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1899To escape the rigid class system of England a servant Miller Reid accompanies her two husband hunting mistresses Susie and Leonie to start a new life in AmericaA spirited ambitious and anything but submissive girl Miller sets out to attract the affections of Susie’s handsome suitor When her plans are spoiled she attracts not the proposal she seeks but that of Sol Creighton first cousin to a railroad tycoon eligible and elusiveDespite her being a servant Sol admires the slimness of her body and the spirit that made him confident that she’d make him a good wife and lover While first refusing she later accepts his marriage offer and the opportunity to be the mistress of a large estate in a lonely territory terrorized by gypsies While not concealing her distaste for Sol and his domineering sexual appetite her reluctance to be a wife to him lands her in the arms of Alonso a gentle gypsy warrior whose exact motives are unknown As a fiery battle erupts between the white man and the gypsies Miller proves her courage as a pioneer as does Sol Battle tested will each make the ultimate surrender and continue as husband and wife?

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