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A Thousand Years Ago, Two Young Lovers Were Betrayed Alger Waterlow To His Death, And Hanalea, Queen Of The Fells, To A Life Without Love Now, Once Again, The Queendom Of The Fells Seems Likely To Shatter Apart For Young Queen Raisa Ana Marianna, Maintaining Peace Even Within Her Own Castle Walls Is Nearly Impossible Tension Between Wizards And Clan Has Reached A Fevered Pitch With Surrounding Kingdoms Seeking To Prey On The Fells Inner Turmoil, Raisa S Best Hope Is To Unite Her People Against A Common Enemy But That Enemy Might Be The Person With Whom She S Falling In LoveThrough A Complicated Web Of Lies And Unholy Alliances, Former Streetlord Han Alister Has Become A Member Of The Wizard Council Of The Fells Navigating The Cut Throat World Of Blue Blood Politics Has Never Been Dangerous, And Han Seems To Inspire Hostility Among Clan And Wizards Alike His Only Ally Is The Queen, And Despite The Perils Involved, Han Finds It Impossible To Ignore His Feelings For Raisa Before Long, Han Finds Himself In Possession Of A Secret Believed To Be Lost To History, A Discovery Powerful Enough To Unite The People Of The Fells But Will The Secret Die With Him Before He Can Use It A Simple, Devastating Truth Concealed By A Thousand Year Old Lie At Last Comes To Light In This Stunning Conclusion To The Seven Realms Series

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    My reaction upon seeing the cover Seeing the release date Realizing how far the release date is Realizing how LONG I ll have to wait Understanding that even though the publisher is not to blame, it is STILL their fault it is so FAR AWAY Realizing that there s nothing I can do about it and accepting my fate And in the end, realizing I will always love Cinda Williams Chima for delivering such a MASSIVELYBRILLIANTWICKEDAWESOME series UPDATE March 13thCinda Williams Chima liked this.And then I was likeUPDATE November 6thReview to come

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    That feeling when you finish an incredible seriesbut then you realize you have to say goodbye Mix the previous images and you have me In the middle of the night Trying to stay awake Stomach grumbling with hunger.It s the best feeling ever History is written by the victors The truth is, the villains were less villainous, and the heroes less heroic, than you ve been told A thousand years ago, Alger Waterlow fell in love with Hanalea, the Queen of the Fells But their love was doomed from the start Betrayed, tortured and imprisoned in an amulet, Alger was demonized by history He became the Demon King, and Hanalea the brave warrior that rid the world of this evil But history has its way of repeating itself Raisa ana Marianna is now the Queen of the Fells, and her reign is fragile than ever She has to prevent the clans from turning against the wizards while an enemy from the south is ready to march and everyone questions the 17 years old queen s capability of rising up to the challenge And she eventually has to marry someone for political reasons and ignore her heart that beats for Han Alister, the only person the clans and the wizards hate with a loathing passion and may be responsible for heinous crimes Han Alister on the other hand is determined to marry Raisa, even if that means allying with untrustworthy people and trying to find a mythical armory with weapons of terrific potential, while everyone accuses him of murder Will Han and Raisa manage to save the queendom without sacrificing their love in the process I am a Gray Wolf queen We have never been graceful losers And so, I do not intend to lose I will fight you until the last breath leaves my body You will not take me alive I love fantasy It s always been my favorite genre, and books like The Crimson Crown are the reason why You can close your eyes and picture seiges and secret tunnels under the mountains and battles and illicit kisses under the brilliance of the moon You can weild a sword like a warrior even though you ve never seen one up close, you can feel the magic burning in your fingers waiting to be unleashed even though you re a mundane, you attend meetings that determine the fate of a nation you ve never heard of, and you can do all these things because one person s pen is powerful than a wand People like Cinda Williams Chima are my heroes.In The Crimson Crown the stakes are higher than ever, and I am so proud that both Han and Raisa rose up to the circumstances Politics, war and magic, adventure and romance, The Crimson Crown is a blend of everything you could wish for in a YA fantasy book The characters are not good or evil, they re always somewhere in between Everyone wants to protect the people he or she is responsible for, from the Demonai warriors to wizards and council members and simple soldiers Of course you ll hate some of them for their decisions, for messing with your heroes, but you can understand why they act this way, and for me that is a huge achievement Take Micah, for instance I still can t make up my mind about him because he tried to sink my ship many times, but I can t label him as a villain and that s kind of frustrating Hating him would be easier Complicated And yet simple They were like two pieces of a failed star, drawn together by a shared history and a memory of illicit kisses At first I was cautious of shipping Han and Raisa because they ve proven that they will kiss anyone with a set of lips is there a thing such as kissing addiction Raisa could be suffering from it, just saying but I was pleasantly surprised by the way their relationship developed Raisa stood up for Han even when the entire world was against him, she put her faith in him and supported him, while Han did everything in his power, fought enemies and allies to secure a future with her So yes, I ended up shipping them Hard With butterflies and giggling and all that stuff But I don t want your throne Then what do you want You I didn t cry during the entire series, but I did cry in the last two pages It was the most suitable way to finish a story that started when two lovers were torn apart a thousand of years ago Cinda Williams Chima, you are a true sorceress

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    Spoiler free for the whole series LOOK OUT, FANTASY WRITERS SEE THIS BOOK pushes The Crimson Crown in your hands SEE THIS LOOK AT IT JUST LOOK AT IT This is how you end a series BLOODY FABULOUS WHY WHAT DO WE READERS WANT Alright I can think of some things 1 WE ARE OUT FOR BLOOD SO We need IN YOUR FACE moments with the villains and all those who annoyed the hell out of us Yes, this is MUCH needed Nothing s worst than anticlimactic confrontations Give us GIDDINESS 2 If you want to give us a romance, PLEASE SLOW DOWN, because the butterflies, here They would never have had the same impact if not for the wait My ship made me suffer along the way, but it paid up x1000 3 NO NEED FOR CARDBOARD PEOPLE Give us fleshed out and interesting secondary characters some we love to hate and other we d defend with our fictional life 4 We also need EPIC ENDINGS No Mockingjay I don t know if my ship really sailed or what No dull as hell temporizing like In The Afterlight I know, I gave it 5 stars at the time I wouldn t now, honestly The last book should always be the BEST of the series If you want 600 pages of great battles, though, look elsewhere This is not what it is about and I m so glad it isn t Alright, it is fairly predictable, but again, I Don t Care Any book that manages to engross me like this deserves its 5 stars Now, maybe I m bewitched, and many readers will argue that nothing really happens and you know what Perhaps that s just the point It is not so easy to bewitch me, if I dare say.5 Last but not least, you wouldn t want us to be disappointed in our main characters now would you Take 3 stereotypes and call it a hero Use idiotic misunderstandings to drive them through a painful joke of character development NOPE You do NOT want this Try this instead give us flawed characters in whom we can believe Now make them grow Then again Then again Now perhaps, if you re lucky, you ll have Raisa and Han I just freaking LOVE them Here are characters who know what that means to have a backbone Of course The Crimson Crown passed all these tests with flying colors Damn, I m exhausted, I just know that a huge book hangover is coming, but it was so worth it For of my reviews, please visit

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    My complete and very sensible reaction to this book is AFDSKJAFLDAJ I AM SO OBSESSED I MIGHT EXPLODE Like, omg, honestly this series has stolen my heart I m SO happy with the finale I mean, it wasn t perfect and it was faaaar too long and got draggy there in the middle BUT IT WAS STILL EXCELLENT It was feelsy I actually made psychotic fangirl noises TWICE My ship Ohhhhhh my ship And there was stabbing and torture as well so winningWho is that puddle on the floor howling about their feelings OH THAT IS ME IT S OKAY I M PROBABLY DEAD.What I really REALLY love about this series is how it balances everything Like we have the epic battles, the conspiracy theories, the magical mentor to student lessons, the politics SO MUCH OF THOSE and the betrayals.and the romance Like when am I one to swoon over romance Pfft Never Except for this series apparently.I swear Raisa and Han Alister are my ultimate OTP At least for, like, this moment THEY ARE SO DOOMED TO NEVER BE TOGETHER And they fight And they betray each other And they love each other so fiercely I am just literally exploding CUE DERANGED FANGIRL NOISES And honestly view spoiler I m usually not one to say yes the 18 year olds should get married but HELL YES I CHEERED WHEN THEY GOT MARRIED AT THE END hide spoiler

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    I M CRYING IT S FINE I M FINE NO WORRIES WHATSOEVER.This freaking series man Was not expecting to love it Loved it so much.This is a fantastic close to a fabulous series.TEAM RAISA FOREVER

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    Ahhh you guys this was amazing Ok but first I must fangirl..That Dance Scene Holy blazers This isn t going to be a long review but I hope to express just how epic this journey has been.I m not even kidding I got teary eyed at the end Mild Spoilers Raisa s journey has been incredible She is a heroine that I seriously LOVED rooting for I was not at all disappointed as her journey came to a close I felt so connected to her and in the end I just wanted all her sacrifices and pain to be worth it and it WAS.Oh and Han What a man Can we just applaud him for the fact that he made Raisa wait until he married her He refused to be a backstreet lover He refused to watch her be married off to another man and meet her in private He made her a vow and he kept it And he FOUGHT for her non stop UGH I can t My only complaints are that I wanted much of Micah I still believe he s a good guy and he got pushed off I mean he DID save Raisa several times and Amon after all that emotional turmoil, I just feel heartbroken over him I feel very dissatisfied with his ending we deserved Also, the writing was so deep and intricate but I feel like many scenes could have been much shorter I don t need every footstep of every journey described But whatever I loved this anyway So in the end. this was an INCREDIBLE and emotional journey and I can t believe I waited so long to read these My Blog Instagram Twitter Etsy

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    Re read 2016Ha I love it when a series I read years ago actually HOLDS UP Mostly, because that means I was right the first time, but also because it meansI WAS RIGHT.Yeah I m that shallow.Point is, book 4 was a fantastic conclusion to the Seven Realms series, and you should definitely give these books a try Especially if you ve been on the fence about this one.GET OFF THE FENCE Original review 2012Reading the last book in a series you love is always hard I was so afraid this was going to be a disappointment Mockingjay, I m talking to you , but I couldn t be happier with the way Chima wrapped things up.5 big fat stars The only thing I can t understand is why none of my GR friends have read any of these books What is wrong with you people The Crimson Crown is a wonderful ending to the Seven Realms books, but if the author wants to hint, hint there s still plenty of room to write a few books in this world I, for one, would love to continue reading about all of the characters Chima has created.Dancer, Micah, Melody, Cat, Willo..Really, there are so many stories left to tell in the Seven Realms, that I refuse to believe this is the end If you haven t picked up these books yet, you don t know what you re missing The Demon King.Read it.Now

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    Cinda Williams Chima really knows how to write quality YA fantasy I LOVE THIS REALM SO FUCKING MUCH What a fantastic and gratifying ending to a phenomenal series Han Alister, I wish I could make you real.

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    An amazing ending to an amazing series.

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    Man oh man This series The Seven Realms series definitely makes my favorites list Read this series view spoiler I loved everything about this book.I loved that Lucious could finally find some peace although it was pretty disappointing to hear that he was the one that betrayed Alger. I always liked Lucious and it was just sad to hear about that At the same time though we learned that Hanalea DIDN T betray him, so there s that The ending with Han brining her as a wolf to meet with Alger was just perfect.I loved all of the parts with Crow and Han in this book, where as I kind of lost my patience with Crow in the past books Especially before I knew who Crow really was Han definitely couldn t have survived without him in this book With the information about the underground tunnels, the treasure, everything The part when Crow was trying to switch in and out with Han while he was being tortured had me in tears He had already been tortured to death once, yet he tried to help Han as much as he could.I definitely didn t see the whole ending with Nightwalker happening I knew that he hated Wizards so it s not crazy to think he had been killing them all I guess I just never realized how badly he just wanted to marry Raisa for the position than for her I actually did think he had real feelings for her. maybe because of their past I was SO angry at the end after EVERYTHING that was happening. he seriously had the nerve to try and kill Raisa I was so happy when Night Bird took him out Of course, I also teared up when she died She was so young, but I m happy that she could die in honor I m not really surprised that only Micah survived out of the Bayar family I do feel a LITTLE bit of pity for him. even though I still don t really like him What did you all think about the news of Dancer being a Bayar I m happy that Willo came forth and showed the council what kind of trash Gavan really was Of course, I m thrilled that Han and Raisa are finally together I was getting so angry with Raisa s father and grandmother when they were acting like they would kill him if Raisa thought about marrying him. then Dancer explained what he knew about the amulet they gave Han Dancer is a hero The way he can connect with nature and the way he can work with amulets and make his own flash craft is amazing I love him 3Such an amazing series Will definitely read by Cinda Williams Chima in the future hide spoiler