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Whenever I read an Interracial Romance book, I m always saddled with this question Is this writer as good or as competent as other writers in different genres Although I thought that this book was cute, for me, it wasn t fantastic Perhaps I m too much of a persnickety reader, but I d rather spend 5 bucks on a book that s a 5 star read, instead of one that almost makes it to 3 1 2 stars This book had so much promise, but in the end it wasn t written as well as it could have been It was good, but it wasn t awesome.Don t get me wrong, I love Lena Matthews books, but I m just bold enough to believe that she along with some other IRR genre writers can produce a 5 star read If Savannah Frierson, Latrivia Nelson, and Sienna Mynx can do it, why can t Ms Matthews Holy hilarity cliched sexy goodness I don t know how or why I picked up this book, but once I saw the title, I couldn t NOT read it It delivered the goods boy meets girl, they have sexy time and somewhere in between that s not clearly marked, they fall in love.He s a cowboy and she s a brat And of course, there s a little blond woman in the wings trying to complicate things LMFAO.I wouldn t exactly recommend this book, but I enjoyed it. For Love S Sake Only The Last Thing Charlotte Sane Expects To Find At A Rodeo Is Her Dream Man, But Even She Can T Deny The Instant Attraction That Leads Her Straight Into The Arms Of A Handsome Cowboy Named Ty Wilcox The Two Have Nothing In Common Nothing Except Insane, Inexplicable, But Undeniable DesireTy Knows From The Instant They First Kiss That He And Charlotte Are Meant To Be Together Proving It To Strong Willed Charlotte A Whole Different Bull Ride The Headstrong Beauty Is Running Scared, But She S Got Another Thought Coming If She Thinks Ty Will Let Her Walk Away The Blacker The Berry Tamara Holifield Could Never Have Guessed One Little Favor Would Change Her Entire World, But It Does When Her Best Friend Charlotte S Husband Ty Asks Her To Come Out To Visit And Cheer Up The Homebound Pregnant Woman, She Readily Agrees The Only Problem With Ty S Plan Is Tamara S Lack Of A Car Luckily For Her, He Has A Solution, In The Form Of His Best Friend, Lawyer Russell CrichtonRussell Could Never Have Imagined Doing A Favor For Ty Would Alter His Perception Of Beauty Or Disrupt His Entire Life, But It Does Starting Up A New Venture Is Going To Take Time And Focus And The Last Thing He Needs Is The Distraction Of His Sexy CarpoolerRussell Never Believed He Would Be Attracted To A Plus Size Woman, Nor Did City Slicker Tamara Think She Would Ever Have Anything In Common With A White Cowboy, But Sizzling Sex Soon Changes Both Their Minds Now, If They Can Look Past Their Obvious Differences, They Might Just Find Out That The Blacker The Berry, The Sweeter The Juice Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable I ll have to agree with the other reviewer, The Blacker the Berry is definitely a HIGHLY erotic, yet emotionally charged romantic treat Tamara and Russell are a PERFECT combination and their antics throughout kept me turning the pages to see what would happen next The witty dialogue and sexually charged banter makes the story lively and at times LOL funny There was NEVER a dull moment Looking forward to reading of Mrs Matthews work. Very funny and the chemistry between Tamara and Russell was hot This was very much a by the numbers romance guy and girl meet, they have a moment of conflict, they are attracted blah blah blah I actually did not feel the build up of romance and connection that takes a story from being an ok, fine romance to a sigh, that was great romance. I loved it great read. I didn t let my mind settled before I was opening up this follow up book to FOR LOVE SAKE ONLY and from page one I was immersed The two main characters in THE BLACKER THE BERRY really stepped up to the plate and make me see them as individuals rather than extensions of Ty and Charlotte.Tamara Holifield is struggling on all fronts, she s in a temp job that is barely paying the bills, she misses her best friend who has upped and gotten married and moved to the middle of beyond and to top it off she is still needing a decent model for her upcoming photographic show.When Ty practically begs her to come and keep Charlotte s company as she was not doing so well with her pregnancy, She accepts to visit on weekends with some stipulation on her part One thing that Ty did however put his foot down on was finding her a ride to get her to his ranch safely.The ride is none other than Ty s best friend and lawyer, Russell Crichton Tamara had met Russell two years earlier at Charlotte and Ty s wedding and that was the extend of their acquaintance, although each had like the others style very much they have never run into each other not once during all that time.Russell is changing the whole course of his life from Lawyer to rancher and doesn t expect someone like Tamara, but one car journey and few sassy words and he was hooked.Their path to HEA is froth with misunderstanding and lots of unsaid words and pain in the ass attitude Despite that however they find time to make beautiful magic on every available surface and in every secluded corner that they can find.Something had to give however and when Russell makes up his mind that Tamara was it for him and she was worth it all Tamara is still yet to resolve her own issues and this ends up with Russell wondering if any of it is even worth after all..This was a great follow up book to FOR LOVE S SAKE ONLY A longer book, so smut but also time for trivial matters that the book could have done without Once again Ms Matthews filled this book with comic relief and I genuinely loved Tamara sense of fun she had me smiling with every scene she pops up in.The characters were solid, and their only faults was that they talked but neither listened to what the other was saying and this led to some heated argument but great as a precursor for make up sex.Of course Ms Matthews touched on the race issue and in both books the matter was nipped in the bud right away and dealt with quite well I thought The usual suspect was evident in THE BLACKER THE BERRY in the guise of the woman wronged and the other man, but they all were there to open the eyes of the main players and because of that I didn t mind them so much If you have never tried Lena Matthews before pick up something of hers now, she is an author that will make you laugh out loud.. I enjoyed this book because it had a plus sized heroine and the book kept the characters real without being completely urban Somewhat rushed, especially towards the end, but a good story none the less I am in the middle of a vampire series and this is a very good break from that. I loved the heroine, Tamara, right from page one You see, all the authors that can t produce a half decent herione if their life depended on it, this is how it s done Woot wootNo, later Tamara lowered her voice to a mock whisper When the stinky boys aren t around Oh, that s easy Charlotte glanced up at her husband and batted her eyes Honey, poof Be goneHeeeheee Hee.I wouldn t be exaggerating if I said I rolled on the bed with laughter while reading You should ve seen me, I was acting like a looney.I liked the idea that it wasn t all just about getting laid, that the hero wanted something than a roll in the hay Valerie and Russel both grew on me and I was glad to see they got their happily ever after I was even ok with the fact that nobody died I can usually appreciate a good death Or two PDecent 4 cause I m in a really good mood this evening And to bring a little cheesiness into your lifeI m not perfect, but I m perfect for you, and the sooner you realize it, the better we both will beRussel is quite a guy, huh I d sure as heck have him Especially since he likes bigger girls, who the last time I cheched, I still was one xD