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Few First Novels Receive The Kind Of Attention And Acclaim Showered On This Powerful Story A Nationwide Bestseller, A Critical Success, And The First Title Chosen For Oprah S Book Club Both Highly Suspenseful And Deeply Moving, The Deep End Of The Ocean Imagines Every Mother S Worst Nightmare The Disappearance Of A Child As It Explores A Family S Struggle To Endure, Even Against Extraordinary Odds Filled With Compassion, Humor, And Brilliant Observations About The Texture Of Real Life, Here Is A Story Of Rare Power, One That Will Touch Readers Hearts And Make Them Celebrate The Emotions That Make Us All One

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    I m hesitant to outline the book s plot for fear of giving out too much information However, since most reviews of the book give away the plot and because the story has also been made into a movie, I ll proceed Be aware, though, that possible spoilers lie ahead.SPOILER ALERT Beth Cappadora, excited about her 15 year high school reunion, packs up her three kids Vincent, 7 Ben, 3 and infant Kerry and her niece babysitter and drives from Madison, Wisconsin to the Chicago hotel that s hosting the festivities While Beth is doing some business at the hotel s busy reception desk Ben disappears Police, family, and friends search all over for days, but Ben is simply gone.Beth and her husband Pat are shattered by the loss, and their remaining two children suffer from their parents distraction In time Pat is or less able to go on with his life and his job helping run his uncle s restaurant in Madison Beth, however, can t seem to recover at all She sleeps most of the time and, even when she s awake, Beth isn t really there The Cappadoras try attending a support group, which is of very limited assistance.Vincent, who was supposed to be keeping an eye on Ben when he vanished, develops serious behavior problems These become worse as he approaches adolescence and Vincent becomes a bully, gets into fights, and repeatedly gets into trouble at school Vincent is sent to a therapist but does all he can to avoid addressing his real issues thinking he s pulling the wool over his therapist s eyes.After a health crisis the Cappadoras move back to Chicago, where their extended family still lives And miracle of miracles nine years after he vanished Ben shows up on the Cappadora s doorstep looking for a lawn mowing job The reunion isn t the total blessing Beth and Pat would have hoped for however Ben doesn t remember them at all and has a fierce attachment to his new family the woman who kidnapped him now severely mentally ill and her husband George To top it off George is a complete innocent in all this he accepted Ben as his wife s child, adopted him, and dearly loves the boy The latter part of the book is especially heart rending as Ben s two families must cope with everything that s happened What s everyone supposed to do now Are Vincent and Kerry going to welcome their new sibling How does Ben cope with being a stranger in his own family How does Pat deal with another dad in the picture What s going to happen to the kidnapper The book tells a compelling story, the writing is good, and the characters seem or less true to life I had great sympathy for Beth but didn t like her much She wallows in her grief for too long and makes almost no attempt to be there for the family she still has The other characters, especially Pat, seem to do the best they can in very difficult circumstances.In the end I felt the book was too long and overly melodramatic The story reminded me of an afternoon special on Lifetime TV The story rates 3 stars for me but to be completely fair I think some other readers might like the book better.You can follow my reviews at

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    It s been a while since I first read this but I read it on a trip to visit my mother, finished it at her house and flung it across the room I left it behind and she read it and called me to berate me for leaving it for her to read So count this as TWO negative reviews The climax happens about halfway through the book and then the next 200 or so pages are padding that you end up hating yourself for reading.

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    1.5 starsI usually compare the book to its film, and almost always the book wins Not this time NOPE.I ve watched the film tons of times, and I loved it, and I cry every single time With the book, only a couple of tears And I adore the characters.The characters here were unlikable, specially Beth Cappadora, the mother I didn t like her from the start As for the rest, I only liked Vincent Reese a little I get that all of them were really affected and damaged when tragedy striked, but most were just annoying.And the ending was too much for me SPOILERS HERE Baby boy just knocking on the door like that Beth forgiving the crazy lady who took her baby Giving him up when you finally get him back I felt really sorry for his other dad , I admit I cried with this, but I guess they could ve worked something out So excuse me, but I ll go back to watching the film, curled up in my bed.

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    4.5 starsI actually read this book 15 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter It has stayed with me all these years I thought it was a great book Depressing and sad given the subject but very well written and easy to read I read it very quickly over a couple of days.

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    just can t read it hits too close to home for me as a mom a three year old is kidnapped I had to read the ending to see if the kid is ever found alive I tried skimming a few pages, but when I got to the part where they had to identify a small child in the morgue, I put the book down I just can t do it.yeah, I m a puss.

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    This book relies heavily on coincidence, which is usually a sign of bad writing In this case, however, the coincidence is of a result of a what if question, rather than a how can I loop this all together scenario I think its an interesting idea, what happens when the little boy is found, but the bad guys feel like the good guys and the good guys don t feel like anything One thing that struck me about this book was how self centered the main character was I can t comprehend what she went through, of course, but on some level it just wasn t about her any, I would think Ehh, read it and see what you think.

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    The kid is found and he s fine That s not a spoiler you can read it on the jacket However, I had to skip to the second half to see for myself, and I read in other reviews that other people did, too I really didn t want to be reading a book about a child being kidnapped and killed or abused And that s not what it was at all, so rest assured.The first half of the book is about what happens with a family when their middle child, a three year old, is kidnapped The second half is about what happens with them when he comes back, nine years later They re a dysfunctional family either way, and the most interesting question for me that this story raises is whether they would have been like that even if the boy hadn t been kidnapped and whether the boy wasn t in fact better off having been raised by his kidnappers It really made me stop and think about my own performance as a mother, whether I m giving my kids enough attention or am going through life in a self centered haze The slightly negative points for me were, first, the sometimes too long introspective passages from the mother s point of view I skipped over some of those We already know her mindset and her self reproach and self absorbedness fairly early on, and I felt that it was repeated too often The other thing that bothered me a bit was the too tidy coincidence of so many key characters from the past either being dead or having memory loss due to Alzheimer s or catatonia It was only nine years, not fifty It s obvious that the author simply didn t want to have to get deeply into the kidnapper s motivation, or was advised by her editor to cut out 100 pages somewhere, and this was a quick way to avoid those issues I really would have been interested to have at least one scene where the kidnapper spoke, if only in an internal monologue.

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    This is quite possibly one of the worst books I have ever read It was artistically abysmal and I would not have finished it if it weren t for the library book club I read it for The characters particularly the parents are thin and unlikeable characters The plot left unpleasantly dangling threads in several places where the author would take us to a location or revelation and then stop talking about it including a pointless affair that did not contribute to the overall plot in any way It was the type of book that if I was just an emotional girl and not a thinking person I might have really liked and been sucked in by but, as it stands, I found it unsatisfying and contrived Mitchard invites comparisons to Picoult, who is by far the superior author Picoult s My Sister s Keeper explores similar family dynamic to this book but in a much effective way Avoid this book unless you just want a heaping pile of emotion with no rational thought.

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    I ve read and reread this book a thousand times over I get lost in the sorrow I feel for this family Everytime I read this story I feel differently about the choices this family makes I don t have children so it is hard to imagine the heart break of having one kidnapped I think it is impossible to not get attached to these characters.

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    Het verhaal komt maar heel traag op gang , maar je wil toch doorlezen , pas in de tweede helft van het boek komt ook meteen de waarheid boven momenten had ik moeite het uit te lezen maar wou toch weten hoe het zou verlopen eigenlijk teleurstellend