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There S Something In The Air Pollen, Dust Mites, Mold Spores, Dust, Goose Down, Cat Hair, Pepper, Flu Viruses, And Bright Light That S Causing These Nine Kids To Sneeze Vivid, Full Color Micrographs Show The Pesky Allergens And Irritants That Cause The Sneeze Reflex, While Simple Scientific Text Explains How The Impulse To Sneeze Is Created Inside The Body Glossary And Other Resources Included

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    The pictures were quite impressive as they were magnified pictures of allergens, but the I felt like I was reading something written by a germaphobe.

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    I like this book because it makes connections to life experiences and helps construct ideas about science teaching through interactions with peers if made a classroom activity The book is about air pollen, dust mites, mold spores, dust, goose down, cat hair, pepper, flu viruses, and bright light that s causing nine different kids to sneeze Vivid, full color micrographs show the pesky allergens and irritants that cause the sneeze reflex, while simple scientific text explains how the impulse to sneeze is created inside the body The micrographs magnify the tiny sneeze inducing irritants, as well as human nerves and neurons, 400 to 222,220 times larger than life The book is so entertaining it can be used as a read out loud in class, then one can expand the project to a book report or analysis of the pictures and specific allergens.

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    In this informational text nine kids discover nine different reasons for sneezing from allergens and dust mites to bright light and viruses Incredible micrographs magnify the tiny sneeze inducing irritants, as well as human nerves and neurons, 400 to 222,220 times larger than life This is a good resource to use in the class to help engage students into a lesson about any of these topics The book is lively with illustrations that pop right off the page.

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    Pictures of children in sneeze inducing situations are paired with magnified pictures of the cause of the sneeze pollen, pepper, dust mites, etc These are followed by an explanation and illustration of what physically happens to your body when you sneeze.

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    This book is one of the stranger ones Ive found It shows how different kids learn about different ways reasons to sneeze Its funny seeing all of these ways and it makes for a good read its entertaining and easy to follow.

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    Want to know the science behind a sneeze Well this definitely has it covered Also the origin of the custom of saying God bless you.

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    Uses simple language and detailed pictures to help the reader understand the basics of sneezing, what causes sneezing, and why For someone who sneezes a lot, this book was enlightening

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    Enjoyable one sitting science book with groovy electron micrograph images.

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    The pictures are fantastic due to the bright colors on the black background The information is good and interesting The labels on the pictures are interesting too A fantastic nonfiction book.

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    Ages 7 to 10