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CONTENTSMiss Gentilbelle by Charles BeaumontThe Middle Toe of the Right Foot by Ambrose BierceThe Illustrated Man by Ray BradburyThe Chaser by John CollierThe Shadow by Ben HechtThe Lottery by Shirley JacksonSredni Vashtar by SakiThe Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan PoeTwo Bottles of Relish by Lord DunsanyTaboo by Geoffrey HouseholdRevenge by Samuel BlasThe Pit by Gwyn JonesMan From The South by Roald DahlThe Demon Lover by Elizabeth BowenSilver Circus by AE CoppardPalace of Sleep by Anna KavanThe Woman At Seven Brothers by Wilbur Daniel SteeleA Journey by Edith WhartonThe Proof by John MooreThe Turn of the Tide by CS Forester

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    Placeholder review for the inevitable re readA Journey by Edith Wharton it is something of a testament to how my tastes have enlarged and my sense of good writing has matured over time that this story which I probably read about 15 or so years ago was initially marked in the negative by my notes and yet now I find it uite satisfying A wife traveling back from a Colorado rest cure with her almost certainly terminally ill husband reflects on his approaching death as they they near theiruhterminal in New York City But the husband dies a day before arrival and spurred by traumatic memories from her youth the wife decides to keep up the ruse of his continued life This is probably best understood as a study in a dramaticsomewhat morbid situation perhaps interesting as a reflection of the time it was written 1899 and what it says about social roles than for those seeking a genre story there are no genre elements The wife's earlier reflections her grief at her husband's decline and how it violates the unspoken social contract of marriage and her frustration at having to care for him give way to the stressful immediate scenario of dealing with his death and dealing with mortality when it is staring you in the face A solid piece of writing

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    Lovely little collection of the bizarre the unsettling the paranormal and some downright horror If you ever come across this in a thrift shop or second hand bookstore just buy it