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Where Were You When Diana Died For Trevor Rees Jones The Answer Is Simple He Was In The Same Hospital As Diana, Fighting For His Own Life A Few Rooms Away As Bodyguard To Her Companion Dodi Fayed, He Was With The Couple When, Hounded By Paparazzi And With A Driver Who Turned Out To Be Drunk, Their Mercedes Crashed Into The Thirteenth Pillar Of The Tunnel Under The Place De L Alma In Paris Dodi And The Driver, Henri Paul, Died Instantaneously, Medics Say Diana Was Rushed To A Nearby Hospital Where Doctors Worked Feverishly To Resuscitate Her Before Giving Up In The Early Hours Of Sunday MorningMiraculously, Trevor Survived But His Condition Was Critical Internal Chest Injuries And A Broken Wrist Were The Least Of It His Head Had Taken The Brunt Of The Impact And Suffered Catastrophic Damage His Face Was Crushed Beyond Recognition In A Stunning Medical Drama, However, A Facial Surgeon Performed A Miracle Of Reconstruction, And Along With Trevor S Own Indomitable Will And The Support Of His Family And Friends The Bodyguard Was Able To Leave Hospital After Just Over A Month His Goal Then Was Straightforward To Return To A Normal Life As Soon As Possible, Go Back To Work For His Employer, Mohamed Al Fayed, And To The Simple Pleasures Of Rugby And His Mates At Home In ShropshireBut The Crash That Nearly Killed Him Had Killed Diana, Princess Of Wales, One Of The Most Famous Women Of The Late Twentieth Century A Normal Life Was No Longer An Option And As Mohamed Al Fayed S Grief At The Loss Of His Son Quickly Turned Into A Desperate Hunt For Reasons, For Culprits And Conspiracy, Trevor Found His Unswerving Loyalty To The Boss At First Questioned And Then,ultimately, Destroyed, As Fayed Pointed The Finger Of Blame At HimE BODYGUARD S STORY Grippingly Describes, For The First Time, Trevor Rees Jones S Part In These Astonishing Events From The Prelude To Paris, When Trevor Foun

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    To be totally honest I ve never really understood all the hype surrounding the Royal Family or this case Yes, it was a terrible tragedy Yes, I ve been to the supermarket checkout aisles and every week there s a new magazine issue discussing some aspect or another of was it really an accident or how Prince Harry is still coping that poor man will be watched over that for the rest of his life, no doubt and I ve seen the plates and books and other memorabilia which can be bought by collectors Still, none of it has particularly interested me the accident happened a year before I was even born, anyway I was thinking that maybe hearing from Princess Diana s bodyguard, the lone survivor of the tragedy, might make me understand why there is still to this day such a media obsession and outpour of mourning I did find Rees Jones s tale of survival and recovery to be very inspiring, and from this book, readers get to know him as a person However, it was written by a ghostwriter and in a third person style which doesn t really suit memoirs, over the book sensationalizes the accident and worse still comes across as almost vicious there is a sense throughout that something is owed here I m not sure what it is maybe it s the tone of the writing , but it was rather strange.I did really like Trevor Rees Jones as a person throughout the book, and I think had he written of it himself it might have given a open and clear depiction of what he went through and why his story is so important His story does end happily, on the bright side he recovers from the accident which had crushed his face in, and after a long time of reconstruction he was able to return to work and continue living his life.

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    As a demonstration of human fallibility and sheer stupidity, the contents of this book surely reign supreme Money does not necessarily bring respect, nor quality media attention does not guarantee happiness a career as an intellectually challenged clothes horse may very well be a short one beware of beauty which lies in the eye of the commercial photographer and paramount of all, employ only proven experienced professional security who can seamlessly work together as a team to the highest external professional standards Plan ahead and avoid alcohol if necessary If you re travelling, at any speed, in a car fitted with seatbelts WEAR THEM That the occupants of the car did not was the greatest unexplained mystery.An additional awkwardness of this book is that it is written in the third person which methodically develops a slight sense of surreal unreality My sympathies lay primarily with Rees Jones parents their very real anguish caused by no fault of their own and HRH The Prince Charles for his arranged marriage to a daughter from a broken home The odd error crops up the late Diana, Princess of Wales was NOT given the pre defined ceremonial of a full royal funeral p.147 , because at the time of her death she was a non royal divorced woman.Who wins Only two parties, as far as I could see firstly the surgeon Dr Luc Chikhani, who spotted and achieved a truly remarkable and well deserved career assuring success in reconstructing Rees Jones face and secondly, albeit through a desperately tragic and horrific series of events, TRH The Princes William and Harry, who lost a woman whom they alone knew as a wonderful mother but who have both since gained stability, love and bright futures which they might not have otherwise known Much as I personally dislike dwelling on the fallibility and misfortune of others I did find this book difficult to put down When I finally did, I felt an overwhelming surge of relief at my own, very ordinary, life lived far, far away from the hungry media machine.Well worth reading, especially for those who wouldn t normally see themselves as reading this sort of book.

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    The Bodyguard s Story is the story of the fatal crash that claimed the life of Princess Diana, the Ritz driver, Henri Paul and Dodi Fayed, told by the only survivor of the crash, Trevor Rees Jones It not well written The author and co author wrote the story in third person, with Trevor occasionally quoting himself However, the subject matter was so intriguing that it hardly mattered I was fascinated not only by the details of Diana s friendship romance with Dodi, but with Trevor s recovery process Every bone in Trevor s face was smashed his wrist was broken, and he had no memory of the crash Memory has always been a fascinating thing for me, so naturally I was quite drawn to that Also fascinating was the weird control that Mohammad Fayed struggled to hold over his empire and his people For royal watchers, this is a necessary addition to the collection It s weakness that it is not well written might also be a strength, because one really gets the sense of who Trevor Rees Jones is Instead of a thinker, he s a doer Loyal to a fault, gentle, well mannered, but not given to self reflection.A solid read.

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    This book is written by Trevor Rees Jones, a bodyguard who survived the Paris car crash that killed Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed It tells the story of the lead up to the crash, his horrific injuries, the torment of being the sole survivor who did not remember what happened and how he tried to get his life back to normal I read it to hear a direct account from someone who was there especially when there had been so much publicity, speculation and controversy surrounding events

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    It is a story worth hearing Sorry to say it was a poor read Way too much detail on trivial aspects of the story.

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    Coming across Trevor Rees Jones recollection of one of the most famous accidents in Paris most certainly brought back memories of the event of now almost twenty years ago It also made me wonder, what happened to all the people involved although, reading the book made me also hope that the sole survivor and his family got their privacy back and managed to move on with their lives The paparazzi have so much to answer for and not just in this particular instance but their continued claim to just doing their job and freedom of the press literally lets them get away with murder not just then but still now.As I was living in London at the time of the accident and liking what Princess Di had accomplished in her life predominantly being a loving mother to her children and her extensive charity work I was floored when she suddenly died in an accident And not until The Bodyguard s Story explained just how and why she died, can the remaining doubts finally be laid to rest There was always the nagging wonder, just what those internal injuries were especially in the light of a grieving father throwing out all sorts of conspiracy stories here the reasons are explained and they make perfect sense Why could this not have been made public at the time Or was it simply drowned out by sensationalism All in all, I am so glad, Trevor Rees Jones decided to write this book and tell his story, despite worries about his, his family s and friends privacy being shaved to say the least This frank account of what happened that day, the weeks leading up to it, and the months of recovery in so many ways and on so many levels is an absolute must read for anyone who lived through that time and wonders what truly went on Naturally, this tale is the writer s own point of view however, how much closer to the events can you get than by someone who was actually there The book also contains a number of photographs some public, others look a lot private and is laid out in descriptive chapters, which have an easy flow to them The only thing that I found a little off putting was the style of switching from past to present tense rather abruptly and only explaining after that somebody was thinking this and that and or doing something at the time Overall, however, it appears to be an honest narrative of a very private man being caught up in very public goings on, involving the Peoples Princess, a very rich foreigner with desperate needs and his son May they now all rest in peace and let the living go about their own lives once again.

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    This would be the third time I have read this book This time it filled a gap whilst I awaited the arrival of another requested title The first half of the book is quite interesting the second certainly not in my view The author s role in this whole sorry saga I feel was very overplayed.

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    Trevor Rees Jones was clinging to life in the same hospital, only a few doors down from Diana s own room Henri Paul and Dodi Fayed were already gonejust hours before in that horrific crash under Paris s Place de l Alma tunnel It s a time I ll never ever forget Growing up with Princess Diana as one of my role models, I ll never forget the call I got from my brother that fateful August 31 I was watching the John Candy film Cool Runnings on VHS when my brother called me, what are you doing he asked in a strange tone of voice, watching a movie I replied Turn it off and turn on the TV he d continued, something big has happened I remember wondering what could be so urgent when I asked, what channel is it on There was a pause on the phone when he replied, every channel As I read Rees Jones account of his days with Diana and the dramatic events leading up to the crash, I felt as though twenty years had disappeared and it was fresh news again I felt that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach all over again That feeling that we d lost something truly special and that things were never going to be quite the same again A compelling and riveting book to read.

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    There was a few things that struck me whilst reading this book Funnily enough the main one being that his lawyers were so intent in getting damages for Trevor yet if he d given his story to the highest bidder he would have got than enough to live out his days That s says a lot about Trevor or his lawyers Secondly I have always thought Diana s death wasn t an accident Yet after reading this book I m now 50 50 I do not however believe the theory she was bumped off because she was about to marry a Muslim If that had been so why didn t it happen when she was seeing the Muslim doctor I also doubt very much she was going to rush into marrying Dodi or anyone for that matter Anyway I feel for Trevor For everything he has had to go through I hope now he is living his life as normally as he possibly can and is happy.

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    Like so many others, I m intrigued by Princess Di her life before, during and after Charles.My heart went out to Trevor throughout the book I dislike the Fayed family even after reading how Trevor was treated and coerced.The ghost writer kept switching the person tenses especially early in the book which made it difficult to follow at time and frustrating.I hope no one I care about ever becomes a bodyguard