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Highly recommended for tots One of my favorite books ever Big bright text and beautiful illustrations, with fun little hidden gems the train letters or numbers nestled in the illustrations , and a sweet story.Pages are thin, best if the parent reads or a slightly older kid who won t turn the pages violently. My grandson whose 4 loves this book about subways Since he lives in nyc he looks for the trains in the book Okay, this book has a very limited market If you don t live in NYC or aren t familiar with the City s subway system, then I doubt you or your children will see the appeal On the other hand, if you have a son like mine, who loves to ride the rails and look at the subway map, then this book is fantastic.The text is simple and the rhymes are a bit weak in spots, but the artwork is satisfyingly impressionistic with plenty of color contrast on a generally black background Most importantly, the subway line symbols are all there as well as some of the routes, which my son loves to point out to me.The fact of the matter is, my son wants this book read to him every night To me, that s high praise indeed. A FatherTwo ChildrenAnd Than Miles Of TrackWhat Does It Addup To Something ThrillingAre You Ready For Subway