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Increase profitability elevate work culture and exceed productivity goals through DevOps practicesMore than ever the effective management of technology is critical for business competitiveness For decades technology leaders have struggled to balance agility reliability and security The consequences of failure have never been greater whether it's the healthcaregov debacle cardholder data breaches or missing the boat with Big Data in the cloudAnd yet high performers using DevOps principles such as Google Facebook Etsy and Netflix are routinely and reliably deploying code into production hundreds or even thousands of times per dayFollowing in the footsteps of The Phoenix Project The DevOps Handbook shows leaders how to replicate these incredible outcomes by showing how to integrate Product Management Development QA IT Operations and Information Security to elevate your company and win in the marketplace Table of contentsPrefaceSpreading the Aha MomentIntroductionPART I THE THREE WAYS1 Agile continuous delivery and the three ways2 The First Way The Principles of Flow3 The Second Way The Principle of Feedback4 The Third Way The Principles of Continual LearningPART II WHERE TO START5 Selecting which value stream to start with6 Understanding the work in our value stream7 How to design our organization and architecture8 How to get great outcomes by integrating operations into the daily work for developmentPART III THE FIRST WAY THE TECHNICAL PRACTICES OF FLOW9 Create the foundations of our deployment pipeline10 Enable fast and reliable automated testing11 Enable and practice continuous integration12 Automate and enable low risk releases13 Architect for low risk releasesPART IV THE SECOND WAY THE TECHNICAL PRACTICES OF FEEDBACK14 Create telemetry to enable seeing abd solving problems15 Analyze telemetry to better anticipate problems16 Enable feedbackso development and operation can safely deploy code17 Integrate hypothesis driven development and AB testing into our daily work18 Create review and coordination processes to increase quality of our current workPART V THE THRID WAY THE TECHNICAL PRACTICES OF CONTINUAL LEARNING19 Enable and inject learning into daily work20 Convert local discoveries into global improvements21 Reserve time to create organizational learning22 Information security as everyone’s job every day23 Protecting the deployment pipelinePART VI CONCLUSIONA call to actionConclusion to the DevOps HandbookAPPENDICES1 The convergence of Devops2 The theory of constraints and core chronic conflicts3 Tabular form of downward spiral4 The dangers of handoffs and queues5 Myths of industrial safety6 The Toyota Andon Cord7 COTS Software8 Post mortem meetings9 The Simian Army10 Transparent uptimeAdditional ResourcesEndnotes

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    tldr This is a must read for anyone who wants to understand explain and implement DevOps culture process and tools for high performance development and operationsThe DevOps Handbook 437 pages 2016 Kim Humble Debois Willis Allspaw is a must read for anyone who wants to understand explain and implement DevOps culture process and tools for high performance development and operations The Phoenix Project 2013 Kim Spafford Behr took us through the challenges of IT development and operations in narrative form and showed us sensible and human centric solutions The DevOps Handbook builds on that and provides a detailed and practical guide to apply those solutions within your organization It also extends the solutions from The Phoenix Project to cover information security and complianceThe book includes case studies from Google Capital One Target Netflix etsy and other companies demonstrating how DevOps culture and practices can improve business outcomes There is material here for stakeholders in almost all parts of the organization including upper management operations info sec development and complianceI read this book cover to cover The authors’ advice is thought provoking and should spark dozens of productive discussions within your team