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It was difficult to be drawn into this acclaimed 1995 interracial romance, in part because the telling rather than showing style is so different from most romances being written today, and in part because the heroine is so utterly lacking in self esteem and the narrative doesn t present this as a problem to be overcome Only in part 2, when the protagonists finally start dating, and clumsily try to deal with the prejudice they encounter and their own biases did the story begin to interest me I can see why the book would have seemed innovative in its day, and Kitt is a solid writer, but I have a hard time imagining many readers finding its dated story and characters compelling today. This is the first interracial romance I read, and it still resonates today, even after 15 years. THE HEART HAS THE ANSWERS WHEN LOVE IS MORE THAN SKIN DEEPLeah Downey Was A Brilliant Young Commercial Artist Moving Up Fast On The Manhattan Career TrackJason Horn Was A Street Smart Cop Getting Over A Nasty Divorce And An Even Agonizing Personal TragedyAll The Odds Said They Would Never Meet But They Did Everyone They Knew Said They Should Break It Off Before They Went Too Far But They Didn T Even Though Everything About Them Was Differenttheir Pasts Their Jobs Their Worlds And The Color Of Their Skin My first IR book I read it many years ago, a checkout from the library I ended up buying it and I have reread it several times since then And I rarely EVER reread books Very sweet story. I liked the book but It was cerebral than romantic I felt like is was a study in a relationship between a black woman and a white man This couple were attracted to each other but in this book they were not passionate about each other they just wanted to be together I felt this was a story of how society view I R relationships To me the book was a good story that explained the hardships the went through because of other people but to me they lacked the passion to make this a great romance. I enjoyed reading this book concerning Leah Downey, who is a black graphic artist and white cop, Jason Horn This book is controversial, not because this is an interracial romance, but that it exposed the love between a white cop and a black professional woman in New York City during the late eighties The distrust and polarization between white policemen and non whites is extremely evident in Leah s sister and housemate, guile Gail, who is a strong character in this book Gail s verbal attack against Leah is brutal and burns like chili peppers in Leah s already wounded ego You could almost imagine the aggressive Gail snarling and spitting mad at Leah and Jason s friendship But Gail is not the only one against Leah and Jason s relationship Their peers are either angry or appalled and one of Jason s juvenile defenders despises Leah and might cause her harm.Jason is revealed as a strong, sensitive character He and Leah met under unusual circumstances, which I will not reveal I believe Leah is attracted to Jason s friendliness, assertiveness, his being emotionally available, and not playing endless games Dating Jason piques Leah s curiosity Although ambivalent, she accepts every date he proposes.The book reveals both Leah and Jason have painful, unhappy pasts Fears concerning their relationship and where it would lead develops And once they establish they than like each other, both fail to address the negative impact of their blossoming romance In the process, there are misconceptions, sometimes frayed emotions, and hurt feelings.Although I love Leah s character and sensitivity, in my opinion, she appears complicated and a bit quirky Throughout the book, Leah reveals her inability to assert herself On the job, she is confident and her work ethic unassailable But in her personal life, like many strong women, she has emotional difficulties and shows a lack of confidence This appears evident when Gail spat out her disapproval of Jason And again, when Gail and Leah s friend, Allen, deceives her.Although some might question Leah s lack of anger concerning Gail and Allen s deception Leah reveals that to forgive is divine She shows strength and resilience by forgiving, forgetting and loving Maybe a lack of expressing emotions was due to Leah experiencing physical and emotional trauma, which surprisingly, she never shares with her family Instead, she suffers nightmares, attempting not to address the issue with a psychotherapist Leah overreacts with fear when she sees Jason in his dress blues On another occasion when he apprehends a thief, she believes Jason s persona violent At that point, I believed Leah s character had serious emotional issues Yet, Jason displays an enormous amount of patience during her apprehensiveness.I could understand Leah s anxiety about Jason s job and where he stood on certain matters in the non white community But he appears compassionate As an officer for juvenile delinquents, he tries to overcompensate, tirelessly helping hardened juveniles with money, housing, forming sporting events, and taking them to concerts Jason s peers believe he is a bleeding heart.In conclusion, I was surprised the author didn t focus on Leah s bad experiences and fears being addressed in the book I laughed when during Leah and Jason s reunion, she thought their lovemaking so amazing she might be considered sinful I enjoyed reading this book It was a sentimentally emotional romance This was also well written. This was my first interracial novel ever and I enjoyed it immensely It was a good story This was a reality based book of how a real love story could truly be No hidden billionaires or witches, or electrical first meetings It s a book of two people who didn t have an explosive beginning, but their love grew over time Leah was a woman with a secret that stunts her emotionally She is very passive and introspective She wasn t overly beautiful, but her personality made her attractive Jason, had a very sad event happen in his life that gave him a chance to meet Leah They had a relationship that they had to traverse obstacles from within as well as from outsiders Over the course of their relationship, Leah grew assertive because she had to if she wanted her and Jason to survive Don t expect explosive emotion or sexual exploitation in this book because you will not find it If you just want a good love story of two people who are in need of each other and explore what they want from their lives, then this is the book for you. I have to say, that I am really glad that I kept my copy of this book all these years I really enjoyed reading it as a teenager and I thank Kitt for exposing me to interracial romances as a teenager as well I didn t even know that was a genre til I got older In The Color of Love , Kitt explores an interracial relationship between an African American woman named Leah who is a graphic designer and a white man named Jason, who is a New York City police officer.Kitt tells the story focusing on now just Leah and Jason, but also a street wise kid who is also African American who is angry that he feels that Jason is now overlooking him due to dating Leah He gets weirdly obsessed with her, and I honestly don t get why that character was included It just didn t fit the overall story that Kitt was trying to tell in my opinion Besides the interracial aspects of this relationship that Kitt takes a close look at, she also looks at how Jason s views of African Americans shifts since he may be what would be called a casual racist When he s interacting with suspects he thinks nothing of letting the N word slip, but quickly feels sickened by what he has said and thinks that he doesn t view Leah that way at all If Kitt had moments like that in this book, it would have been five starts to me I like that it was open and honest about the issues that many black women have with dating outside of their race that it would have worked for me Leah does get accused of not being black any by a few people, but in the end, the book just wraps things up neatly and I really wish there had been a follow up to this one Some of the characters did not work well at all Leah s sister needed slapped upside her head She does something that Leah ends up hard shrugging about that really didn t work for me at all Let s just say that it would never occur to my sister or I to do something foul to each other like what happens in this book The setting of New York felt very alive and just dark to me at times Maybe because of all the recent police shootings that involve African Americans, I just could not get into this book the way that I was able to as a teen I just found the whole thing implausible Still enjoyed this look back at an older romance fave. 8 9 18 This is a revisit of an IR classic, originally read over 20 years ago A lost soul on her doorstep catches Leah Downey s attention, and prompts a show of kindness on her part Jason Horn s life was rocked by tragedy, and but is thankful that a stranger reached out in his most vulnerable moment She the softhearted Black artist, him the hard bitten White cop, on paper they have very little in common Something is sparking between them, but the reality of the worlds they both inhabit, test the depth of those feelings.The Good 1 I have always loved this cover It hints at who the characters are in an artistic way Leah s job is designing book covers, so this plays into that too.2.The Color of Love came out when Black Literature writers like Terry McMillan, and Eric Jerome Dickey were getting a lot of attention This story fits in a Black Lit space, versus current Interracial Romance conventions This is a subgenre that would not exist without books like this laying the foundation.3 It was interesting rereading something loved decades before It put a spotlight on how my own thinking has evolved over the years about multiple societal changes The Bad 1 Leah has no backbone She lets everyone from her sister, ex boyfriend, and Jason walk over her at different times I found it super aggravating She never shows anger, and forgives the unforgivable without requiring consequences from anyone In an effort to avoid the angry Black woman tag, she volunteers for doormat too readily I can never relate to this, in fiction or real life 2 This is not really a romance novel, a lot of time is spent exploring all their other relationship dynamics professional, familial, and other love interests There is crossover some romance fans will have issue with.3 Jason uses the N word too casually for my liking It is one of the things that kept me from connecting with him.Final Thoughts This did not survive the test of time for me It was groundbreaking when it first came out, it being so different made me gloss over uncomfortable moments I give this about 2 1 2 stars as a romance, but a solid 3 as Lit Its OG status prevents me from changing my official initial rating though.