at the same time creating very human, flawed characters Still, there s a quality ofcoldness that prevents me from becoming emotionally involved Perhaps the whole thing seems too clever, too orchestrated I don t know Anyway the plot of this novel is nominally about a cursed book, but is really much like an alternate take on Being John Malkovich with an ending that feels like the close of 2001 A Space Odyssey, the part that s supposed to be best if watched stoned As with PopCo, the experience of reading the novel was very pleasurable and interesting, but the final impact just isn t there it s oddly unsatisfying. Note to authors Merely mentioning Husserl or Derrida does not make a book intellectual or philosophical Similarly, uttering the name much less quoting Einstein, Heisenberg, or Schrodinger does not make a book scientific, or lend credibility to the writing.To those who have positively reviewed this book noting its intellectualism or creativity or surprise ending, I am glad that you enjoyed it.I thought the book pointless, rambling, and pseduointellectual The author quoted the names of giants of quantum physics, hoping to fool the poor reader that this was really physics, or scientifically plausible, when, in fact, the scientific application was simply obscure, opaque, or incorrect.Maybe I am tired of science fiction as a style, or casually referencing multiple dimensions, or time travel, or the concept of jumping into and out of other people s minds and memories as blithely or effortlessly as jumping into and out of a wading pool Science fiction, is, ultimately, fiction than science and, really, that s OK It doesn t have to be true, or provable it just can t be silly. Have you ever been at a party and been cornered by that special breed of person who thinks they are the best read, most highly evolved intellect on the plant and their one goal in life is to convince you and anyone else who will listen of this in their mind indisputable fact This book is the literary equivalent of that party goer Cue the incessant and often needless name dropping Any interesting thoughts or ideas on theoretical physics and philosophy are drowned out by the authors constant waffle and to be honest those were my favourite parts of the book, because lets face facts here her plot is slightly juvenile Being John Malkovich meets The Far Away Tree And her main character is unlikeable, cold and unengaging and desperately trying to be cool and sadly failing She is also clearly mentally impair as she is supposed to be studying for a PHD in literature yet takes a whole weekend of constant reading to finish a book less then 200 pages long Either that or the book is as boring as its namesake D This books one redeeming feature It eventually comes to an end. I have Scarlett Thomas to thank for a little embarrassing moment of discovering another little nugget of my own sexism I thought, I can t dis this book and give it one star. But why not Because she s a she and I don t want to be mean Better to be honest this book is, I m just going to say it STUPID.The hype totally had me I couldn t not read it thought experiments none actually handled , the nature of consciousness adding an alternate reality does not interrogate the subject , Derrida namedropped only, save for a few reductive squeaks, like meaning is fluid oh, is it , causal chains and temporality real problems of what if variety summarily dismissed , quantum physics nope, not a bit I don t guess it s dishonest to say that the book contains these things, since they are mentioned, but if you re looking for an actual exploration of these subjects or even a competent handling of them within a narrative rather than an extremely dorky soft sci fi story overburdened with clunky expositional dialog and cute ironies, you will be disappointed The End of Mr.Y The End of Mister Y The End of Mystery Get it The book is never clever than that. TransferanceSeveral years ago I was passing a charity shop and through the window, I spotted a number of books for sale, so I ventured inside This book really stood out so I bought it I was absolutely intrigued when I realised that the main protagonist Ariel Manto bought her copy of The End of Mr Y in a second hand bookshop I opened the cover and started reading hoping that my expectation of a fantasy adventure wasn t just about to be smashed From the first page, I was hooked, an immediate recognition that this was going to be highly original and I d better be prepared for new perceptions and twists through Ariel s pursuit of Thomas Lumas the fictional author of the End of Mr Y It is a very clever plot where the reader is taken on a journey through the Troposphere, a place where you can travel through time and other people s thoughts There was definitely a risk that this could just get too unbelievable and silly but I continued to remain connected to the characters and their complexity The plot moved at a great pace and remained fascinating The science wasn t a big issue for me but Scarlett Thomas does seem to put some weight behind it I found it interesting but not compelling and if it s not your thing, you can leave to the side without affecting the story.I bought all Scarlett Thomas books on the basis of this novel but none have had the same impact as this one I have a fantasy connection to this book even if fabricated in only my own mind While I feel I have contributed significantly to s success I will keep trying to find books in unexpected places hoping to be rewarded with another experience like this.I would recommend this book and would rate it 4.5 stars. Holy Christ, Scarlett Thomas has taken the top of my head off I thought PopCo was an awesome mindf ck, but Mr Y makes it look like so much People magazine I m really not sure what to say about this novel I think people that like House of Leaves would probably like it for similar reasons though it s not nearly so hard to follow Her female lead, as in PopCo, is almost frighteningly intelligent, as I m beginning to suspect Thomas is herself It s not the intelligence that s enticing and delightful, it s the limitless sense of curiosity and whimsy she brings to life It may not be realistic to want to be a PhD student with no money, endless cigarettes and thousands of books and only the directive to solve life s tangled mysteries, but DAMN, it sure is alluring.In trying to describe the book today to a friend, I explained it, like, it s the thinkiest heart in your mouth thriller you could imagine reading There s Einstein and Heidigger by the boatload but hey, there s also a terrifying telepathic chase across Southern England And freaky autistic ghosts that eat your brain And lots of Derrida If I had to compare her to anyone, it would be humbly to David Mitchell Not that she s exactly reaching the penthouse apartment of genius that is Cloud Atlas, but damn if she s not at least in the same building With a good view, even.