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A True Mates NovelDeputy Chadleigh Wilson, Former Lone Wolf And New To The Raven Pack, Was Raised Among Humans In Foster Care He Doesn T Know Anything About True Mates, But One Smile From Tameka Jones And He Knows He Has To Have Her He Ll Do Anything To Claim Her Once She S His, He Ll Do Whatever It Takes To Keep Her SafeTameka Jones Is Baffled By Her Response To The Handsome Deputy She Came To Refuge To Simplify Her Life Instead, She Finds Herself Surrounded By People Who Think They Re Werewolves, Of All Things, And Now Her Dead Grandmother Is Talking To HerBut Chad S Not The Only Person Interested In Tameka Someone Wants Her Land And Is Willing To Do Anything Even Kill To Get It

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    I loved this one which surprised me because I couldn t figure out why Wynn created a novel with new characters when the existing ones storyline where as of yet unfinished However it was good Chad was just dreamy I also loved Bull and Rome I have to admit like usual Tameka just was off balance and insecure she tried to cover it up with aggression but it s easy to see straight through it One of my biggest complaints is that I didn t see any of the old player execpt for Alex, and Keisha and even then to be honest it was stale The action was pretty good in this one Though to be honest their was a big lack of romance on Tameka s side of the mating which bothered me I hope there is another one I am really much interested with what is going to happen with Rilley and some of the other old players but I still liked this one it was good.

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    It has been a little while since I read this book but here is what I recallI love the series Yummy romance involving shifters Plenty of steamy action and a touch of humor Definitely a series to get into I started it and didn t stop until I reached the last book that was released I am always looking for the next book If you like steamy shifter romances this is a series to look into

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    This was written very well I have to admit, the beginning had me a bhit perturbedand I m not giving it away, it was a bitdifficult to read and so I skipped it a bit Got down to the meat of Tameka s and Chad s relationship and it was interesting This feels like a book in a series If so, I need to read the ones before this But overall, it was an ok enough read.

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    A very well written book that deals with the inter racial relationship between Tameka and a shape shifter sheriff s deputy, one who is a novice at relationships but recognizes her as his true mate The story is fun and has lots of ups and downs Again, it is always fun to see how these very different individuals find their true selves while finding their true mates Just a really fun read

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    I have come to love this series Tameka s Smile was one of my favorite in this series Each story is different and you learn a little bit about the previous characters I recommend this book and the series.

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    I always like the sidestories than the main plot Bull and NeCee is so funny and cute Are they going to be together Are they true mates I thought you just know it when you meet them but there wasn t any indication of it with Bull Don t tell me she s not, they seem to hit it right off the start Now off with Tameka and Chad The first scene was the most awesome first sight ever I mean that was freaking awesome But when they progressed after that, Chad is all weird Maybe because he didn t have a girlfriend before.The ending where the ladyguy was captured before there was even an action was fine I guess it would have been cliche if Tameka was shot and still won over her.I also thought Tameka was pregnant Hmmm..

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    This was an interesting read from the very beginning I have to admit that I was torn about how to feel about Chad taking advantage of Tameka during their first encounter As the book went on though, it was obvious that his feelings for her were deeper than physical attraction If Chad was not a shifter his possessiveness would have been scary but in this context it was very romantic.I enjoyed the suspense in the story as well with Chad having to protect his mate from danger The family aspect of the pack was great as well, with everyone playing their role with bringing Tameka in board Altogether I enjoyed the book and I will read of Zena s books in the future.

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    I am really enjoying this series Very well written, great characters, and interesting, enjoyable plot.

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    It s a classic werewolf story about a man who finds his soulmate and is ready to do anything for her He ll fight to tame her, fight to protect her but most importantly fight for her love Spoiler alertOne of my favorite scenes in the book is when Tameka holds him after he witnesses something awful as a police officer It was beautiful and touching Also, his lack of control is too hot read so ladies you better prepare yourself for some cold showers P I, really enjoyed the book and recommend it to everyone who loves a good paranormal romance filled with love, laughter and friendship.