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Great book for my husband to teach himself about his banjo He loves it Banjo This Handy Reference Title Fits Right In Your Banjo Case It Covers All Of The Essential Chords In All Keys For The Tenor Banjo In C G D A Tuning, Plus Unusual Chord Shapes, All Demonstrated With Clear Readable Diagrams Suitable For Beginners To Intermediate Players the way it is compose makes learning keys and their chords sooooooo much easier Wish all chords books were like this. If you are tired of playing every song in the first position, or with the same fingering, then this book is for you After learning a new song in the first position, go the the back of this book, and challenge yourself to learn it all over, moving up the neck With new chord shapes, and a whole new sound Love it. What s great about this little book is that it has 2 sections one is the classic comprehensive encyclopedia of chords for every key The other is a wonderful quick view of commonly played chords for a given key e.g., for the key of C, it gives the chords for C I , F IV , G7 V7 , Am vi , Dm ii , and E7 III7 I would like to have seen the minor third chord also on the page, but I can appreciate the logic of this particular list And this is all presented in quick reference style Perfect for tenor banjo, tenor guitar, mandola, and any instrument tuned to the classic CGDA.