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The Electrifying And Outspoken Memoirs Of An Earthy And Unusually Intelligent Actress In A Book As Gutsy And Spunky As The Lady Herself, Shelley Winters Tells Of The Street Smart Kid From Brooklyn Who Crashed Hollywood As A Harem Girl Sexpot The Blonde Bombshell Fought To Make It As A Serious Actress And Walked Off With Two Oscars With Exciting Romances Along The Way Lawrence Tierney, John Ireland, Errol Flynn, Burt Lancaster, Marlon Brando, William Holden Ending With Her Explosive And Violent Marriage To Italian Actor Vittorio Gassman Shelley Sizzles, Erupts, And Crackles With Rich Humor It Reads Like A Novel This Is A Courageous And Honest Book In Which One Of America S Favorite Personalities Levels With The Reader About The Content And Meaning Of Her Life

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    I always thought of Shelley Winters as an annoyingly whiny, unattractive actress and couldn t understand her fame Reading this totally changed my opinion of her.She was witty, sassy, and a women s libber long before it was trendy.She came from a poor family so stepped right out as a youngster to make her fortune despite her lack of conventional beauty Her persistence was heartwarming in the face of some of her rejections As she started to get Hollywood roles, she engaged in affairs with some of the top leading men of the day Brando, Burt Lancaster, William Holden,Tony Franciosa,she doesn t hold back the info.Her memory is amazing She was a activist for human rights as early as her teen years.Shelley also was a playwright, and producer on Broadway.Her only child became a doctor I reread this every year and always enjoy it anew Shelley is a true survivor who triumphs An incredible lady.

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    Although I had seen only two of the movies that Shelley Winters was in, I found myself immersed in her biography from page one Friends with Howard Hughes and Marilyn Monroe wooed by the likes of Marlon Brando, Errol Flynn, and Ronald Coleman Shelley Winters keeps her readers fascinated and a not a little disbelieving from beginning to end Did Errol Flynn really call the police to help her get publicity Did Marilyn Monroe really, at Shelley s suggestion, pretend to break her leg to get out of the clutches of a terrible director Who knows, but it s great fun to read.This book taught me a lot about the inner workings of the Hollywood studio system in the early 40s and 50s, and furnished me with a list of classic movies that I must see it even satisfied my appetite for classic movie actor triviafor now.

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    Sometime after seeing Shelley Winters play yet another obnoxious mom girlfriend who gets killed as in The Poseidon Adventure, Lolita, A Place in the Sun, Night of the Hunter, and so on I began to wonder What s her deal Why is she willing to take so much abuse on screen Lucky for me, she wrote this book Now I know that even though she s got this loudmouth matron persona, she also managed to woo some of the coolest guys in Tinseltown So good for you, Shelley Winters

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    She always seemed interesting than many Movie Stars As I read this book I see that she was in fact an interesting person, and one I would have enjoyed knowing This book feels like I am getting to know her Better than many Star bios for sure.Like a true show biz pro, she leaves you wanting The book ends long before her career A good read.

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    Definitely interesting Don t know that I believe all her stories though.

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    Wow Great biography for 1980 This is one of the few biographies that I have come across where the author is not backward in naming names, or what she thinks The narrative is up front, and if she does not come of smelling like a rose so be it Her nobody is perfect attitude still jumps of the page even after almost forty years after publication A lot of autobiographies written by so called personalities could learn a lot form this work.In her life Shelly Winters had a lot of relationships By her own admission she had affairs with John Ireland, Burt Lancaster, Marlon Brando, William Holden, Errol Flynn and the King of Hollywood himself Clark Gabel to name a few she mentions in the book She was a room mate and true friend of Marilyn Monroe She took no shit and was one of the few in the time who would stand up to Frank Sinatra, she worked with Montgomery Cliff, Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Mitchum, James Stewart, and was friends with Richard Burton, Laurence Olivier, and was idolised by Howard Hughes She married a guy who could not speak English and she could not speak Italian During all this she was one of hollywoods most sort after actress by the likes of George Stevens, Charles Laughton and George Cukor.This is a great book by a truly great actress who tells it as it was and at the same time learn about to old hollywood by someone who was there Sadly missed and always a breath of fresh air no matter what role she played Highly recommended and a great read Now to track down the sequel.

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    Shelly was gorgeous, sexy, smart and very talented The line I loved best in the referred to her f me shoes Shelly Winters wrote honestly and did not hesitate to point out her less than perfect side actions, personality, attitude But she didn t hesitate to point out the good and sometimes great parts of herself and her life.Very entertaining read.

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    This was a pretty good read She certainly lived an interesting life when she was young AND had flings with some of the biggest names in Hollywood She talks with a candour that is very refreshing and is not afraid to name names, and sometimes she doesn t come off smelling like a rose either I enjoyed this biography.

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    Intriguing in many areas, particularly in its account of how the, pretty left, Jewish milieu in 1930 s New York were well aware of the holocaust A lot of the rest must be taken with a pinch of salt as Winters herself teases, we ll never know

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