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Before She Became The Princess Of Wales And Captured The Hearts Of Millions Around The Globe, She Was Lady Diana Spencer A Shy, Young Nanny Employed With The Robertsons, An American Family Living In London Who Would Forge A Lifelong Friendship With Her The Diana I Knew Is Filled With Mary Robertson S Unique, Personal Memories Of This Extraordinary Woman, Including Her Discovery That Diana Was Actually An Aristocrat Belonging To One Of England S Oldest Families Her Reaction To Diana S Engagement To Prince Charles The Invitation To The Royal Wedding And Pre Wedding Formal Ball At Buckingham Palace Her Continuing Relationship With Diana In The Following Years, Including Private Meetings, Numerous Letters And Cards, And Never Before Seen Photographs How Loving And Kind Hearted Diana Remained Even Though Her Marriage Was In Turmoil And Rocked With Scandal Diana S Unending Love For Her Sons Attending The Tragic FuneralThe Diana I Knew Is Much Than Just Another Princess Diana Memoir This Is Mary Robertson S Candid, Vivid Remembrance Of A Dear Friend Who, Despite Fame And Glamour, Embodied The Fundamental Values Of Compassion, Kindness, Integrity, And Grace In Everything That She Did

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    The Diana I Knew by Mary Robertson was such an enjoyable and refreshing read about Princess Diana Being rather young when Diana sadly passed away, I never really knew too much about her When looking at People magazine or such magazines, she was always portrayed as a woman with issues, sad life or in trouble with the Royals In this book, it s nice to get a real account of an American family and their encounter with Lady Di before she was Princess Di.Mary and her husband Patrick lived in England due to Pat s work relocation for the year of 1980 1981 Their son Patrick was to be sat for and minded two days a week and other occasions by a woman named Diana Spencer Of course, this was before her marriage to Charles and she made sure to keep her private life and her family tree a secret Diana in the book was described as just another 17 18 year old teen She liked to look smart, she talked about fashion and girl topics, was pleasant and had manners, loved and adored children, would look up to Mrs Robertson as Diana would always refer to her as as a friend and would ask from time to time motherly advice.The two even though they were significate in age difference would remain friends till Diana s death Diana would always send Christmas cards, letters about her life in the Royal family, news on her two boys and just always wondering how Mary and her family were doing I think it is so touching to read that Diana wrote in one of her many letters for Mary to never stop writing to her They really formed a bond and with everything going on around them, they made time for each other.In the book, you can really get a feel for what a remarkable and down to earth Diana was as a person The one part of the book, when Mary and she met up in Washington, she gave her a big hug in front of her staff She was NOT a woman who liked and wanted the upper class formalities Diana wanted to be like everyone else though of course that was impossible for her Diana wanted a fairytale life and sadly that was not to be for her.I recommend this book for Princess Diana fans or for anyone interested in getting to know the real Diana from the eyes of a close and loyal friend.

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    finished 8 2 2016 12 41 pm I had just watched the show Princess Diana Behind Closed Doors July 14th and 15th this year with my mom and sister, and we were hooked on the story A man that had a secret interview with her had written a book about her based on things she d told him and we couldn t wait to read it, so I got on my library s catalog and looked up Princess Diana I was delighted to discover this book by Mary Robertson, who was also on the show describing that the nanny for her son turned out to be Princess Diana I really liked the inside covers that had pictures and letters and stamps It was so cool I was surprised that she hadn t dedicated the book to Diana, didn t mention her at all or have a statement in memory of her She dedicated the book to her husband, son and daughter, and then thanked several people but didn t have anything to write about Diana which I didn t understand I did like the inclusion of Dian s favorite hymn I Vow to Thee My Country And soul by soul and silently her shining bounds increase, and her ways are ways of gentleness and all her paths are peace Many of the main points Mary had shared on this show, so I knew most of the story coming into it I didn t like how it started out with the moment Mary was told about Diana s death, instead of starting out with the beginning of their relationship It was starting at the end and I didn t like that introduction to the story After Diana s death the Sunday New York Times printed a story that said The royal couple had few common interests Charles loved horses, his garden and traditional architecture she loved buying clothes, listening to pop music on her Walkman and gossiping on the telephone.It was so nice that Mary was mad and thought How dare they make her sound so shallow Her husband Pat told her she should write a letter to the editor of their own view of Diana The next day they were asked to be a part of a program on Diana and they decided it was time to talk about her publicly In light of her untimely death they felt Diana might want them to stick up for her After the interview the host points out that Mary s been using the present tense to refer to Diana and that it was wonderful to hear it That was a touching moment because Mary hadn t even realized she d been talking about her that way They didn t think they would get to go to the funeral because it was by invitation only, so it was nice when they received a call saying Mary, Pat and Patrick had been invited She learned later in London that Diana s family and aides had gone through Diana s personal records and her Christmas card list and that s how they were invited Their daughter who I didn t know was even born, I think it should ve been stated when the daughter was born, because last we knew she only had a son was starting a new school the next day and Pat chose to stay with her, and Patrick s visa expired and they couldn t renew it, so Mary was the only one that went to the funeral I wish Pat at least had gone to see it, but he said he cried at the wedding and he d never make it through the funeral She reflects upon first meeting Diana, that her husband had to move to London for work and they needed a part time babysitter just two days a week for their son A friend from England had suggested the Occasional and Permanent Nannies agency and she called it and the woman selected Diana Spencer, who was free Mondays and Thursdays The lady recognized the name and knew Diana had worked for her friends last year They said she was sweet tempered, good with children and willing to do whatever she s asked The only condition Diana had was that she would only work in SW1, 3 or 7, and those were the central and most elegant zip codes in London Mary and her family were in SW 1 Diana worked at a kindergarten and also chose to babysit, because she said I adore working with children I thought it was so interesting how she chose to babysit for regular people, especially when she already had a job, and that she set the precedent of having privacy and keeping her identity to herself She told her that first day when asked if she could work evenings and weekends that no, she prefers to keep her evenings and weekends free Mary knew from the start not to pry or ask questions, sensing that Diana wanted to keep her life private It was so nice to learn about this side of Diana, that she was so affectionate to Patrick, and the fact that she always referred to Mary as Mrs Robertson Diana told her one time that she was so much smarter than her, because Mary had graduated from college and worked in the financial district of London Mary said Diana would good naturedly bemoan her lack of higher education and career training, which made her so relatable She didn t earn passing grades on any of her exams and had just barely earned a high school degree by our standards, which was common for daughters of the aristocracy Diana was thoughtful and caring, went out of her way to be helpful to Mary Without Mary asking her she would wash dishes and do the laundry She would also buy diapers and baby food while Mary and Patrick were out, leaving a note saying she hoped this would save Mary some trouble Mary would always reimburse her for it It made her seem so down to earth that she would want to work in the flat that sounded depressing, and she d have to mop up where the roof was leaking and climb up 3 flights of stairs to get to it I was surprised that Mary said she was slightly plump at that age and that she had a big appetite I d never seen Diana looking plump She described her voice as being marvelous, soft, low and a little breathy with a beautiful upper class accent It was cultured and crisp and elegant and made everything she said sound special She remarked on how polite she always was She also had budding fashion sense at 18 and Mary thought she was pretty, her skin naturally pretty and polished She had so many qualities that made her so likable She always kept her privacy though Mary didn t even know her address until Mary was moving back to the U.S She wouldn t tell Mary where she got her hair done even though she asked She never mentioned her mom and rarely talked about her family She would ask to go see her brother when he was home from boarding school but didn t mention he went to Eton, the best known exclusive boarding school in England I thought it was funny how she avoided mentioning anything about royalty, even when she took Patrick to Kensington to play with her sister s daughter, not saying it was Kensington Palace and that her sister was married to the Queen s assistant private secretary Diana mentioned having roommates at her flat, and Mary knew that she didn t drink, stay up late or have serious boyfriend, that she was a wholesome and innocent young lady, which I really liked about Diana Mary and her husband traveled a lot, but Diana never gave any travel suggestions I liked how she enjoyed their enthusiasm for her country I was surprised though that Diana would sometimes have her roommate call on short notice and say she couldn t make it It was sad when Mary pointed out that the year Diana worked for them she was 36, and that was how old Diana was when she died It was something out of a movie, this story, especially when Pat s family came from Texas and his mom, Betty, tried to set Diana up with her son, saying she had a tall, eligible son in Texas, and later after Diana married the heir to the British throne they didn t know whether to laugh or blush about it The tale about how Betty thought she had a bargain on sweaters, 48 each, only to have Diana very sweetly point out that it was a pound sign and not a dollar sign, so she d spent than 100 on them When Betty mentioned getting a Robertson kilt Diana told her than an authentic kilt wrapped from the left to the right I thought it was cool the knowledge she had It was so cute that when Diana left for the day during the family s visit Patrick would cry and his grandparents were dismayed that he preferred Diana s company to theirs When they got to know her they found it touching and amusing I thought it was so sad that her brother Peter was there too but left so early every morning that he didn t get to see Diana even once, and her husband only saw Diana in passing twice They both regret not getting to know her better, and I found that tragic that they came so close to her and didn t even get to know her I already knew how Mary discovered she was Lady Diana, from the bank deposit slip that Diana had dropped at her flat The name was Coutts and Company which she knew were bankers to the Queen and aristocracy And it said Lady Diana Spencer I was surprised tho that she d taken it to work and asked her coworkers about it, instead of giving it back to her immediately Diana was from one of the oldest and most illustrious families in England and the daughter of an earl It took her another few days to give it back, and after telling Diana it was a surprise to have her with her impressive background, a title and all, looking after Patrick and Diana just tossed her hand and said Oh, that like it meant nothing to her It didn t change their relationship and at all and she said Diana was always unpretentious A guy friend and Mary went out to an opera, with Diana doing a favor and working an evening for her, and when he came to get Mary, he spoke a little to Diana In the car Mary told him he ll never believe who her nanny is and told him her background and title Lee thought she was down to earth and awfully pretty and Mary suggested Lee give her a call He laughed at her naivet and said the social gulf between an earl s daughter and a commoner was so great he d never presume to ask her out He also said In fact, with her background, she d be a suitable match for Prince Andrew Mary said Forget about Prince Andrew If her background s as impeccable as you say, she ought to be a match for Prince Charles She d be perfect as the next queen of England Diana spent a holiday in Scotland with part of it with the royal family she sent them 2 postcards, one of her father at Althorp as a little joke, because they had asked her if they shouldd include Althorp in their travels and Diana had said I shouldn t bother which I found funny When she came back to work she told Mary that there were photographers and reporters outside, and Mary said she wondered if it was for the financial financier or an M.P Diana blushed as she said they were there for her and that Prince Charles hadn t invited her, but his mother She was on such close terms with royalty that she could refer to them that way It was so sweet that Diana had written to Mary asking for a picture of Patrick so she could show Prince Charles I liked the line from the letter that Mary shared You said some lovely things which I don t feel I deserve She seemed so humble and kind hearted.As the pressures of the media got to her, she d ask Mary for advice I felt sorry for Diana that she was worried about making a mistake Her own sister had spoken to the press and as a result she was done for and her relationship with Charles ended I also hated that Diana s sister had dated Charles, a fact from TV She told Mary her grandma, but dint mention she was the lady in waiting to the Queen Mother, told her to ask for help from Buckingham Palace with the press, and asks Mary if she should ask Charles for help Mary said she was handling it beautifully on her own and she shouldn t ask for help if she cud manage w o it, that if the royal family thought she couldn t handle the pressure she might not could handle it as part of the family It was sad how much she thought of him, that she wanted to spend time w him he worked too hard he was wonderful I thought it was a little judgemental how she had a romance novel one day Mary hoped it dint represent her only reading interests what s wrong w a romance book She suggested she upgrade her choice and read the newspaper current events if she wants to keep up with Charles In the press it was stated that a woman Charles had been seeing was better educated sophisticated was a threat to Diana s chance w Charles I liked that Diana loved animals didn t like hunting or shooting dint want to hurt a living thing Diana wanted to have a dozen children it s tragic she only had 2 It was cute how Mary offered to hide Diana in America until it blew over because Diana was worried about it not working out, offered a skiing trip in the Rockies because she liked to ski Mary her family had to move back to America Diana was so helpful to pack up Patrick s things give them a photo album for their pics that year She even cried the day they left They promised to write keep up their friendship It s so special that they knew her so well Dina asked for a pic of Patrick because she always talked about him Mary told her about the other nanny that shared Patrick with the future princess of Wales, that she had terminal cancer, and Diana wrote to hersent her a personalized pic It was sweet that Diana told Charles about them was so happy they came to her engagement party Mary said the guests that were held up waiting behind them probably wondered who they were I felt so bad for Diana, who was absent the rest of her party They looked for her but thought she must ve been tired or nervous, didn t find out til yrs later that it was because the week before she saw an engraved bracelet Charles got for Camilla knew he gave it to her earlier that day I thought that was so awful wen I heard that on TV, that he did it on the day of their engagement party felt terrible for Diana, esp since she d thought about calling off the engagement and had even asked her sisters if she should, but they said it was too late because her face was already on souvenirs which seemed like really bad advice It was so sweet that after Mary asked if she could see her, Diana insisted on seeing Patrick during her Washington visit Ambassador Wight later said it wreaked havoc on their schedule for the couple, but Prince Charles Diana seemed so relaxed It was weird that Charles said he thought her raspy voice was very sexy Wrong of him to say that about another woman Mary is making these private jokes to him I thought that was inappropriate I was surprised that Mary envied Diana after that, her glamorous lifestyle would think how easy Diana had it whenever she saw her pic on a magazine She seemed slightly gloating wen she said she learned later Diana had problems too wasn t happy, that Mary had the better deal I guess she cud only be gracious not jealous wen she found out Diana had a bad marriage what a great friend wen they get to visit Charles in Houston she said that he was so charming she never noticed close up that his ears stick out is that a jab at him, to say that his ears do stick out only u don t notice it because his charm distracts What a nice thought It was cute when they visited her at Kensington Palace Prince Harry had asked their children if they ever fought w each other, was relieved wen they said yeah, because he and his brother fought all the time It seemed careless the way she said she wouldn t have traded places w Diana for anything in the world, after learning of her separation bad marriage I hadn t known that Diana looked up to Mother Teresa that they died within a week of each other Mary seemed judgmental wen at the funeral someone said they weren t expecting so many people, because the seats were getting filled up and Mary thought did they really expect anyone would turn down the privilege of going to Diana s funeral She herself had been surprised at the amount of mourners outside.It was cool that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman had attended the funeral, and that Elton John sang Also interesting that some people didn t join in singing God Save the Queen and someone said May she drop dead tomorrow It was so emotional, though I d heard it on TV, that the crowds outside started clapping after Elton John s English rose and those inside the church thought it was rain at first Then after her brother said his speech those inside the church clapped the lady said it s unheard of to clap in church in England It s never been done before That was so special.It did get a little repetitive because some things were mentioned than once and she used the same words to describe Diana throughout the book, like vulnerable, unpretentious, unassuming and unaffected, which did get a little old I know those were her qualities but some synonyms or other ways of saying it would ve been appreciated I wish I would ve read this in 2 days rather than dragging it out to 3 I had to stop reading to go back through and get quotes off and write about things, so it stopped my progress and by the third day I was ready to get done with the story It did inspire a new appreciation for Diana, who I didn t know anything about until this year, and she was such a good and inspiring person She would ve been a great person to do a project on in school.

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    Robertson could have gone to tabloid TV but didn t She remembers Diana as a shy yet kind teenage nanny, who blossomed into a confident young woman who, despite her royal title, chose not to set herself apart from others Offers interesting details about the scheduling and protocol involved with royal occasions.

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    I was intrigued to read this book because it was a new perspective on Princess Diana Written by her former employer, Mary Robertson, it gives us a glimpse at the young Diana before her marriage to Prince Charles At times this book becomes overly sentimental and slow, but it is still a fresh perspective on the most famous woman in the world.

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    A quaint little book about a personal friendship with Princess Diana Nice to see an alternative perspective other than press or official biographies Very quick read.

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    The twenty year anniversary of the death of Princess Diana is what made me read this book This was a very enjoyable and quick read Princess Diana accomplished so much in her short life I feel she was indeed a very strong woman who held back her own feelings for the sake of making other people happy She was a loving nanny, a loving mother, and she is still missed by so many of us I probably will read Andrew Morton s biography of Princess Diana as well after having read The Diana I Knew.

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    Absolutely one of my favorite reads This book details the friendship of two moms Heartwarming sincere Moms can learn from this book.

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    Deeply touching story, showing a side of Diana that not many people got to know I had started reading this book years ago and for some reason I do not remember finishing it at that time, though I am glad I finally did It is a tear jerker so it may be a good idea to have tissues nearby.

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    A cute little tale of one woman s personal relationship with Diana.

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    It was the perfect car book Light, fluffy, a bit of insight, cute photos.